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Australian 'Podcast Working Group' formed by radio; and UK's audio winners announced
Can’t see any links? Visit for all the links, and to subscribe.Industry association Commercial Radio Australia has announced it will establish a Podcast Working Group, comprised of all major radio players - commercial, ABC and SBS - to spearhead the development of the growing podcast industry in Australia. It's to be chaired by Cath O'Connor.In the UK, the winners of the Audio and Radio Industry Awards were announced in a ceremony in Leeds. Griefcast won best podcast; other podcasters were also awarded in other categories.Huntington WV, USA has a new podcast studio - CoWorks, on 1005 Fifth Avenue, opened by Justin McElroy.Pacific Content's Steve Pratt talks to Jeff Vidler on audience insightsPodcastsDoug Motel's Mind Salad, from a comedy writer and actor, promises "important topics covered by clueless characters" - and is an adaptation of a critically-acclaimed solo play. (Simplecast)Smashing Security is celebrating 100 episodes. A recent review called it "the most fun and lighthearted cybersecurity news podcast", it talks about safety and privacy online.Gladiator focuses on football star Aaron Hernandez, who went from the bright lights of the Super Bowl to a convicted murderer in a few years. (Boston Globe / Wondery / ART19)ELEAGUE Report is a new twice-weekly podcast on the world of esports. co-hosted by experienced podcasters and life-long esports fans Brian Hough and Seven – co-hosts of the former NerfThis Podcast (Turner Podcast Network / knit)Still Jill focuses on Jill Emberson, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in early 2016, nine months later she was told her cancer was terminal. This is her story of diagnosis, treatment and campaigning for ovarian cancer research. (ABC Radio)Spooky Listicle Horror Show13 Creepy Ghost Story Podcasts That Will Get You In The Mood For Halloween (Bustle)11 Podcasts That Will Get You in the Mood for Halloween (Mentalfloss)Thank you Doug Motel for your kind support.Want a podcast guest? We'd recommend our Editor, James Cridland, who can cover trends in podcasting and radio. He's at, is excellent, knowledgeable and awesome and is typing this right now.Support us
Triton Digital bought by Stitcher's owner, Scripps
Can’t see any links? Visit for all the links, and to subscribe.Enterprise digital audio company Triton Digital is to be bought by Scripps, who also own Stitcher and Midroll Media (as well as a number of US television stations). They've spend $150m on the purchase; Triton Digital is projected to earn $40m next year in revenues. Scripps used to own radio stations; they sold those earlier in the year.James Careless, a well-respected radio journalist, covers Podcasting Provides Money-Making Options for RadioWorld, covering Canadian and UK podcasters.Podcast SEO is often forgotten about - this is a (very) comprehensive guide from Carey Green.In a perplexing move, Ellen Degeneres excitedly tweeted that she'd been a guest on a podcast. Hers. A podcast mystery: what happened to the Chicago Sun-Times podcasts? Robert Feder, a Chicagoan media journalist, notes that all the much-promoted podcasts from the newspaper are no longer being produced. The NY Post report on how this couple turned their fights into a hit podcast, focusing on Marriage & Martinis (Libsyn)AdsWizz have been nominated for two Digiday awards for best use of mobile, and best publishing platform.Celebrate Day of the Spanish Podcast, with a live podcast marathon for 24 hours from October 20 at 13:00 CET. RadioINFO covers our Editor, James Cridland, highlighting podcasting's changing audience at OzPod yesterday. The full presentation should be on YouTube soon.QuestionsWhat is a podcast? asks Tanner Campbell. Video podcast, audio podcast, or both? asks Blubrry. PodcastsThe TED Interview is a new show from the folks behind TED Talks. Hosted by head of TED Chris Anderson, it features in-depth conversations with iconic TED speakers. Make Do ("the joys and anxieties of art and making") has joined Relay FM. Support us
New Australian podcast research; how spammers are targeting Apple Podcasts
Can’t see any links? Visit for all the links, and to subscribe.Chartable focus on how spammers are targeting the Apple Podcast Charts, including a useful guide on how to spot a fake:"Apple isn't just one player among many in the podcasting ecosystem—the Apple Podcasts directory is the closest thing to a centralized podcast database that this industry has."The ABC launched a set of podcast research today at OzPod 2018, in Melbourne VIC, Australia. The data shows a surge in true-crime listening and says that women are leading podcasting's growth. There's an infographic and the full report on the ABC's website.Slate launched What Next, their daily news podcast for your evening commute, today. Their launch communication mentions that it's a month's test, before "a brief hiatus to tinker and refine", and a return in January. Podcasting represents 28% of Slate's revenues, and is forecast to increase to 35% next year.Much touted by the ZigZag podcast, a journalism blockchain company called Civil has failed to sell its tokens, only raising US $1.4m against a target of $24m (and three-quarters of that by an investor). An episode of Lantigua Williams & Co's 70 Million will be placed on TIDAL, the music subscription service. TIDAL is planning a fundraising concert for criminal justice efforts on October 23.Winamp is coming back: as a desktop and mobile app that brings music, radio and podcasts together. The product is now owned by Radionomy.In HotPod, Nick Quah writes not altogether positive things about Podtrac.PodFinder is a new podcast discovery service, in early test.Best practice: the website for Ask Rezz (a podcast for freelance business questions) contains a helpful index of previous podcasts, categorised into subject areas.Podcasts in Mexico have grown 2.4x in the last four years, according to PwC.Listicles10 Podcasts comandados por Mulheres ("10 women-led podcasts") (HerForce)5 Great Road Trip Podcasts (Wil Williams / DiscoverPods)Support us
#OzPod2018 is tomorrow in Melbourne, Australia
Can’t see any links? Visit for all the links, and to subscribe.OzPod returns tomorrow in Melbourne VIC, Australia. All sessions are being recorded for release later. Speakers include Zack Reneau-Wedeen from Google, and Podnews's Editor, James Cridland. Watch #ozpod2018 for live updates.If you saw Poductivity at Podcast Movement 2018, and were wondering what Poductivity was, the CEO and co-founder writes a teasing blog post.In April we reported on The Undersiders, a binaural podcast available in both English and French. It's been nominated for two prizes at the Paris Podcast Festival. Listen to them, and more nominations, ici. Podtrac have posted the top 20 (US) podcasts for September 2018. Unsurprisingly, Serial is the new #1; The Daily is #2; This American Life is #3.Eric Mennel (ex Gimlet, Criminal, This American Life and WUNC) is NPR's new Supervising Producer for Embedded.PodcastsInvictus Games - The Soldier and The Story - Wippa, a popular Sydney radio presenter, interviews some of the Australian competitors - and ambassador Curtis McGrath, about their time in the armed services and the experiences that have led them to compete alongside more than 500 competitors from 18 nations at the Invictus Games in Sydney. (Two Basic Scoops Media/ NOVA / Acast)Someone Knows Something returns for its fifth season, featuring an unsolved murder in a Canadian mining town. 22 years since 15 year-old Kerrie Brown's disappearance, shocking new evidence is uncovered. (CBC)Obey Your Strengths, hosted by Kathy Kersten, the {Gallup Certified} Strengths Coach for Inspired Teams, helps individuals, teams, and entire organizations align their talents and strengths to achieve peak performance. (Geekdom Media / Podmio)Making Gay History returns for its fourth season, focusing on the pre-Stonewall beginnings of the LGBTQ rights movement. "To date, its 36 episodes have been downloaded 1.9 million times in 211 countries and territories." (Pineapple Street Media / Megaphone)Listicles20 Best True Crime Podcasts Just in Time for Halloween (Resonate Recordings)5 podcasts en español que te harán sonreírle al tráfico ("five podcasts in Spanish that will make you smile at the traffic", if you wondered) (Victoria 147)10 Podcasts You Need To Get Through Autumn (And I Guess, Winter?) (Sofie Hagen) (And, we guess, spring #southernhemisphere)Support us
The world's first reality podcast show: The Brights
Can’t see any links? Visit for all the links, and to subscribe.The Brights launches today - claimed to be the world's first reality show podcast, following Lydia Bright, a UK television star (The Only Way Is Essex), and her family. The podcast is scheduled to be launched with a guest appearance on Good Morning Britain, a UK breakfast TV show. (Sound Directions / Insanity Group / Acast)BitPlatter has published some insight into podcast mentions of auto brands, based on speech recognition of over 1.2m podcasts published recently. Surprisingly, Tesla is not #1.Want to know which podcasts are being mentioned on Reddit? Wonder no longer - a website called Podflix is now compiling them (thread).Coverage of the RAIN Canada Summit's Podcasting panel is in FYI Music News. Speakers included Rob Greenlee from Voxnest.PodcastsGrumpy Old Geeks is celebrating five years online by shifting from a weekly podcast to having two episodes every week. It's hosted by Jason DeFillippo and Brian Schulmeister. (Libsyn)OpinionRichard Davies enlightens us on The f-word podcasters think about the most - it's "friction", of course:It’s not as easy, convenient or simple as it should be to discover podcasts, or find shows that fit your range of interests. Confusion and complexity are holding us back.David Hooper offers 4 Rules For Podcast Guests:I don’t have rules to be hard on guests, I have them to keep guests informed about the process of working with me, so they know what to expect when they do.Amanda McLoughlin discusses The One Shot Rule - best practice when you really want your audience to do something:If you name three different things listeners should be doing in your show intro, the person cooking dinner while they listen will be left with a vague sense of needing to do something related to supporting the show. But if you use your One Shot Rule to ask everyone to check out the photos of your new studio on your Patreon page, that same listener will be much more likely to navigate there after finishing the dishes — and, hopefully, pledge their support.The Bubble Isn't Bursting, says Ad Results Media's Kurt Kaufer:We know audio has been home for some of the greatest storytelling of our time and believe great stories, authentic conversations, and in the end, unbeatable content is why the powerhouse that is audio, simply isn’t going anywhere.Google and Spotify now favour self-hosted podcasters, claims Allan Tépper. This ... underlines even further the importance of controlling your own RSS feed, based exclusively on your own domain, whether you self-host ... or use and control your own RSS based exclusively upon your own domain on the very few media hosts which allow itListiclesOn the road again, with a favorite podcast in my ears - a writer from Lancaster PA, USA, writes about her favourite podcasts for road trips. (Of interest: podcasts have supplanted audiobooks for her).7 Pittsburgh podcasts you don’t want to miss (Next Pittsburgh)Support us
Google Podcasts to be simplified, and will help podcasters earn money
Can’t see any links? Visit for all the links, and to subscribe.Google wants to make Google Podcasts easier. The company is working on "simplifying the process" for being listed in Google Podcasts, says Zack Reneau-Wedeen. Meanwhile, Google Podcasts has quietly added a "trim silences" feature: you'll find it under the playback speed settings.Google Podcasts "will be launching a feature to help podcasters monetize their work", according to a report of Google's Luis Collado's talk at JPOD18 in Spain recently (audio). There's an interview with him in the NotiPod Hoy podcast. (Does this relate to the "donate" button? Or something else? Spanish speakers welcome!)SoundCloud's ads will be sold in the US by Pandora, the company's announced. Italy: the Festival del Podcasting is on October 20 in Milan. It's being sponsored by ForTune, an app that offers "the best audio content customized to your interests in a single stream created for you".What's the category in Apple Podcasts with the most titles? Comedy? News? Nope. Dan Misener posts about the most crowded categories in Apple Podcasts, to help you choose the right category (and secondary category) for your podcast. #dataSouth African podcast research reported in BizCommunity says that 16m South Africans listen to podcasts (29% of the population), and that it's the fastest-growing media in the country.WXYZ television in Detroit covers podcasting in the city, including the Podcast Detroit network, and The IT in the D Show.Podfest Expo (March 7-9, Orlando FL, USA) has opened its speaker submission form.Coleman Insights are a radio research company, but they're also doing some work on podcasting. In an interview, Warren Kurtzman discusses good content practices for podcasts, and notes:The Serial podcast was the big hit, but 4 out of 5 Americans didn't know about it, we in the media think Serial is a big deal but the vast majority of Americans have never heard of it. PodcastsThe Marriage Family Business Podcast is a podcast dedicated to entrepreneurial couples seeking their ideal lifestyle. (Libsyn)Causecasts interviews folks who are using podcasts to raise awareness for a good cause (and is looking for guests). (Podiant)JobAd Manager for Darknet Diaries (US)Jobs are free! Send us yoursAlso - here's a virtual job fair being run by US public radio.ListiclettePodcasts hosted by Latinas (RadioPublic)Support us
Why'd You Push That Button returns for a third season
Can’t see any links? Visit for all the links, and to subscribe.Why bother with podcasting when you can just Facebook live? Paul Colligan checks the stats: average consumption for podcasting is much, much better.Facebook is making a TV show with Jessica Biel based on Limetown. Biel is playing the part of Lia Haddock, the podcast's host and journalist.In Los Angeles, NewFronts West contained announcements from the Los Angeles Times and Gallery Media Group about new podcasts.Podtrac have announced their top (US) podcast publishers for September 2018. The listing for "This American Life/Serial" is up from 19.3m to 37m global downloads: this would indicate that Serial, which launched on Sept 20, is responsible for around 17m global downloads, or approximately 1.7m a day.The Third Coast International Audio Festival have posted the winners of their awards. One of the more talked-about podcasts who recorded at Podcast Movement, WhiskyCast, has announced a partnership with premium Irish Whiskey brand Writers’ Tears – Copper Pot. The company will sponsor a section of the podcast for the next year.Planet Broadcasting, Australia's largest independent podcast network, has signed with Triton Digital to deliver and monetise their podcast content.A sci-fi audio drama, Tides, is currently raising money for a second series through Indiegogo.The Ear Training Guide for Audio Producers is a very helpful article from NPR on spotting and correcting bad audio.Some data from Nigerian podcast fans. Friday is the most popular day for listening; two-thirds listen to podcasts at home.OpinionDan Granger, writing in The Drum, posts that radio has consumed the podcast world:Six of the top seven publishers of podcasts by streams and downloads are radio companies ... the only exception is a newspaper company founded in 1851Broadcast and research veteran Adam Bowie writes about the Apple Podcast Charts, and what could replace them:Both an overall chart and a chart of ‘breaking podcasts’ would probably both be of interest to a wider community of listeners. If we posit that the purpose of the chart is in part to aid discovery of new podcasts, then we need to consider both bigger and newer podcasts.PodcastsWhy'd You Push That Button, a podcast that examines the way technology influences our thinking, changes our behavior, and affects our social lives, returns for a third series. (The Verge / ART19)Steve McNair: Fall of a Titan is Sports Illustrated's first narrative podcast, and examines the July 4, 2009 death of 13-year NFL quarterback Steve McNair. (Cadence13 / Sports Illustrated / ART19)Listicletastic10 Podcasts Your Kids Should Be Listening to (AdWeek)Thank you to DAX , the digital audio exchange, for your kind support. Support us
Apple Podcast Charts 'screwy and scammy'; Australian Podcast Awards return to Sydney; LUFS FAQ
Can’t see any links? Visit for all the links, and to subscribe.The "screwy and seemingly scammy" state of the Apple Podcast Charts is the subject of much of the latest issue of HotPod; meanwhile an Apple website claims that Apple is aware, but offers little proof. Our Editor's piece yesterday has resulted in a number of private emails from podcasters disillusioned and demotivated by the cheating.The Australian Podcast Awards ceremony will be back in Sydney on Saturday 18 May. They've announced the categories, and entries open on November 1.Canadian true crime podcast Dark Poutine is now part of Corus-owned CuriousCast. Dark Poutine claims it is approaching a million downloads in less than a year; the network also signed Nighttime last month.Audacity 2.3.0 is out. There are a bunch of new features.Spanish language podcast host iVoox has launched iVoox Plus, a monetization platform.Nominations for the Discover Pod Awards are open from now 'till October 26th.Mexico's podcast scene is covered by Adonde Media.AdExchange writes Behind Pandora’s Big Bet On Podcasts, covering the US music service who've been working on a "Podcast Genome Project" for some time. Not much yet to announce.What makes a good podcast name? Keep it obvious but add some quirk, suggests Tanner Campbell.After Apple last week asked for podcasts to be at -16 LUFS for loudness, we've written a small FAQ about loudness, LKFS and LUFS. We'd welcome feedback.There's a new podcasting studio in Pilsen, Chicago IL, USA.Triton Digital have been signed by Canadian media company Quebecor Media Group to power its digital audio and podcast strategy.Tip: We've observed that Google Podcasts doesn't like it if you put a different RSS feed in your website to the one you give to iTunes: even the https bit at the front might need to be identical. We've updated our guide on How To Get Into Google Podcasts accordingly. A number of podcast hosts are linking to http versions of RSS feeds on websites while giving Apple iTunes https versions; and these are not being correctly indexed within Google Podcasts; we've found many examples of Google using the iTunes listing instead of the website as a result.OpinionRob Greenlee posts a considered piece about podcasting's "hype, hope and history":There are millions and millions of people who don’t listen to podcasts because they haven’t found one they like yet.Does Google really have a podcasting strategy? asks Marco Bernard:"Google's only commercial motivation in promoting podcasting is that it can add headphone data to its vast oceans of user data"PodcastsLegal Wars puts you inside the jury box of some of the most famous court cases in American history, including Hulk Hogan’s courtroom wrestling match with Gawker, the battle for free speech on the internet, and the Rodney King trial that set off the LA Riots. (Wondery / ART19)Listicleapalooza9 tips to be a better podcast interviewer (Wavve) 4 ways a podcast can make some noise (this one's about marketing) (technically Baltimore)7 Strategies For Being A Great Podcast Guest (David Hooper)17 best business podcasts (Resonate Recordings)Support us
How should we replace the Apple Podcasts Chart?
Can’t see any links? Visit for all the links, and to subscribe.The Apple Podcast Chart is screwed. How should we replace it? is an editorial from Podnews's Editor, James Cridland; highlighting some recent activity around manipulation of the chart, including this Twitter thread from Kevin Goldberg.The question is whether we can get a truly global replacement for the Apple Podcast Chart — one less susceptible to being cheated, one more representative of the industry as a whole, and one that is just as accessible for passion podcasters as for VC-backed podcast publishers.Spotify has announced Sound Up Bootcamp Australia, for aspiring podcasters who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders to take part in a four-day residential podcasting workshop to be held in Sydney on November 26-29. Sound Up Bootcamp US received over 18,000 applications.Midroll has released the newest version of the company's listener survey. 81% of their listeners pay attention to podcast ads; 72% of people who've listened to podcasts for more than four years have bought from advertisers. There's lots more data.Anchor has a new Head of Content Partnerships: Armand Wilson.PodcastWebsites have a new Head of Marketing: Jessica Kupferman.Jacob Weisberg is leaving Slate - probably best known to podcast listeners as the co-host of Trumpcast. He's off to work with Malcolm Gladwell's new audio venture.Acast podcasts are now available for distribution on Spotify, the company has announced. We understand that Acast ads will benefit from "passthrough", so Acast can still use dynamic ads in their content, rather than Spotify caching all their audio.Your Museum Needs a Podcast is a book from Hannah Hethmon that claims it's "A Step-By-Step Guide to Podcasting on a Budget for Museums, History Organizations, and Cultural Nonprofits". At the time of writing, the book is free on Kindle.Memo to folks in radio: this sort of thing won't win you any friends. ?PodcastsThe Sicario Effect focuses on Jhon Jairo Velasquez Vasquez, alias “Popeye”, who was Pablo Escobar’s trusted lieutenant and chief sicario (assassin): killer of at least 300 people and now... a social media star. (Exclave Media / Libsyn)The Argument is a new podcast from the New York Times, starting on Thursday. "Our goal is to discuss and debate the country’s biggest issues each week, in ways that sharpen our own thinking and clarify yours." (ART19)Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend is a new weekly podcast from the US late night show host. It describes itself as "unboundedly playful". (Earwolf / TeamCoco / ART19)Support us
Podcast Consumer Canada 2018 research released; RadioPublic launches tipping
Can’t see any links? Visit for all the links, and to subscribe.The Podcast Consumer Canada 2018 report has been released by Edison Research and Triton Digital. 19% of adults are Weekly Podcast Listeners and 28% are Monthly Podcast Listeners.RadioPublic has launched tipping. "Now, fans can tip you for any amount up to $100, right in the app, and it goes directly into your bank account."NOVA Entertainment in Australia released this Podcasting Intelligence Report with Acast last month: plenty of useful data around podcasting for marketers.Facebook has launched Premieres, "a new interactive video format that lets publishers and creators release a pre-recorded video as a live moment".India: notes from a podcast meetup in Bangalore, including a presentation from a podcast app, Storiyoh.The forthcoming BBC Sounds app, which will be the BBC's podcast and radio app within the UK, will have specific mixes and playlists, according to a job ad.Of note: this podcast page from The Intercept includes links to all major podcast apps, but also a "new to podcasting" link that explains. Inspiration?ListicleThe 5 Best Podcasts If You Are Seriously Interested in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain TechnologyProgramming noteThinking of the curtains - the former Queensland Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen once said that daylight savings time will make curtains and carpets fade and will confuse the cows. We're based in Queensland, Australia, so Podnews always publishes at 1100 GMT. If you have daylight savings time in your country, state, province, Bundesland or prefecture, expect Podnews at a slightly different time.Support us
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