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Over the past month, capital projects teams across the country -- and truly, across the globe -- have been pulling out their emergency management plans as the impact of COVID-19 has pushed us all into unchartered territories. Even the giants in our industry are experiencing disruptions in construction, daily operations, and more commonly now over the last month: shutdowns.The third installment of our COVID-19 mini-series provides an Owners perspective on the impact of COVID-19 on power projects. CII’s Stephen Mulva talks with Bill Boyd, a Director with Southern Company and former Chair of CII. As you probably know, Southern Company is a leading energy provider, serving more than nine million people. 
Over the past month, capital projects teams across the country -- and truly, across the globe -- have been pulling out their emergency management plans as the impact of COVID-19 has pushed us all into unchartered territories. Even the giants in our industry are experiencing disruptions in construction, daily operations, and more commonly now over the last month: shutdowns.In the second episode of our COVID-19 mini-series, CII’s Dr. Stephen Mulva speaks with Doug Omichinski, Bechtel Corporate Manager of Construction and Principle Vice President. Doug is currently responsible for all Global Construction activities at Bechtel and he currently serves as CII’s Vice Chair.
Over the past month, capital projects teams across the country — and truly, across the globe — have been pulling out their emergency management plans as the impact of COVID-19 has pushed us all into unchartered territories. Even the giants in our industry are experiencing disruptions in construction, daily operations, and more commonly now over the last month: shutdowns.Join us for a COVID-19 mini-series, where we will hear from companies across various industry sectors. We kick off with a conversation between Continuum’s Clark Ellis and Mr. Charlie Dunn, Project Storyteller at DPR Construction. They discuss how one of the most innovative construction organizations in the US is approaching the COVID-19 crisis. From their mindset of leading with empathy for clients, partners, craft workers, and associates, to analyzing how their job sites and business model are being tested, to the opportunities for meaningful change, Charlie and Clark discuss insights from the frontlines of construction’s encounter with COVID-19.
Energy is evolving daily. From commercial construction to infrastructure and industrial applications, every sector is putting in place Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria and working toward Net-Zero carbon emissions goals. In this first episode of the Energy Evolution Miniseries, Victaulic’s Elliott Smith sits down with Uday Turaga of ADI Analytics to discuss the energy evolution, emerging trends, and key projects driving the global energy transition.
In this episode, Clark Ellis sits down with longtime industry leader, real estate investor, and developer, Joshua Pollard, to discuss Real Estate development in urban markets and how Healthcare Services are interrelated. Joshua is the founder, CEO, and President of Omicelo, a remarkable company focused on developing sustainable communities using holistic Real Estate investment strategies. Join Clark and Josh as they discuss how Josh's unique experience and a single question from a colleague inspired and shaped his company where Home, Health, Wealth are the guiding principles.
Change can be hard, especially when there is resistance or misalignment on the approach. Change can also yield big rewards if we work for it. In this podcast, we explore the challenges and benefits of driving real change in a major General Contractor with Rebecca Snelling, National Lean Director for JE Dunn. Join us as we discuss the barriers to change in large organizations, Rebecca’s experience and her biggest lessons learned when implementing Lean, as well as what advice she gives others who are working to drive change within their organization.
As the construction industry explores more collaborative business models (Design-Build, Integrated Project Delivery, Operating System 2.0), while facing an ongoing workforce shortage, The Built Revolution Podcast asks the question: What does industry need from universities? And how can we better prepare the next generation of industry leaders? Barbara Jackson (University of Denver), David Stayshich (University of Houston), and Stephen Mulva (University of Texas at Austin) offer unique perspectives from both the world of academia and the world of industry in this panel discussion with Kelcey Henderson, President of Continuum Advisory Group. 
Continuum Advisory Group has had two female presidents, which is pretty unique for any firm in the construction industry. The current and most recent presidents, Kelcey Henderson and Gretchen Gagel, sat down together virtually from across the globe to discuss the history of women in construction. We recently celebrated Women's History Month, and we enjoyed exploring the role of women in our industry and what's changing. 
Flexible Facilities

Flexible Facilities


Speed to market is a common driver in manufacturing and life sciences projects, requiring some facilities to be completed before the product and manufacturing process have been well defined. Some facilities may need to be reconfigured for multiple uses during their operational lives. This podcast explores the research that provides guidance on which common core building components are dependent upon the manufacturing process, and which can easily be decoupled. It identifies innovative methods that contribute to the development of a flexible facility. Please enjoy our conversation with Keith Molenaar, K. Stanton Lewis Professor of Construction Engineering and Management, Interim Dean, College of Engineering & Applied Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, and Samar “Summer” Adranly, Senior Vice President, Eichleay. This was recorded at the CII Annual Conference in August of 2019.
Arlen Solochek

Arlen Solochek


Our conversation with Arlen Solochek, FAIA, Consulting Architect, helps owners consider how different project characteristics, market conditions, internal considerations, and participants' concerns create better (and worse) matches with different project delivery methods. Arlen’s extensive experience on the owner’s side and on the practitioner’s side of capital projects, and his most recent work as Associate Vice Chancellor, Capital Planning and Special Projects for the Maricopa County Community College District gives him a unique perspective on the benefits of selecting the appropriate delivery method for the project situation.  
Can you imagine a major construction site that requires no cranes? Or one that requires no people? Or completely eliminates the permitting process? Check out our conversation with Fernanda Leite, Associate Professor at the Cockrell School of Engineering at UT Austin who is helping to lead the Construction Industry Institute’s (CII) Technology Path to the Future. Fernanda explains the process behind a unique collaborative methodology to solve this initiative exists to inspire organizations within the capital projects industry to successfully transform to new technology paradigms. The industry tends to focus most of its innovation attention and budgets on short term or incremental change. By focusing on what will be required to deliver capital projects three decades in the future, this report illustrates the need for radically different technologies. 
Research Team UMM-01, Achieving Higher Levels of Standardized Facility Design in the Upstream, Midstream, and Mining Commodity MarketThe design of most upstream and midstream projects is customized to the project’s specific requirements. The widespread use of standard designs, while perhaps providing a less “optimal” solution, could result in significant cost and schedule savings that ultimately result in a better business case for the owner. This research will describe the fundamental trade-offs between custom and standard designs, criteria to be considered when making this decision, and the changes in the way we do business required to facilitate the widespread use of standard designs.Jennifer Shane, Associate Professor, Iowa State UniversityOscar Monagas, Senior Engineering Management Specialist, ConocoPhilipsMichael Kluck, Senior Project Manager, KBRYoung Hoon Kwak, Faculty, George Washington University School of Business
Olfa Hamdi is a global expert in the strategic, construction-driven planning and execution of capital projects. She is an American-trained engineer, inventor, and Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded the Advanced Work Packaging Institute before co-founding Concord Project Technologies ( in 2016.Please enjoy our conversation from earlier this year, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. We discuss Olfa's work leading clients to adopt Predictability Thinking™ to improve project predictability and results. She is a great example of bringing true thought leadership to the construction market to create real positive change. 
Art Markman

Art Markman


Enjoy our conversation with Art Markman, Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, and Executive Director of the IC2 Institute, a "think and do" tank that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship. We discuss motivational theory, why people do what they do, and how this is relevant in the context of leadership and organizational development. While this was recorded just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak hitting the US and we don't address it specifically, the content is highly relevant for leaders as they help their organizations navigate the uncertainty and disruption the virus has caused. 
What matters the most to owners, and why?Kelcey Henderson, President of Continuum Advisory Group, and Jose Garcia-Aranda, President of Alberici Global Automotive Constructors, Automotive, moderate a panel discussion aimed at answering that question.  Panelists Include:Mike McClellan, Senior Engineering Manager, Toyota Motor North America at Bodine AluminumRyan Bader, Executive Director Facilities Planning, Design and Construction, Mercy Hospital SystemDon Wojtkowski, Executive Director Plant & Properties, SSM HealthJD Long, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities, Washington University in St. LouisOwners discuss common pitfalls, as well as opportunities, faced by construction suppliers. The panel was the first in a series for Lean Construction Institute (LCI) St. Louis Community of Interest and in this podcast, we share the discussion in full. Hear directly from them as they let us in on what matters to them the most, and why.
Infrastructure projects and operating assets are frequently impacted by regulatory risks. On this episode of the Built Revolution podcast, we spoke to members of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) Power Utilities and Infrastructure Research Team PUI-01, Identifying and Evaluating the Impact of Regulations throughout the Project Life Cycle, on their work and the resources they developed to address this recurring problem. The resources they produced can help electric utilities and infrastructure owners proactively identify, anticipate, and mitigate the impacts of constantly changing regulatory requirements throughout the capital asset lifecycle.For more information, visit:
On this episode of the Built Revolution podcast, we spoke to the members of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) Virtual Reality in Construction Research Team. The team conducted Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) user tests on design review and planning tasks, observing both novice and expert participants. The researchers measured and analyzed several indicators of user performance of a control and test groups that included detecting design errors, judging the scope of work, assigning an installation sequence for each installation work package, and remembering the scope of work. The test results clearly demonstrated that IVR enhanced the users' ability to perform the review tasks. Participants in the IVR (treatment) group scored 21.86% to 142.92% higher than the desktop (control) group. For more information, visit:
On this episode of the Built Revolution podcast we discuss how member organizations of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) leverage best practice research and benefit from participation on CII committees. Walt Ennaco, who serves as the Director for the Smithsonian Office of Planning, Design & Construction and chair of the CII Facilities and Healthcare Committee tells us about the impacts of CII on his teams and programs.  
Kelcey Henderson speaks with Steve Dapper (P&G) in the second episode of a two-part miniseries on Lean Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) projects that won the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Project Excellence award in 2018. They discuss this unique project experience and their accomplishments on the Quicksilver Team in Albany, GA.
Stephen Mulva, speaks with Geoff Ryan of Insight-AWP. Geoff has served on the Construction Owners Association of Alberta Workface Planning committee and was one of the key contributors in the development of the industry model for Workface Planning.  Listen to find out more on how to implement Advanced Work Packaging and what lies ahead for the construction industry. 
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