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In Stephanie's own words: Selling and investing in real estate was never in my life plan. I was a teacher and then a Vice Principal. And then I got a taste of my first flip and realized there was a strong need for agents that would educate and advocate for their clients. I had 8 open escrows within 2 months of getting my license because I listened to the advice of an agent I met at an open house. My online lead conversion rate was over 10% because I know the local market, utilize helpful apps, and can anticipate the needs of others well. The Joshua Tree market is really hot and I have the pleasure of helping first time investors and savvy seasoned investors as well as first time home buyers. I moved to a new market and started a team to help manage the volume of two really hot markets. I'd love to help everyone see that you don't have to be born into real estate or be rich to succeed in this business. You just have to know your shit, hustle, provide value, and be genuine.I'd love to inspire listeners to pursue their passion, especially if it's real estate. I am smart and strategic, and I wasn't born into wealth or born into the real estate business. I took a huge leap of faith with my first investment and made $60k profit on a 400 square foot cabin. I took a risk when I quit my six figure admin job and got a real estate license. After closing 54 deals my first year, I took another huge risk and moved 5 hours away and started a team earlier than I anticipated. I just launched Visalia Love, kinda like those rock painting community initiatives but instead I make clay heart ornaments and hang them around town for people to find and keep. Each month I buy a gift certificate from a local business and the person that finds the designated heart wins that gift. I am doing a buy out of the local minor league MLB stadium so that everyone in town can attend the game free courtesy of Heiser Home Team because I love Visalia (and baseball) so much. It's all about an abundance mindset, knowing your market thoroughly. and anticipating the needs of others. STEPHANIE AND I DISCUSS • Real Estate• Hashimotos/Thyroid issues • Ambition/drive • Teaching/school administration • How many houses did you sell your first year in real estate? • How did you get in to real estate? • Do you think the market is going to crash? • What secrets can help a new agent succeed? • What do people need to know when they buy their first investment property? • How do you know if you're getting a good deal? • How much does it cost and how long does it take to get your real estate license? • How do you manage having an autoimmune disease and being an entrepreneur? • What is wrong with the education system and how can we fix it? • How can teachers transition to real estate? Send Audience To: Honestly I don't have a CTA, people can DM me on Instagram or email me and I'd be happy to answer their questions and network. I'm willing to create an item of value if that helps you. :) -------------------------------- POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HEREFollow me on Social MediaTelegramGETTRFacebookInstagramLinkedInLuke Menkes Your Kelowna and Okanagan Relocation Expert Support the show (
E. A. Csolkovits was born in 1956 in Chicago, Illinois. His humble beginnings were that of the son of a milkman.At age 16, he started his business career at a commission sales job selling janitorial services to business owners.At the age of 19, E. A. Csolkovits met Sam Robbins, a millionaire business man from Detroit, Michigan. Sam took E. A. Csolkovits under his wing and began to mentor him. E. A. Csolkovits began working for Sam at the House of Holland Jewelers in the diamond business.In 1980, Sam established a private grant meant to be a part of his legacy due to his lifelong fight with diabetes.Due to this grant in 1980, Sam and E. A. Csolkovits began to formulate heart healthy and Wellness nutritional foods and drinks. Over the next 45+ years, E. A. Csolkovits was blessed with the following business and personal achievements.Professional Achievements:• Chairman of House of Holland Jewelers at 21 years old.• Started and operated Columbia Nutrition System, consisting of an internationalworkforce organization of over 10,000 managers and professionals.• Started and operated Delta International, which included building aninternational workforce organization of over 33,000, producing multimillions of dollars involume.• Hosted a business radio talk show (E. A. Csolkovits Live) which was heard acrossthe U.S.A. and Canada, interviewed 3 different company presidents for 5 nightly showseach week.• High-end, Results-oriented business consultant who received as much as $1,500per hour for his business advice.Other Business Interests Include:• Conducted advanced training exclusively for presidents and CEOs (a maximumof 50 per seminar) where executives paid $5,000 each to attend and learn 400different ways to build and grow their companies.• National Training Company—listed in “Who’s Who” in public speaking.• Mortgage business- originated, processed, and packaged large, multi-milliondollarpackages.• Authored weekly newsletters which were distributed in 20 countries.• Created, designed, invented, reformulated, and/or formulated over 75 productsin the health and Wellness industry.• Distributed products in 20 countries worldwide.• Extensive manufacturing expertise.• Established and developed worldwide distribution and sales systems in 20countries.Personal Achievements:• Millionaire at age 23.• 1st year of personal income exceeding $1 million in 1 year in 1989 at 33 yearsold.• Owner of a 1,000-acre wildlife sanctuary.• Commercial pilot with multi-engine complex and instrument ratings.• 2nd degree black belt in martial arts.• Advanced PADI certified scuba diver.• Authored and completed the updated versions of the courses and books hetitled The GIVERS Mindset™, The GIVERS Lifestyle™ and The GIVERS Lifelong Learning™for the GIVE To Be Great™ series while serving at Morgantown, West Virginia (SeeAppendix).• Founder and Patriarch of the GIVERS University to teach others worldwide aboutGIVERS and Takers.• Invented the world’s first and only nutritional and healthy foods and drinksformulations using a special Fibonacci sequence code combined with the Divinenumerical code which exists in all of nature while serving at Morgantown, WestVirginia. (See Appendix.)• Encoded the world’s first and only Wellness foods and drinks containing thesecret Nutrient Dense Foods® Code which blends both the Fibonacci Code with theDivine Code which exists in all of nature.• Researched, selected, scribed, and completed “The GIVERS Codex™.”“The GIVERS Codex™” is based on the original Intelligent Design inspired by AncientTexts.E. A. Csolkovits scribed a total of 180 Support the show (
Karen Putz is known as "The Passion Mentor." She is the author of multiple books, including Unwrapping Your Passion, Creating the Life You Truly Want. Karen was born with normal hearing, grew up hard of hearing, and became deaf as a teen after a fall while barefoot water skiing. She rediscovered her passion for the sport at the age of 44 and competed for four years. She's currently on a Passion Quest to barefoot water ski in all 50 states. Karen specializes in helping people unwrap the gift of passion and create more fun, joy, and adventure in their lives. KAREN AND I DISCUSS • Leading with Passion • How to Unwrap Your Passion at ANY Age • The Power of Passion • The Blessings of Adversity • Creating a Remarkable Life • How do I "find" my passion • Tell me how your journey as a "Passion Mentor" began. • How did you become deaf--tell us the story. • What do you tell people who feel tired and burned out. • Can you really find your passion at any age--even at the end of your life? • Why do some people find their passion and others don't? • Do you still barefoot water ski? • How can I motivate others to tap into passion? • What can I do today to tap into the energy of passion? • What is it like to be deaf?DESIRED CTA Send audience to: ---------------------------------- POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HERE Follow me on Social MediaTelegramGETTRI love Kelowna Podcast on FacebookInstagramLuke Menkes Your Kelowna and Okanagan Relocation ExpertMy Personal Facebook PageSupport the show (
Roseann Capanna-Hodge is a mental health trailblazer, founder of The Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health, and media expert who is, “Changing the way we view and treat children’s mental health”.  FORBES magazine called her, “A thought leader in children’s mental health”. Her work has helped thousands reverse the most challenging conditions: ADHD, anxiety, mood, Lyme, and PANS/PANDAS using PROVEN holistic therapies.  She is featured on dozens of media outlets.Trusted and beloved, Pediatric Mental Health Expert, Dr. Roseann shows parents how to turn around their child’s anxiety, mood, attention, motivation, bad grades, and snarky attitude with PROVEN holistic therapies. In her straight shooter and lively way, Dr. Roseann breaks down EXACTLY what parents need to do to make foundational changes that bring lasting gains. This is the ultimate parent guide that walks you through step-by-step how to use nutrition, supplements, genetics, detoxification, stress management, parenting, and clinical tools such as psychotherapy, neuro-feedback and biofeedback to help your child be calm, happy, listen better, achieve good grades, and just get along with others. Just like at her center, Dr. Roseann gets parents to stop thinking about, “If he gets better” to “When he gets better”. ROSEANN AND I DISCUSS•     How natural therapies can reduce and reverse mental health symptoms.•     Why is there such rise in children's mental health issues before and after the pandemic?•     How we parent can change our kid's mental health.•     4 steps to building better coping skills and resilience. •     How do we break free from stress and anxiety?•     How is your book, It's Gonna Be OK!™ a resource for parents?•     What will be the long-term impact of the pandemic on children?•     What is the difference between stress and anxiety? What are signs and symptoms of anxiety in children?•     How can you increase focus, engagement and motivation while learning or working virtually?•     How can you promote good coping skills and resilience in children? How can we parent in a way that builds good mental health?•     What is the REPS Protocol and what are the 4 steps to help children and adults manage stress?•     How we parent can change our kid's mental health?•     What are some natural therapies to help kids and teens reduce and reverse mental health symptoms? Why aren't more people using natural therapies?•     What is neurofeedback and how does it change the brain?•     Why are so many young adults failing to launch? Send audience to ---------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HERE Follow me on Social Media TelegramGETTRFacebookInstagramLinkedinLuke Menkes Your Kelowna and Okanagan Relocation Expert Support the show (
Tracy Lamourie is the Founder and Managing Director of Lamourie Media, the winner of the 2020 Women of Inspiration Award for Media, and the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED - Build Your Brand With Effective Public and Media Relations. She is a well known long time advocate on a myriad of important worldwide issues and an award-winning international publicist working across industries from major entertainment projects to small businesses. Tracy is passionate about amplifying important messages and being a voice for those who most need one. Recognized by media around the world for her 20-year campaign that ultimately helped free an innocent man from death row, to her work getting clients major media attention and for her local #community work.Winner of the FIRST PLACE PLATINUM award Hamilton Spectator Readers Choice for PR 2018, Diamond 2019. She also won the MARKETING award at the #MAGNETIC ENTREPRENEUR and AUTHOR AWARDS 2019 in Toronto and has been frequently quoted in the international media on both human rights issues and as a Public Relations thought leader.Tracy is a 020 RBC Women of Influence Nominee and a 2020 Universal Women's Network Woman of Inspiration Nominee and was also recently nominated for the internationally prestigious 2020 Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize. TRACY AND I DISCUSS •    "Power women" , how to realize you are one, how to share that with the world•    Secrets of how to get media attention, interview tips once you get it •    Human rights and the death penalty, Tracy ran a 20 year campaign for an innocent man on death row who was released in 2017•    Advising entrepreneurs and business leaders on how to get to the top of any industry•    Why is Public Relations & Media more important than marketing? •    How do you get media attention for your brand or message•    Tips for entrepreneurs in any industry about how to get to the top•    What is a publicist and why should all businesses consider having one?•    Should businesses take a position on social issues, pitfalls and responsibilities•    How does media decide who to interview, what are the secrets•    We give our listeners some tips on what to do in interviews once they get them? •    How authors can get media interviews  SEND AUDIENCE TO ----------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HERE Follow me on Social Media TelegramGETTRFacebookInstagramLinkedinLuke Menkes Your Kelowna and Okanagan Relocation Expert Support the show
Daniel went from having a daughter at 19 years old, being addicted to Oxycontin and a college drop out to owning a 7-figure business. Today, Daniel is a Forbes financial contributor and the owner of a 7-figure business called Quest Education, helping entrepreneurs touch more money. He teaches people how to make money tax free, pay off debt, get capital to grow their business and have more control over their 401k's and IRA's.  DANIEL AND I DISCUSS •      Financial literacy•      Entrepreneurship •      Overcoming adversity•      Mindset•      Are people natural born leaders?•      How do you develop a strong mindset?•      How can you eliminate limiting beliefs? SEND AUDIENCE TO ----------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HEREFollow me on Social Media TelegramGETTRFacebookInstagramLinkedinLuke Menkes Your Kelowna and Okanagan Relocation Expert Support the show (
FULL VIDEO OF THIS INTERVIEW  This is my sixth interview with Brian Cates, a political columnist for the X22 Report and Epoch Times. He entered the political arena following the death of Andrew Breitbart in March 2012. Brian makes his home in South Texas. BRIAN AND I DISCUSS•      Recap of the Durham Investigation and the arrest of Igor Danchenko•      At this moment people are feeling so discouraged with Covid mandates, vaccines, the stupid mask requirements which still exist in many locations but not all•      People rising up across the West and pushing back, refusing to comply•      The Biden administration made some huge strategic blunders•      What's next re: vaccine mandates, passports, etc.•      Polling indicates even many Democrats, and especially independents no longer believe that the people in power are legitimate•      Trudeau in Canada, Macron in France, the goofballs in NZ and Australia, and especially sleepy Joe, and it finally seems to be dawning on people - these idiots were not elected•      How does this resolve itself? One country at a time? •      Will a war with China become kinetic? •      Taiwan  Check out Brian's books Nobody Asked For My Opinion But Here It Is Anyway! andTex Randle: Brotherhood of the Gun. Brian can be followed at his Telegram channel.  ----------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HERE Follow me on Social MediaTelegramGETTRNew Town Big Dreams podcast on FacebookInstagramLinkedinLuke Menkes Your Kelowna and Okanagan Relocation ExpertMy Personal Facebook PageSupport the show (
FULL VIDEO VERSION OF THIS INTERVIEWThis is my fifth interview with Brian Cates, a political columnist for the X22 Report, Epoch Times and UnCover DC. He entered the political arena following the death of Andrew Breitbart in March 2012. Brian makes his home in South Texas. BRIAN AND I DISCUSS •      Update on the Durham investigation. When it seemed to most people that nothing was happening with Durham, what made you so sure way back in 2018 and since then?•      Why was Barr officially naming Durham as Special Counsel, right before Barr left office, significant?•      Why does obvious malfeasance and criminal activity take half a decade to prosecute?•      What do you think is next for Durham and why? Check out Brian's books Nobody Asked For My Opinion But Here It Is Anyway! andTex Randle: Brotherhood of the Gun. Brian can be followed at his Telegram channel.POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HERE Follow me on Social MediaTelegramNew Town Big Dreams podcast on FacebookInstagramLinkedinLuke Menkes Your Kelowna and Okanagan Relocation ExpertMy Personal Facebook PageSupport the show (
Originally from Westchester, New York, Lindsay headed south for college and received a BBA in Business Management from the University of Miami. After graduating, she worked on marketing and investor relations teams for several alternative investment funds, with assets up to $3 billion. Lindsay later received her Certificate in Independent Educational Consulting from University of California, Irvine, and started Simply Admissions in 2016.  She is also a Certified Myers-Briggs Practitioner.Lindsay’s professional affiliations include: •   Independent Educational Consultant Association (Professional Member)•   National Association for College Admission Counseling•   Southern Association for College Admission Counseling•   Georgia College Counseling Association•   Enrollment Management Association Lindsay now lives in Atlanta and in her free time enjoys traveling, biking, and kayaking. Lindsay has been helping families simplify the college admissions process for more than 5 years.  During the 2020-2021 application season, her students were admitted to over 118 different colleges in 30 states & 5 countries. They also received more than $8.2 million in merit aid. Lindsay can help our audience learn how to make the college admissions process easier. She talks about college prep best practices, how to attend college without going broke, and how the college landscape has changed post-COVID. Lindsay started Simply Admissions at 25 years old. Fast forward to 2021, she now has another educational consultant and career coach on her team. She would love to motivate other women entrepreneurs and/or people that are looking to make a drastic career change. LINDSAY AND I DISCUSS•     College Prep•     Financial Aid•     College Admissions Post-COVID•     How can a student simplify the college admissions process?•     How can parents support their student as they apply for college?•     How can a teen prepare in order to be successful during the college admissions process?•     What are college prep best practices?•     How can I avoid going into debt to attend college?•     Should I take on any debt to attend college? SEND AUDIENCE TO ----------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HERE Follow me on Social MediaNew Town Big Dreams podcast on FacebookInstagramLinkedinLuke Menkes Kelowna RealtorSupport the show (
Robert Raymond Riopel is an international Best-Selling author, App Designer, Entrepreneur and Trainer who has spent the past 18+ years traveling around the world sharing his passion. He has also shared the stage with and trained many of the top trainers and thought leaders in the world today. With his high energy and heartfelt style, Robert draws on his journey from humble beginnings to financial freedom at the age of 32, to inspire individuals into tapping into their greatness. Realizing that he is not the only person that struggles, Robert’s “Clues” open individuals up to the possibilities that lie within them and that is why he is a highly sought after presenter.After going from $150,000 in debt and stressed to completely Financial Free by the age of 32, Robert discovered his passion of training others because he felt that if he could even assist 1 person in their financial freedom, it would be all worth while. Robert only teaches from his personal experiences, struggles and wins and that is why he connects so well with the audience. Author of the international best selling book "Success Left A Clue" App Designer and Serial Entrepreneur. Breakthrough expert that will blow your audience away!Robert does his research of the shows he is on prior to any recording and loves to be guided by the host to go as deep as they want. ROBERT AND I DISCUSS •    Trainer/Speaker development•    Living an empowered life•    How to become an authority in your job or business•    6 Steps to creating the life of your dreams•    The 4 Currencies of life•    Why is it people can have less knowledge and experience as others but make more money?•    Why do people get overwhelmed and what can be done to over come it?•    What are the 4 currencies of life?•    What are the 4 phases of life that people constantly go through?•    Why is Chaos not only normal but critical in life and how do you utilize it?•    Always present and ready to answer any question that comes up•    How can a speaker/trainer become more impactful  SEND AUDIENCE TOwww.robertriopel.comMy first book "Success Left A Clue" is something I give as a gift in e-book format and can be mentioned or not. I truly love to give value on any and all interviews I do. ----------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HEREFollow me on Social MediaNew Town Big Dreams podcast on FacebookInstagramLinkedinLuke Menkes Kelowna RealtorSupport the show (
Victoria Wieck is the epitome of the rags to riches American dream story. She immigrated from South Korea to America with her parents with only thirty dollars, and has built a multi-million dollar business with over $500 million in retail sales.  After a series of corporate jobs, Victoria started her own company in 1989 on a shoestring budget to spend more time with her family. She has founded several other successful businesses since then. She’s worked with a wide variety of retailers world-wide ranging from major department stores to duty free stores, as well as internet and TV retailers.  For the past 23 years (19 years on HSN, and 4 years on Shop HQ), Victoria has been sharing her jewelry designs with millions of viewers during her own monthly shows. She has built her highly successful business following her passion for jewelry, without sacrificing her family life. Throughout her career, she’s had to invent ways to have her products consistently outperform her competition and thrive.  Victoria is the author of the upcoming book, Million Dollar Hobbies, also the author of the science fiction novel, Shattered Sky, scheduled to be released in 2021. Victoria is the creator and the host of the popular podcast, Million Dollar Hobbies, a show dedicated to helping others turn their passion into profits. She completed a B.S. degree in Economics from UCLA, and an MBA with emphasis in Marketing and Finance from USC.  VICTORIA AND I DISCUSS•    Are you sitting on a million-dollar hobby?•    How you can built a $500 million business with no money•    How to take your products to TV shopping networks•    How to turn your passion into real profits without money•    Starting a side hustle business for women•    How to start a business with no money•    Getting products on TV networks•    Marketing on a shoestring budget•    Negotiating / persuasion•    Growing your business exponentially•    Turning your passion into profits•    How to make millions of dollars with your hobby•    Female empowerment•    Attaining your dream life•    Testing your business ideas on a global stage with no money SEND AUDIENCE TOhttps://milliondollarhobbies.comPlease click the "podcast" button on my website. Click the free ebook button to download.----------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HERE Follow me on Social MediaNew Town Big Dreams podcast on FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedinLuke Menkes Kelowna RealtorSupport the show (
Sheila Farragher-Gemma moved to the states in 1989 for a job in Boston. She figured she would stay a few years before returning home to Ireland, but 30 years later, with a husband, two children, and a handful of successful businesses under her belt, she may be here to stay.Sheila has an entrepreneurial spirit which lead her to the world of marketing consulting. Through her company, Connected Sponsor, she helps event promoters monetize their events by building long standing relationships and partnerships with Sponsoring companies. Some events she’s helped are Traffic &Conversion, ProfitCon, Underground, and MFA Live. Strategic Partnerships and Sponsors are a great way to add value to your audience and to monetize your business. Sheila has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. She has founded several businesses, had two successful exits and a couple of failed businesses. She has a lot to share about her experiences. SHEILA AND I DISCUSS •     Sponsorship assets: what are some of the things you already have those sponsors will pay good money to access.•     A little known work from home opportunity that doesn't involve MLM and allows you to work on your own terms.•     Long Game: Sponsorship isn't about receiving a check today, but rather building a strategic relationship that will feed both you and the sponsor for years to come.•     Strategies to easily find the perfect sponsor candidates.: They are not as elusive as you think!•     How to bring value to your audience while monetizing your platform.•     How did your burning desire to be home with your kids shape your entrepreneurial career?•     When looking at work from home options, what aspects are vital to consider?•     What role has mentorship and personal development played in the success of Connected Sponsors?•     Why should entrepreneurs be leveraging strategic partnerships and sponsorship to grow their business?•     How has automation and outsourcing allowed you to grow faster?•     How has leveraging relationships and networking helped you to grow faster?•     What types of businesses can benefit from strategic partnerships and Sponsorship?•     How did you figure out how to sell your business?•     How much have things changed since Covid in the events business?•     What are some of the mistakes you see in the industry that are made with sponsorships? SEND AUDIENCE TO ----------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HERE Follow me on Social MediaNew Town Big Dreams on FacebookInstagramLinkedinLuke Menkes – Your Kelowna and Okanagan Relocation ExpertLuke's Personal Facebook Page Support the show (
Lynn Whitbeck is the Founder/CEO of Petite2Queen and Future Forward Sales. Lynn helps the world by providing sales and leadership training programs and tools to achieve more, faster. Building on her sales successes and experiences in executive leadership roles, Lynn shares the lessons learned along her journey to supercharge your career. She supports business leaders to develop immediate and long-term growth, with sales training, skill expansion, and relationship progression… the ingredients to a successful and profitable sales recipe.Lynn is the co-author of the highly regarded book, Practical Wisdoms @ Work. This quick-read guide provides insights to navigate situations, challenges, and opportunities that arise every day in business. Teaching you how to broaden your career with skills that will set you apart.I share my cultivated corporate experience on leadership grit and gumption, power skills, up leveling sales performance, and owning your moxie.My career began in sales, and soon I was closing multi-million dollar deals with Fortune 1,000 companies. Using my sales and leadership success I moved into executive positions and eventually the C-suite.You may have seen Lynn in USA Today, HuffPost, Chicago Tribune, and more! LYNN AND I DISCUSS •     Sales Success Secrets•     Leadership Gumption and Grit•     Resilience - Ultimate Power Skill•     Problem Solving Win-Win•     Building and Nurturing Relationships•     Why does thinking like your customer deliver powerful results?•     What is the number one way sales people fail and how do you rapidly fix it for growth?•     How do you respond to weird questions with poise and grace?•     What is the power skill RAP to navigate challenges?•     How do you learn to speak up more and why is it important?•     How can you quickly and easily improve your sales outreach to shorten your sales cycle?•     What advice do you have for individuals who have a completely different opinion from the person they’re talking to?•     How do you prepare, lead, and communicate your points for a meeting or presentation?•     How do you answer tough questions and keep your cool? SEND AUDIENCE TO create winning sales teams and generate sustainable bottom line results for business. You can find me on our websites and connect with me on LinkedIn. ----------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HERE Follow me on Social MediaNew Town Big Dreams podcast on FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedinLuke Menkes Kelowna Realtor Support the show (
Ty Belknap was homeless (and felt hopeless) as a teenager. It was a struggle, but he managed to get out of the situation (and mindset). He moved from the Pacific Northwest to Hawaii. He learned Island-life and became a SCUBA Divemaster, then he moved back to Seattle, got into computers and became a techy nerd. Now, Ty Belknap has a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership and runs Port Bell SEO, a successful online marketing business. He also coaches homeless and at-risk teens so they can see that they have worth and value.Then he became a surfer and SCUBA diver. From there he found his inner nerd and started in the tech industry. By 25 he was a network engineer working at companies like Microsoft, Compaq and HP. At 36, he left the corporate world and started a web design and online marketing company (before it was called SEO). Now, with a Doctor of Strategic Leadership and Life Coaching, Ty Belknap runs Port Bell SEO with 4 employees, none of which live within 1,000 miles of his office.COVID is in the midst of creating a new normal (and aren't we all sick of hearing that?). One of the most difficult things in this "new normal" is remote working. I would love to talk about how a company can hire, fire, and motivate remote employees. I've been hiring remote employees for almost 20 years now and my current employees work from countries like Macedonia, India and Serbia (I live in the US).It redefines "solopreneur" because, although I have 4 employees, I work alone in an office all day long.Entrepreneurs are also struggling with finding their footing in the online marketing game. This is tough for many people, and I would be happy to talk about easy ways businesses can get higher in the search engines. I have been an SEO expert for almost 2 decades now, and the 3rd edition of my book, "Timeless SEO Secrets" came out in March of 2021.TY AND I DISCUSS •    SEO•    Online marketing•    Small business marketing•    Solopreneur +•    Working with remote employees•    How can a small business web site get higher in the search engines?•    Is it more difficult or easier working with remote employees over in person?•    What is SEO?•    Is there SEO I can learn to do myself?•    What advice do you have for solopreneurs?•    Why a Doctor of Strategic Leadership?•    What are the best online marketing options today?•    What do you think of social media marketing and pay per click (Google, Bing, etc.)?•    What's it like being an introvert entrepreneur?Send audience to:http://www.tysfreebook.comIs your web site Google friendly? Find out how Google sees your site and whether hidden errors are stopping you from getting higher in the search engines. ----------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HERE Follow me on Social MediaNew Town Big Dreams podcast on FacebookInstagramLinkedinLuke Menkes Kelowna RealtorMy Personal Facebook PageSupport the show (
Cetvies is a blogger, MA graduate in social sciences and political sciences, with a focus on human rights. She campaigns on human trafficking. She has a strong interest in human rights, environmental rights, politics, the news, society, philosophy, and current affairs in general.CETVIES AND I DISCUSS• Human rights• Current news• Animal rights• PoliticsSend audience to:In the Name of Human Rights----------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HEREFollow me on Social MediaNew Town Big Dreams podcast on FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedinLuke Menkes Kelowna Realtor  Support the show
Lucas Caneda is Global Team Lead at UNIQORN Incubator and a professional rugby player for Sarlat Rugby Team. Lucas grew up as a die-hard rugby fan and started playing at the tender age of 5. Despite suffering what many thought would be a career-ending knee injury, he moved to France and built a career as a professional rugby player. After a few years in France, Lucas joined the Sarlat Rugby Team where he first met Dom Einhorn, the Founder, and CEO of the UNIQORN incubator-accelerator. Lucas immediately joined the incubator's rugby program and now works as Global Team Lead for the incubator, and two of its startups, FORMATION.GG and CXSports. A student of engineering, management, economics, and self-taught in nutrition and fitness, Lucas has always had a very keen interest in business, entrepreneurship, and personal development.LUCAS AND I DISCUSSStartupsEntrepreneurshipRugbyHow to scale the community membership and engagement via digital & traditional marketing.How to help each sports club “David” become a Goliath through an integrated combination of services and technology.----------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HEREFollow me on Social MediaNew Town Big Dreams podcast on FacebookInstagramLinkedinLuke Menkes Kelowna RealtorMy Personal Facebook PageSupport the show (
Anthony Russell is an army veteran and Property Leader. His main goal is to help others succeed as landlords with the experience he's gained as a rental property leader. Having served in the military, he views property management with a strategic and militaristic eye.Anthony likes to help people who are starting out in the rental property business. He teaches them to know the laws and what steps they should proceed with if they are starting in this business, and help them to improve if they are already in it.ANTHONY AND I DISCUSSLeadership For LandlordsSmall rental property businessRental properties and profitabilityWhat are the laws for rental property business? How to be a successful landlord?How to be a good tenant?Why should landlords be leaders?How to run a rental property business?How to make the rental property business truly profitable?How to apply military strategies and tricks in the rental property business? Send audience to:Leadership for LandlordsSupport the show (
Evan Herrman is the podcast host of The Whole Person podcast and a real estate broker. Evan Specializes in personal growth and wholeness in the areas of faith, family, finances friendship, fitness and fun. Evan's goal is to add value to any audience that he speaks to. The value that he wants to bring to people is first, that they are not alone in the journey of personal growth, and that it is about the process – not the destination – and that with grace and patience and consistency as well as failures and learning from them, all of that shapes us into the person we are supposed to be.Evan is an expert in grief because he has gone through a lot of it. EVAN AND I DISCUSSBuild a life around the whole person conceptMental and emotional healthGrief RecoveryReal Estate/ Small businessWhat was the biggest thing that helped you to change and growwhat is the process you go through when making decisions How does a person work through grief How does the whole person concept affect the other areas of lifeIf someone is wanting to grow in their faith what advice would you give themWhat are some of the biggest lessons you have learned in your lifeHow do you overcome failure What are you passionate aboutHow do you define successSend audience to:www.thewholepersonpodcast.comGo to the website and fill out the email section for the 10 life changing lessons I learned while podcasting.Support the show (
FULL VIDEO VERSION OF THIS INTERVIEW HEREThis is my fourth interview with Brian Cates, a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UnCoverDC. He entered the political arena following the death of Andrew Breitbart in March 2012. He makes his home in South Texas and is the author of Nobody Asked For My Opinion But Here It Is Anyway! and Tex Randle: Brotherhood of the Gun. He can be followed at his Telegram channel.BRIAN AND I DISCUSS • Brian's new article Trump Had To Step Aside So The American People Could Be The Storm• Tell us why you believe handing over the keys to sleepy Joe was the right move at the time and will prove to be wise• Trump's patience. With Fauci and especially the election fraud, he's shown remarkable patience. I don't think any other politician could have done it. Seeing Joe introduced as "President" is hard to accept. How is such a strong man like Donald Trump able to be so patient• What are the next steps as far as proving election fraud and timing• Seth Keshel and his incredible work. Over 200k citizens crowdsourcing information in Telegram channels for all 50 states and audits. What should we all be doing now to support? • Lindell's symposium. What do we know, and what do we not know. What surprises could be in store. How will Mike and the rest of us counteract the fake news smear, discredit and distraction campaign? • Is there a tipping point? • Should we be concerned about terrorism and false flags?Check out Brian's books Nobody Asked For My Opinion But Here It Is Anyway! and Tex Randle: Brotherhood of the GunBrian can be followed at his Telegram channelSupport the show (
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Swire Ho immigrated to Los Angeles in 1996. He is a proud Chinese American who speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English. He trained as a sound engineer, working at recording studios and entertainment agencies before starting his own firm, Hellman Production, Inc, 2003 in Los Angeles. Swire and his team successfully produced attractive, personalized DVD and CD cases and custom merchandise like T-shirts, earning a Score award in 2009, for small business success. His business eventually grew so popular, he decided to sell Hellman Production in 2013 to focus exclusively on the promotional product industry.Government CertificationsLSBE, WBE, DBE, MBE, SBESwire is a proud SFG1 certified kettlebell instructor from #StrongFirst. He finds calmness through yoga, organic gardening, and enjoys being in nature. SWIRE AND I DISCUSSSetting up a referral based businessHow to use promotional products to make a lasting impression?How can I build my brand, or custom loyalty for my business?Government contracting 101How should I network in business. Both in person and virtuallyWhat type of (free) resources are available for a small business?How do you network in business?Should I join a chamber of commerce?How do I find and connect with my target audience?How do I build a referral based business?What is a power partner and how having a power partner can help me grow my business?How do I make a lasting  impression for my business?Marketing for small businessHow can I build my brand and customer loyalty?Send audience tohttp://www.garudapromo.comSwire also has a podcast called The Small Business Show----------------------------------POST A REVIEWGUEST BOOKINGS CLICK HEREFollow me on Social MediaNew Town Big Dreams podcast on FacebookInstagramLinkedinLuke Menkes Kelowna RealtorMy Personal Facebook PageSupport the show
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