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THE PODCAST ABOUT PERSONAL FINANCE & RACIAL WEALTH EQUITY: From how we bank, to our how credit scores are calculated, to how we are kept in the dark about investing, to how we pay our taxes, the system is set up for us to get caught in a debt/poverty cycle and stay running just to tread water. The rules change all the time so the people on top stay on top. What if you not only knew the rules, but knew exactly how to apply it to your own financial situation? What if you were able to not only reverse your financial mistakes, but start making the rules work for you? If you're ready to See Change, tune in! Check out for more resources • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • DISCLAIMER: The information in this presentation provided “AS IS” and without warranties of any kind either express or implied. To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable laws, Brunch & Budget, LLC (referred to as “Brunch & Budget”) disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement and suitability for a particular purpose. Brunch & Budget does not warrant that the information will be free from error. None of the information provided in this presentation is intended as investment, tax, accounting or legal advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or as an endorsement of any company, security, fund, or other securities or non-securities offering.The information should not be relied upon for purposes of transacting securities or other investments. Your use of the information is at your sole risk. Under no circumstances shall Brunch & Budget be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the materials in this site, even if Brunch & Budget or a Brunch & Budget authorized representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall Brunch & Budget, LLC have any liability to you for damages, losses and causes of action for accessing this site.Information on this site and in this podcast should not be considered a solicitation to buy, an offer to sell, or a recommendation of any security in any jurisdiction where such offer, solicitation, or recommendation would be unlawful or unauthorized.
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As part of our COVID-19 relief and business saving efforts, DAWI is launching a hotline  this month for small businesses, especially in communities of color, interested in converting to worker ownership,  and we're doing it in partnership with NYC Department of Small Business Services.
How many of us really love our bank? It feels like an entity that we have to do business with but always begrudgingly and always with a hint of how are they going to screw me over this time? In this episode we talk about this history of banking and how it got to be this way through various acts of deregulation and how we can ask our banks to do better.
Parisian poet Anatole France said "The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread.”He was poeting about how laws penalize desperate actions borne of need while largely ignoring crimes inspired by greed. We've all heard stories about people spending years in prison or being killed for stealing food, while corporations that rob employees of breaks and overtime pay get off with a fine. We always assumed the corporations got off easy due to a combination of hiring expensive lawyers and the difficultness of deciding who to lock up when an entire company is at fault.Turns out the real answer is worse: In most states, wage theft has no carceral penalty. Nobody goes to jail for stealing from workers. Victims of wage theft have to file a civil suit to get their money back. Most people can't afford to sue, so plenty of perpetrators don't even have the blemish of a lawsuit on their record. How many celebrity entrepreneurs and big name companies would be out of business if they faced the same consequences for stealing that everyone else does?This Friday, Pam & Dyalekt are back with the real on wage theft and what people are doing to keep employers accountable, plus a few indie rap songs about who the real thieves are. #changethesystem #inequity #financialliteracy #financialabuse #letsdobetter
We are talking about how to invest in yourself without spending money and what is investing in yourself vs. self care?  Where do we start with investing in ourselves and what does that even really mean? 
MJ from Advisory Avenue joins us for this episode to talk about knowing your worth, how, why and when you should go to HR, approaching and preparing yourself to have "the raise" conversation and really proving and showing your value to a company during a pandemic!
We were so happy to have Kevin Matthews on the show to explain how to think about investing during the pandemic and create an investment plan that weathers all uncertain times.
One more episode on PPP and EIDL loans before the PPP loan deadline passes. Take a listen!
We're going to talk about how to talk to your parents about money for real. I think it's something that I know has been on a lot of our clients minds.  Especially with COVID, especially with parents getting older, we work with a lot of millennials who have found themselves having to not only adult for themselves, but also adult for their parents.
The prison industrial complex is basically the privatization of prisons. The government and prisons are working together to expand the prison population for the sake of profit. And that's basically what it is. What they've done is prisons have been cited as job creators and the use of inmate Labor has kept costs down. That is what they said and they created jobs by imprisoning people and paying slave labor wages. 
Put your money where your mouth is!   In this episode we talk about dismantling systemic racism with your dollars, ways to support POC businesses and also some great recommendations on POC businesses.
This episode is ALL things PPP loan!  We answered 106 questions.  We also touch on EIDL loans.  
In this podcast we will tackle the different ways to approach that tricky "money" conversation with you partner.  
Managing Credit In A Time Of Crisis. This topic is on a lot of people's minds. I think that when it comes to our debt, especially during this pandemic, it can feel like even more of a burden. It can feel even more like something that we feel like is an even bigger mistake. Something we wish we got rid of sooner.
Questions answered:I'm wondering if you have advice for me or others in my situation. I have a small business as a sole proprietor LLC (I'm the only employee) and just received a SBA PPP loan on Friday. AND I also had applied for PUA early April as a freelancer and the partial unemployment just went through and was accepted. Any ideas of what to do? I imagine I can't take both—I had a quick question about PPP loans now that I've been offered one: From what I've read, it sounds like any amount of the loan that goes towards payroll and other eligible expenses (office rent, etc.) during the eight weeks following the disbursement of the loan will be forgiven. As a freelancer, I'm wondering how I will "prove" these payroll expenses--i.e. do I need to show that my freelance income was lower than it was based on the previous year? I'm just trying to get a sense of what paperwork will be used to assess this.--any advice on how I can get creditors to pause or lower interest rates during these times would be helpful. The efforts I’ve made thus far, they won’t budge.--How should I think about getting a car in the city?
Our first IG Live! Today we're talking about how the CARES Act wasn't made for us, as usual, but what you can do within it anyway. Questions answered:Did anyone in there bring up the subject of being asked to come back in to work or have you discussed with others what to do in that situation?? I'm working remote now but they're telling me I have to go back to the office with no real substantive reason--I have been freelancing- I usually get paid via payroll and receive a W2.  I filed for unemployment, I live in NJ & applied to both states(note sure if I will get approved in NY or NJ) and I put the last employer that I was working hours were reduced due to Covid and this past Friday, I was officially released, no active projects, all Covid related. Did I file correctly using my recent employer's info or should I have used myself?Can you also clear up if someone is fully 1099 that they will receive benefits as well, filing all info as "self employed?" Will qualify for both Federal & state or just Federal?--if I work in a state I don’t live in (i.e. CA) as a contract worker and was told I can apply for unemployment by my boss... but I don’t live CA, I live in NY.  Do I apply to CA or NY?--Are the $1200 checks a “loan” or will it reduce my tax refund next year?--I wanted to learn more about how the federal loans are being paid off. I thought it was just a forbearance.--Hi there! I have a question/need advice on my student loan situation that I was hoping you could answer at your IG live today... I have $4500 left and I applied for student loan forgiveness because my school (DeVry) made false claims and a lawsuit was settled back in 2018. In December, my application was finally added to the queue for review-yes it took 2 years for that. So it's been in administrative forbearance since then and I only paid interest on it in January and February. My question is: should I pay it off or wait to hear back to see if it'll be forgiven partially or wholly? I have about $1500 in other debt that I should be done with by end of June.Thank you for your time and ALL that you do for us. I have been a fan for years 💜💜💜💜
Bring your meal and mimosas and come chat with us about how we can master our personal finances. We’re offering bottomless budgeting tips.About this EventNever eat alone. We’re here for you. We are offering bottomless budgeting tips as we take brunch digital. In this online event, Brunch & Budget will share a meal while exchanging […]
Our first of a number of episodes on COVID19 and the racial wealth divide, our first impressions on how Black and Latinx communities are affected, how to navigate the stimulus package, how have artists like Dyalekt been affected, small businesses like Brunch & Budget, and why neoliberalism won’t save us.
In part two of How the Racial Wealth Divide Affects Your Wallet Pamela and Dyalekt continue the conversation on how the racial wealth divide affects your wallet, financial resilience and the policies that have led to the racial wealth divide and dive deeper into how those policies actually were perpetuated by art media and culture.Music […]
Music Featured in This Episode: The Buy In by Hech Rhymes Advocate by Spoken Phor overstand FT. Rswift by Overcome In part 1 of Financial Resilience and The Racial Wealth Divide Pam and Dyalekt dig into the five steps to financial resilience: Buy In Systems Habit Advocacy Values Episode Highlights: Dyalekt: I know it starts […]
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Ashley Maclin McClintock

I want to enjoy your podcast but the music repeating for a full hour every episode is obnoxious.

Aug 6th
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