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Shaping Logics is a podcast produced in Barrio Logan, San Diego. The podcast will serve as a platform to discuss topics of interest in the fields of design and architecture. Shaping Logics is a collaborative effort between aux-lab (Abel Zatarain) and ohms architects (Miguel Reyes and Hector Aramburo).
24 Episodes
Jim Brown is an architect, with an interest in community driven projects. In this episode we discuss his current architecture projects, his involvement with  Bread & Salt, and the Build That Park organization advocating for a bi-national Friendship Park between San Diego and Tijuana. 
A quick discussion on the essay, 'In Praise of Shadows' by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki. 
One of us recently switched jobs and so we thought it wise to look at the thought process behind this decision and some of our experiences having worked at different architecture offices. 
Chris Puzio is an artist whose medium is metal. His public metal sculptures can be seen throughout San Diego. In this episode we discuss; how he came to create in metal, the client/artist relationship, and the unique traits of public art sculptures. 
Michael Dulberg is Senior BIM / Innovation Enginner at BN Builders. In this episode we touch on interesting threads concerning technology and how new technologies get integrated in the office setting. We discuss the potential of new tech like AI, VR, Augmented reality and how some of it is currently being used at BN Builders. 
Anya Gallaccio is an artist as well as a professor at UCSD. Her work has been exhibited in galleries all over the world, most recently in Sydney, Australia. In this episode we discuss; her education, living and working in London, and how she views her work over time and space.
Hector is owner/principal at De-Arc, an associate professor in the Masters of Real Estate Development program of Woodbury in San Diego, as well as a member of The RED Office. The discussion focused on his trajectory as a Mexican immigrant into the United States and how he navigated through life, the education system, and professional career, all leading up to where he is at currently. He told us about his experience as a Mexican national track & field competitor, which I really enjoyed. I’m always impressed by how the lessons and experiences that can be experienced in sports and exercise can transfer to everyday normal activities.  We discussed his project, ‘La Esquina’ located in Barrio Logan; how he was able to fund the project, the type of tenants that live in the building, and how the project has been received by the community.  
Colin is a former co-worker of ours. Former, because around 2 years ago he started his own architecture firm, called CLAD. We were excited to catch up and hear about his early first projects and also get into the specifics of how he operates his business. I think those of us who have similar aspirations will find this to be an insightful episode. 
In this episode we discuss how software is used by architects and designers. We touch on new technologies like Virtual Reality, and the iPad Pro. We question how these technologies can be integrated into the profession to actually assist in the visualization of projects and to communicate ideas to clients.
We have co-hosts; Hector Aramburo and Miguel Reyes as ohms architects to discuss their multi-family project in Carlsbad, currently under construction. The discussion focused on the permitting process, and the interactions with city planners, consultants, and the client.   
John is co-owner of HyR along with Talyssa D'Avila. Their company focuses on design drafting, and real estate services. In this episode we discuss how the company got started, the type of projects and clients they work with, and what they have in store for the future of their company.
In this episode we sit down with Catherine Herbst. Catherine is owner/principal at Rinehart/Herbst,  she is also a faculty member at Woodbury San Diego. We touch on a wide variety of topics, from solitary confinement, to how we organize our workspaces, and the role of a university in the neighborhood it lives in. 
Jose Parral was recently named the Chair at Woodbury University in San Diego. We sit down with Jose in this episode to discuss his early career in landscape architecture, as well as his approach towards teaching studio classes. We also touch on topics surrounding the future of the architecture profession. 
In this episode we discuss a variety of topics, from the socio-economics of small ketchup packets, to poetry about our homes. We tried something different with our format this episode. Each one of us brought to the table a quote or text from back in our school days. The idea being that this would spark novel and provocative discussions.
Andrew Wagner is an illustrator / graphic designer.  In this episode we sit down and discuss his professional trajectory as a recent B.Arch graduate. He shares with us the story behind those key first clients which have lead to working with companies such as Adobe and Haagen Dasz. We cover many topics including the artistic merits of video games, the impact of japanese anime on design, and the next technological advents in architectural image making.
Miki Iwasaki is a designer, artist, and educator. In this discussion we cover the trajectory of his career from undergrad, grad school, to his time at SOM, and now owning and running his own office. He shares with us the challenges of operating a small practice while still being critical of his own work. We touch on the future of the profession, his approach to teaching the next generation of designers, and the heartbreak one encounters when a project gets axed. 
In this episode we discuss the intricacies of moonlighting aka side-hustle aka the side-gig. What are the positives and negatives of taking on extra work. What are the ethics behind it. Is it for everyone?
We sit down with Luis Madrigal who is a designer at Safdie Rabines Architects. We discuss the types of projects they work on and the scope of his involvement in managing the technical and logistical challenges of large projects.
We sit down with Jeremy again, this time asking specific questions about the Masters program and unpacking as much as possible the model of Architect as Developer.
We sit down with Jeremy Artates who is currently pursuing a Masters in Real Estate Development, the conversation follows the trajectory of a young professional as he is meandering through the profession of Architecture.
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