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What in the Wyrd

Author: Kelley

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Kelley Harrell explores runelore and soul tending as actionable animism and sacred activism -- Soul Intent Arts
65 Episodes
Kelley discusses mindfulness and abuses of Othala.
Kelley discusses the Midgard roots of Othala, and the necessity of embodying elderhood
Episode 64 - Othala Q&A

Episode 64 - Othala Q&A


Kelley discusses the transition into Othala, solstices, deathwalking, and Ancestor tending
Kelley discusses the need for wyrdweaving post-Ingwaz initiation, and its on-going relevance.
Kelley discusses Laguz, feeling out of flow, personal cosmology, and soul loss.
Kelley discusses Laguz, and the connection between All Things and consent. (Podcoin)
Kelley discusses Mannaz and the connection between animism, the concept of "Middle World," and how they relate to direct relationship.
Kelley discusses Ehwaz as a challenge to fragility.
Kelley discusses going deeper, and confronting the wound of disappointment in animism and the broken path
Kelley discusses Berkana, coming back from berserker mode, and self-care.
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