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What in the Wyrd

Author: Kelley

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Kelley Harrell explores runelore and soul tending to foster embodied wellbeing through Nature.

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71 Episodes
Kelley discusses Ansuz and life force as agents of change
Kelley discusses deeper nuances of Thurisaz and the unconscious.
Kelley discusses half-month Thurisaz, the unconscious, and cosplay Odin.
Episode 69 - Uruz Gone Wild

Episode 69 - Uruz Gone Wild


Kelley discusses the unconscious implications of Uruz, and how we can use them to our advantage.
Episode 68 - Fehu in Action

Episode 68 - Fehu in Action


Kelley discusses the new runic year, Fehu, privilege, and community.
Kelley discusses Dagaz, Summer Solstice, the murder of Baldur, and ego.
Kelley discusses mindfulness and abuses of Othala.
Kelley discusses the Midgard roots of Othala, and the necessity of embodying elderhood
Episode 64 - Othala Q&A

Episode 64 - Othala Q&A


Kelley discusses the transition into Othala, solstices, deathwalking, and Ancestor tending
Kelley discusses the need for wyrdweaving post-Ingwaz initiation, and its on-going relevance.
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