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Author: James Cox

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This podcast covers issues of Climate Change, Building a Socially Responsible Economy, Health and Life and Death.
176 Episodes
Arya Mazanek is founder and CEO of innovative tiny home builder Wilderwise. We discuss the challenges and opportunities around tiny homes. Many cultural, economic and societal trends are merging to increase interest. To learn more, check out
Kristina Bloom has published a new book, Wisdom for the Age of Ascension. We discuss her channeled messages from Universal Intelligences and what they mean for the world we live in. Check out her book and connect at 
Andrew Wallis is the founder of UK Unseen, an organization that is fighting human trafficking and providing support to its victims. We discuss the causes of modern day slavery, it's victims, and efforts to stop it. The UK government recently passed legislation to address Human Trafficking. Business plays a major role as well, but it also requires education on a levels of society.
Scott Gingold is a serial entreprenuer and President of Lehigh Valley Technology, an IT service for B2B firms. After connecting on LinkedIn and chatting for several hours, it is clear Scott has a uniquely human view of business that has served him well. He shares some of his approaches and insights that have make his employees happier, his company more profitable and his clientele extremely satisfied.  It is my hope that in some ways COVID can act as a stimulant to further discussions around building a humane workplace that allows everyone to prosper. Check out Scott's company here
Cindy Beers shares holistic techniques to help us deal with the psychological and mental damage done by COVID in the past year. Many of the strategies are effective in dealing with real life drama as well... work stress, PTSD, family dramas... Quality of life is dependent upon good mental health; don't shortchange yourself... Check out Cindy's program called "Mental Health Toolbox"
Tevis Rose Trower is a coach, guide and advisor to companies and leaders, to moms and dads, to the spiritual and the atheist. In her new book, Games Changers: A Guide to Radical Success, she discusses the need for individuals to reconnect with their authentic selves. The modern world changes who we are, weighs on us... grinds us down. When we ask ourselves, 'Why are we here?', how do you answer? Check out Trower's new book with this link to her free first chapter. 
For over 100 years leftist philosophy (Socialism, Communism, Marxism) have been used as triggers by American conservatives to resist social change. But what is Leftist philosophy in reality, and why do conservatives continue to be so frightened? Zack Ellsworth shares his experience and insights to foster greater understanding. You can follow Zack here
Daniel Greenway is a young film maker who is making waves with his work. His new film "Deep-Fried Fingers" raises the issue of factory farming, veganism and speciesism in a way that, instead of preaching, it invites the viewer to a conversation to look at things differently. Be sure to watch the film and join the conversation.
Vicki Gunn is trained in permaculture and shares her journey to develop a sustainable lifestyle. We discuss how to integrate permaculture into our daily lives, regardless of where we live. Valuable insights and "food for thought" ;). Be sure to check out her permaculture groups on FB.
Stefan Sommer is a climate activist with Northern Arizona Climate Change Alliance and an educater at Northern Arizona University. We discuss several important themes around the climate crisis and how they affect local communities in real and long lasting ways. I expect this will be the first of many conversations...
Kathleen Cooper-Loher is a poet and published short story writer. As a retired nurse Kathleen shares her experiences in developing her creative side. We discuss some of her recent work, her inspirations, and some useful strategies to grow your creative side. 
During the summer of 2020 it was clear that American society was deeply divided. Police abuse of minorities, the Black Lives Matter movement, ICE traumitizing immigrant children, Portland... As I drilled down and thought deeply on this it was clear that this was not the America I learned about in High School.  People clearly have two different value systems which yield two different visions of what it means to be an American. In this conversation Chuck and I try to tear apart the overlapping and conflicting narratives to distill a clearer picture of where we are, and where we are headed. My thesis: Instead of America having a unified singular outlook, America is governed by two conflicting political philosophies... one conservative and elitist, the other liberal and egalitarian. Chuck Holden is a professor of American History at St Mary's College of Maryland.  He has extensively studied political, economic, and value systems in the American South. 
Kristina Bloom is a spiritual advisor and author and today we discuss what is meant by Ascension? How does it relate to spirituality and our personal lives? How are human beings evolving and what role do each of us play? Kristina gives valuable insights to better understand what we are seeing and more importantly, what we are feeling. Learn more about Kristina here
JT Kostman is a CEO, consultant and key figure in the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the economy.  As the CEO of ProtectedBy.AI he is focused on using AI to create novel synergies for businesses and non-profits. JT's diverse background feeds a rich narrative that informs us about where we are headed in a world changed by COVID and AI.  Amazing conversation :) 
Danny Blancheflower is an Economist from Dartmouth College. He has served as in the Bank of England, National Bureau of Economic Research, as well as teaching at many universities around the world. He recent posted a paper on the economics of happiness. We discuss a wide range of issues that ultimately get back to a better understanding of how economics affects our everyday lives. 
Carey King is a researcher from University of Texas at Austin who focuses on economic modeling of how how fossil fuel energy affects the economy and society. We discuss his recently published book, The Economic Superorganism: Beyond the Competing Narratives on Energy, Policy, and Growth. In this discussion Carey connects abstract modeling to real world situations... the result is insights that inform our decision making going forward and reinforces the need for change. Learn more about Carey at
Kristina Bloom is a spiritual advisor, empath, and medium. At a early age she realized she saw spirituality manifesting but was confronted by a society hell bent on denying our spiritual existence as human being. We discuss our respective journeys and the journey to come. Check out her work at 
Dan Mangena is a coach, author and podcaster with abundant life experiance and tried and true strategies. As an expert and author he has a number of books and programs that help people become their best selves. Dan says, "I am a simple man who wants to change the world for the better. Everything I do is with that purpose in mind." Be sure to check him out at
This is an epic podcast... Chuck Holden is a professor of American History at St Mary's College of Md. His course of studies has lead him to study conservatism in depth. This podcast looks at the forces driving conservatism and how it has changed over the past 250 years.
Geoff Palmer is a vegan body builder with a passion for promoting a plant-based diet and fitness. Geoff is the founder and CEO of Clean Machine
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