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Nancy Candea is a yoga therapist and teacher. She recently wrote a book titled "Present: the art of living boldly in the second half of life". Today we discuss her advice on how we can live our best quality life in our later years. While she writes directly to women, this is a lesson we all must embrace. Great conversation... learn more about her at 
Amanda Mikesell is a spiritual soul that over the past year has had to face and fight a diagnosis of aggresive breast cancer. She has shared her journey on FB over the past year; every struggle, every joy. Today we discuss her journey and the path forward. It is a rivoting, loving discussion that can't be missed.
Mariquita Solis is a vegan lifestyle coach. Much of her work revolves around helping people live as vegans in society that sees things differently.
Neil Pitts, author of "Postmodernity and Creation of the Anthropocene"; We discuss how the Russian invasion of Ukraine will shape the evolution of global politics in the years to come. What is the role of the UN? How does climate change affect this evolution? After the discussion he explains, "what it was that I was really trying to say - and it's generally that the structure of geopolitics is holding us back in so many ways, including important issues like the environment, but only a change in the age itself is going to enable a new type of politics to appear - so, it would be a good idea for everyone to get onto this now, as it could otherwise take much longer for the climate change action we need to occur, along with a whole range of social issues. I don't really understand how people can shout in the street 'we want change, we want action' without really understanding what it is that is actually holding governments back. What is holding them back is the state of politics means it's like a turn-based board game, where one country moves forward a bit, then another will only take action if they take action, etc. We need to get into the frame of mind that it's a new human age, and we can do it, regardless of what everyone else is doing, because that's how people now behave in our present time. To move the world forward from the Postmodern/ Cold War mentality."
Dorothy Browne, works for a non-profit and has struggled for years paying on student loan debt. She recently found out that her debt was forgiven! It's a life changing event... to learn more about how to apply for student loan forgiveness check out Dorothy shares her experience in the hope that others benefit and take advantage of the program.
Neil Pitts is the author of "Postmodernity and the Creation of the Anthropocene" published in November 2021. Neil examines 3 historical periods and tries to draw insights on what the lessons learned mean for where human civilization is headed, esp given climate change. Our discussion is an exciting and abstract one, but also very meaningful in terms of clarifying the impact of historical experience. You can find his book here or on Amazon.
Jason Demchok is a nutritional consultant who shares his journey through a variety of diets. He connects some of the science of nutrition with its impact on human health. We also draw in the role of Buddhism and spirituality. It's a valuable discussion to help us all kick start and embrace healthy living. Check out his website at
Dale Stubbart is a sustainable lifestyle coach for individuals and businesses. He shares his experiences in the struggle we all face daily in living a lifestyle the honors the planet and fosters happiness within. This is no small challenge within a capitalist system based on dollars and limitations. Give a listen and explore what a sustainable life means for you...
Kollibri describes himself as "an Anti-Civ Primativist". We discuss his book of essays titled 'From Outside'; he writes about a variety of issues from the environment, to society, to media, to agriculture, to history, to consciousness... added together these essays create a new holistic view of the world. Check out Kollibri's work at This is a great conversation that is at its core, optimistic. Enjoy!
Adrian Santiago Tate is founder and CEO of High Tide, a firm which collects data around coastal areas in the US with the goal of managing sea level rise. Adrian shares his background and experience on a subject of increasing importance. Recent scientific reports have indicated an acceleration in the collapse of the Thwaites glacier in Antarctica. 
Sheral Sly is an artist and late bloomer creative who is doing what she loves. She shares her experiences and insights on art, fostering creativity and how to live a fulfilling life.  You can find her at 
Carey King is a researcher building out an economic model that describes the relationship of energy to the economy and society. Understanding this relationship can help smooth the transition to sustainability. Today we discuss the recent spike in energy prices in Europe, China and the US and how it fits into a larger narrative around a sustainable transition to tackle climate change. Check out his book "The Economic Superorganism"
Kathleen Cooper-Loher was a young girl when JFK was president. She shares her recollections and we discuss the legacy of JFK. 58 years after his assassination, the loss still hurts... How did JFK affect your life, your outlook?
Andrew Wallis is the founder of Unseen UK, an organization that has been fighting human trafficking on many levels. We discuss how climate change, and the economic and social disorder it brings, will drive human trafficking to even higher levels. It is an eye opening and sobering conversation. HT is not just a global issue, but it is also very local... this concerns everyone.
Erinch Sahan is an economist, analyst, and researcher with Doughnut Economics Action Lab the UK. Today we discuss the concept of "Doughnut Economics" and how it can help build a sustainable future. As economic systems experience trauma, space is created for new ideas to reshape the economic future... Doughnut Economics focuses on reshaping the perspective to improve human lives and live within our environmental envelope. This is a great conversation that will open a few minds.
Yvonne Taylor is an activist fighting fracking in NY state and the founder of Seneca Lake Guardians. She shares her experience and the new challenge she is facing... crypto miners buying and running formally closed coal power plants. China recently banned crypto mining due to its drain on the power grid. Those miners are now setting up shop in the US and this will have long term implications to our success or failure in reducing CO2 emissions and surviving the climate crisis.
Karl Burkart is the co-founder and Deputy Director of One Earth, a non-profit focused on fostering the technologies to reshape the economy into a more sustainable and resilient one. He shares decades of experience in the messaging around the climate crisis and the need to embrace a more positive view to counter "doomism". With world leaders meeting in Glasgow to discuss policies at COP26, this is very timely.
Pat Simmons Jr. is trained in permaculture and the growing of food, but as we chat we discuss larger issues that affect permaculture... ethics, organization, relationships... without a holistic approach to permaculture success is limited. It's a great conversation that really digs into some deep issues that go largely unaddressed...
Lisa Hawkins is a relationship coach and today we discuss the nature of abusive relationships and how to escape a bad situation. It's a complex dynamic that keeps people in an abusive relationship. Lisa offers great advice to those struggling and recovering from such relationships.
Elaine Tanner is a longtime activist and leader of Friends of Environmental Justice. She recently participated in a week of protests by diverse groups at the White House to urge the current administration to follow through on climate promises made during the campaign. The protests resulted in over 600 arrests but was largely ignored by the media. Elaine shares her experiences that motivate her activism.
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