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Author: Matt And Sie

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Welcome to Heist Podcast. The Podcast all about heists. We discuss Heists in the news and deep dive into famous heists and the colorful characters that play a part in them. From the criminals to the investigators.
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In 1976 Ray Bennet and his gang robbed the bookies at the Victoria Club in Melbourne. It ended up being the biggest robbery in Australian history. This is an amazing story chalk full of incredible characters. Check it out! HEEEEIST!
Today we tell the story of Gerald Blanchard, an incredible criminal that used his vast technical skills to pull off a series of heists as well as run an international crime ring. At one point he parachuted onto the roof of an Austrian palace to steal a priceless peice of jewelery known as the Sisi Star.
Here is the story about the infamous 1995 Commerzbank Heist in Berlin. It is a crazy wild ride and we don't want to spoil anything. We've been trying to tell this story for awhile but could never find any solid English articles on it, that is until our amazing researching Peter helped us out. Check it out now!! HEEEEEIIIISSST!  RRRRRUUUUAAADDD!! that's "heist" in German.
Today we cover the story of Carl Gugasian a prolific bank robber who's genius robbery techniques allowed him to pull off over 50 bank jobs before he was caught. Not only was he super into the ninja arts he also used a trick that was right out of the movies, for real this time, the dirt bike / van switcheroo from Beyond the Pines. It's a great story, shout out to Peter Mills for his amazing research on this one. HEEEISSST.
Hometown Heist [115]

Hometown Heist [115]


Today we cover a heist from our hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. It features one of Canada's best jail breakouts ever. Foxy Freddie as he was known in jail, stole 150K from CIBC in the 1980s and he would have gotten away with it too, if wasn't for one pesky political cartoonist named Blaine.
We got Heist Nation to send us fake heist movie titles for a little game we had in mind. Simon and I each pick one at random and pitch a movie based on that title on the spot.  Simon and I have a lot of time on our hands and figured we'd stave off cabin fever by making some mini episodes. Lets us know what you think. And send in more movie titles. 
We go way back to cowboy times to cover the story of Burt Alvord. A heavy drink'n, fight start'n, brothel attend'n bad boy from the wild wild west. Burt took many jobs as a Deputy despite the fact he was the biggest criminal in the towns he was supposed to protect. Many times he lead a posse to train robbers -- plot twist he was the robber.  But don't be fooled, he was no mastermind he was in fact a real dumb dumb and that's by cowboy standards
We invited our good friend Joe Trohman (Fall Out Boy, The Damned Things) to join us on this very special, quarantined episode of Heist Podcast. We discuss the biggest heist in New York history at the time (1930s.) It's an amazing story with some of the best planning and crew we've ever covered. The heist was pulled off perfectly, but what happens moments after changes everything. This episode has everything even a $700 crab leg heist.  HEEEIST!
Today we are telling the story of the Bonnot Gang that were the first "Heist Crew" in the early 1990's to use a getaway car. Back then the police only had bicycles which made for a very unbalanced chase, especially because the Bonney Gang also shot out the back of the getaway car with automatic weapons. These were some bad dudes, and this is definitely not a murder free episode. 
Stan Rifkin was a computer consultant in California that in 1978 pulled off one of the biggest wire frauds in US history…at the time. This heist has some of the best aftermath we’ve ever covered. Also it turns out Stan was neighbors with Matt’s uncle and he had no idea! What a small heist world we live in. HEEEIST  
Today we cover the incredible story of the Dinner Set Gang. A two man crew that pulled off over 80 jewelry heists during the 1970's. It's said they were responsible for stealing up to, gets this..940 million dollars of loot. That is insane-o! It's a great story about two best buds doing crime. HEEEEISSST!
Jimmy Hope was part of some of the biggest heists in post civil war America. We've covered some of these crazy heists before but now we get to see them from another perspective. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Hang in there. Heist Nation.
Save on labor costs by getting a bunch of prisoners to build your new fancy pants bank? What could go wrong? Find out on this episode of Heist where we cover Australia's first ever bank heist. Possibly its biggest. Come for the heist but stick about for the mini history lesson about early colonial Australia and what it was like to be a prisoner sent there from England. Spoiler alert, not very fun. 
In WWII, a division of the british army known as "The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare" put together a secret mission to blow up a secret nazi nuclear program. It has all the crazy aspects of a great heist, but instead of stealing money this crew was giving explosives.
The Mona Lisa only truly became famous after it was stolen from the Louvre back in 1911. During the manhunt the painting was plastered on the front page of every newspaper around the world. That exposure created it status as the most famous painting in the world. The heist itself it a great one. There is even some mystery about the crime that still exist today. Check it out HEEEIST
Today we cover the tale of Phillip Johnson, a Wells Fargo security guard who got tired of being paid 7 bucks an hour so he took what he thought he deserved. 18.8 million dollars. Heeeist. 
Today we cover the famous Lufthansa heist which was featured in one of the best movies of all time Good Fellas. We deep dive into this crazy robbery that some people say was the biggest heist on American soil --We disagree. Classic us. It's an action packed heist and possibly the most murderery episode we have ever done. So if you're into that sort of thing... get at it! HEEEEIIISSST!  
Marm, AKA Queen of Fences ran the New York City underground in the late 1800s, and in this episode we dive in to the juicy heists and crimes she organized. It's choke-full of awesome tales. From a school for criminal children to some of the biggest heists in history. This one is not to be missed. 
We are super excited to be telling the story of the biggest bad*ss ever...Marm Mandelbaum. AKA The Queen of Fences. Marm ran a criminal enterprise during the late 1800's in New York City. She had the police and politicians in her pocket, her parties were the thing of legend and she financed some of the biggest heists in history. All in a time when women couldn't even vote. 
For our 100th episode we thought we'd spend some time looking back over the last two years, dive into the Heist Nation mailbag, give some shouts out, and cover some listener heist. 
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