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Leading people to cast their ability. Support this podcast:
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CastABILITY  (Trailer)

CastABILITY (Trailer)


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Apple makes some really good bands. However, it can be tricky to install a new band if y'?e never done it before. In this walkthrough, Aaron shows you how to install a new band. Regardless of what band you decide to buy the install process is the same. --- Support this podcast:
A quick unboxing of the Google Nest Audio system --- Support this podcast:
Bose has come out with version 2 of their Bose Frames. I stated in this podcast that I couldn't remember the 2nd version of the 3 types of Bose Frames. The 2 versions I forgot are called sophrano and tenor. Listen to this podcast to find out how the Bose tempo are worth every penny. --- Support this podcast:
The Kove commutor 2 is not just your average speaker. It's like 2 speakers in 1. Check out this first impressions podcast for more. --- Support this podcast:
Do laundry like a pro! An overview of the laundrywise app --- Support this podcast:
Apple really messed up in the latest release of watchOS public beta 1. Mind you the first public beta ever for the platform. What's the issue? Find out in the latest edition of the Blind Cast. --- Support this podcast:
Unlike any other review before it's time. This review takes an unbiased look at the Apple watch series 5 from a blind man's perspective. --- Support this podcast:
A walkthrough of NVDA --- Support this podcast:
IN this continuation of the JAWS series. Aaron takes you through setting up a Braille display with JAWS and getting rid of the visual components you don't need. --- Support this podcast:
In this tutorial Aaron goes through the basic settings of JAWS and shows you how to configure JAWS to your liking. --- Support this podcast:
working from home tips

working from home tips


In these uncertain times people are working from home more than ever. Here are a few tips to make you more productive whibbe you work. --- Support this podcast:
Apple has produced one of the worlds most beloved watch's. Aaron unboxes the Apple watch series 5 with some difficulty. --- Support this podcast:
Ghumanware is renowned for there crisp Braille displays on products like the Braille note Touch family. Well, they've done it again with the BI 14. Linsten to this in depth review of the unit from Aaron Linson a proud owner. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Aaron shows you around the Q Braille and gives you a tour around the unit. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Aaron walks you through effective search techniques and syntax. You can use these techniques to find anything online. What to know how? Listen to this podcast. --- Support this podcast:
making the most of your day is crucial when you work from home. Listen to this productivity hack that will make your productivity more well... productive. --- Support this podcast:
aaron unboxes some awesinme tech from humanware --- Support this podcast:
Aaron takes you on a walk through his sixth sense with the sunu band and tells you all about his experiences with the new Braille display from HIMS. --- Support this podcast:
Unboxing the beats studio three wireless headphones --- Support this podcast:
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