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Author: Marcus and Nick

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Marcus is a carpenter, Nick is a college student, and we're both huge nerds!!! We discuss our love for all things nerd.
88 Episodes
6.2 was announced and broken down today with a livestream from Bioware. Marcus sits down with Intisar from "This Week in Aurebesh"  We breakdown the livestream and even get into some tinfoil hat stuff about the plans for SWTOR's 10 year Anniversary.
Marcus and Nick sit down with one of Marcus's favorite raid teammates, and fellow Twitch Streamer- Musselman! The trio talks about the new console releases, some updates to SWTOR, and the games they're digging into!
Episode 86: Swtor Bromance

Episode 86: Swtor Bromance


Marcus is joined With Kitty Kisses to talkk all about SWTOR! Also talk about what a bromance is! 
Marcus and Nick get the chance to sit down with Grebog and Nikodas, aka  the hosts of "Fleet Action Report" a vodcast centered around Star Trek Online!
Nick and Marcus look ahead to the games and nerdy media content that they're looking forward to coming out just before the end of 2020!
Marcus and Nick chat with The University of Coruscant's own Dr. Ravencourt aka James, about the new Xbox Series and PS5 consoles coming out this fall!
Marcus and Nick have a LOT to say this episode! They talk about the new Black Ops Multiplayer reveal, the finale of The Clone Wars animated series, AND the new details about the Xbox Series X.
Episode 81: CLASSIFIED

Episode 81: CLASSIFIED


Marcus and Nick sit down and just catch up! They talk streaming, about the games they're playing now, aaannd ones they're looking forward to (INCLUDING Call of Duty Black Ops: COLD WAR!)
The guys chat with Dutch Twitch Streamer and SWTOR Content Creator, Aviriia! They discuss the role playing community in SWTOR, what that means and how to get involved.  PLUS the guys also take you through their hectic lives since the last episode.You can find Aviriia at:
Marcus and Nick get the chance to chat with friend of the show Sithlord_Britt! They talk about the tricky gaming situations they've had this week with COVID and rough weather challenges. PLUS, they get to talk through their feelings on the newest SWTOR livestream road map and SWTOR's new availability on Steam!
Marcus and Nick finally sit down with Joey Fetta to talk table top gaming with Joey Fetta! They talk about Dungeons and Dragons as well as Joey's impressive Star Wars: Legion set up!
Marcus and Nick sit down with the host and creator of The University of Coruscant podcast, James McDonald (aka Dr. Sunny Ravencourt) to talk about James'/Sunny's podcast as well as evaluate how EA has handled their license to make Star Wars video games.
Nick and Marcus sit down and record the show LIVE on and talk about why they love the games and activities that they do, plus discuss what they've been doing in gaming for the past week or so.
Marcus and Nick chat with fellow AIE officer Fezgig about AIE's Where to Start event coming up June 27th and 28th! The event's goal is to walk new players through getting started in the guild's favorite games. Listen in for details!
Marcus and Nick are joined this week by Katerina and Venarros to chat about their newfound obsession with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!
This weeks show Marcus is joined by 2 nightmare raiders. Kogass and Glitch. They discuss Nightmare crystals! Good,Badd, or Ugly. Find your opinion once you have listened to show!
Marcus and Nick chat with friend of the show and game developer at Gearbox Software, Jackie Cao! They chat about what it's like having to develop games from home as well as which games they've been enjoying while everyone is staying at home.
Nick is Back! Sith Lord Britt is back! Marcus well.... He didnt go anywhere. Working Class Nerds is ready to dive into Swtor's big dev post and discuss some other fun things. 
While Nick is on the front lines fighting Covid-19. Marcus is joined by a good friend to Co-Host the show!
The guys are joined by ALL of the members of The Deathstar Troopers! They're the SWTOR raid team that Marcus runs on Sunday evenings. The roster includes: Dr. Swtor, Ted, Beaux, Slayer, Katerina, Kione, and Ven! They talk about how everyone got started with running operations, and why they all love it so much!
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