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Marcus and Nick are joined this week by GREAT friend of the show Joey Fetta, and the three of them answer questions posted in our discord by YOU! Enjoy!
Marcus and Nick are BACK!! Nick's back from Dallas, and Marcus is back from Disney World. The two of them are joined by CakeTheSnack!! Cake is a Destiny 2 Twitch Streamer and the conversations between the three of them are Delicious! Enjoy!You can find more of CakeTheSnack at:
Episode 150!!!!!!!!

Episode 150!!!!!!!!


While Nick is playing paintball in Dallas Texas, Marcus celebrates episode150 with special guests Atrax and Kogass! We talk about all the games and SWTOR 7.0.2's update! Cheers to 150 and here's to many more! Kogass-
Marcus and Nick sit down with Destiny Streamer, Twitch Partner, and the all around amazing community-having king, Free Ride Games!!! The three of them chat about their recent Destiny and gaming escapades, Nick talks about his busy week and they even have Sidebars within Sidebars about comic book storylines! Enjoy!You can find more of Free Ride Games at:
Marcus and Nick have a scheduling snaffoo, so they go are guest free and LIVE on Twitch this episode!! The two of them break down The Batman! It's absolutely Spoiler-filled for the movie this episode, so if you haven't seen it- you've been warned. Enjoy the breakdown!! 
Marcus and Nick sit down with one of help streamers in Destiny 2 Tom_TomTV. This was an amazing conversation. We even have something Top secret in this episode. DONT TELL NICK! Tom_Tomtv Link:
Its a MARCUS B TAKE OVER!!! Nick and Marcus are joined by Marcus B Gaming!! Marcus B Gaming is a Youtuber, Twitch Streamer and all around awesome buy that Marcus B met through Twitch! The three of them chat about all of their favorite content and it's an amazing time. Enjoy!You can find more of Marcus B Gaming at:
Marcus and Nick are LIVE in the Penthouse Studio, and joining them LIVE AND IN PERSON is Kymeri!!! Kymeri JUST applied for Twitch Partner, and we're all hoping that he makes it! The three of them talk about allll kinds of shananagins together! Enjoy!Find Kymeri at:
Marcus and Nick sit down with Doritos, friend of the show and Nerds Community Super-Member! The trio talk about the new Kenobi Trailer, criticize SWTOR's 7.0 expansion, and talk about Nick's love life (lol). Enjoy!  
Marcus and Nick are joined by friends of the show, and fellow AIE Guildee's Katerina and Vennaros! Kat, Ven and Marcus are all on the same raid team in Destiny 2 and this episode they break down Destiny 2's newest Expansion: The Witch Queen!! Enjoy!You can find more of Katerina at:
Episode 142: Out Of Body

Episode 142: Out Of Body


While Nick is packing for the move, Marcus has our 1st real Co Host Atrax.  Marcus and Atrax has Mr, Out of Body on the show. Out of body is a music Twitch streamer. Find out how awesome his streams are by clicking download! Out of Body:Twitch:
Marcus and Nick are joined by not only the legendary Kitty Kissz, but ALSO Kitty Treets!!! Watch out, this episode is definitely spicier than usual, but it's a wild ride of fun. The foursome chat about SWTOR's disappointing expansion, dive into Kitty Treets and Kitty Kissz's DUAL STREAMING! Enjoy!Find more of Kitty Kissz at: more of Kitty Treets at:' fave stream moment: Super sauce on Kitty's pants Kissz fave stream moment: Danny Trejo...who? - Treets fuckin' w/ Kitty Marcus' fave stream moment: Kittykissz 2K Love Reaction Video
Marcus and Nick are joined by the legendary duo: Max and Sema from SWTOR Escape Pod Cast!! This episode is a formatting blend of the two shows, where the four of them break down what they're looking forward to from SWTOR's upcoming 7.0 expansion: Legacy of the Sith!! Enjoy!Find more of Max and Sema at:
This week the guys are joined by the DIRECTOR of The Garrison stream team- Director Chronic!! The three of them do some deep diving into their streaming, and the new EXTRAORDINARY episode of the Book of Boba Fett- Enjoy!!!Find more of Director Chronic at:
Marcus and Nick are joined by Hazel and Gatr of the Guardian Down Podcast! Hazel and Gatr are the hosts of the Guardian Down Podcast which focuses on Destiny 2. The three of them chat podcasting, Star Wars, and of course Destiny 2's upcoming expansion The Witch Queen!You can find more of Hazel and Gatr at:
Marcus and Nick sit down with friend of the show Serpentzn!!! Serp is here once again to talk about his full transition and thriving community in Sea of Thieves!!! The three of them chat about Microsoft buying Activision, the new Destiny 2 Expansion, as well as Serp's new life as a Sea of Thieves partner!!!Find more of Serpentzn at:
Episode 136: The Bang Gang!

Episode 136: The Bang Gang!


Marcus and Nick are joined by SM Playboi!!! Playboi is a Twitch streamer, giant Star Wars and Anime Nerd, and a great friend of both the show and their streams. The three of this have RIDICULOUS conversations about all of the games they're playing and of course SM Playboi's streaming career. Enjoy!You can find more of SM Playboi at:
Nick took a sick day on the podcast. Well, Marcus had Dr. Gameology join him to discuss SWTOR, Final Fantasy 14, and Excitement for the Obi wan series coming to Disney plus. This was a fun show getting to chat with one of the shows favorite people! Dr. Gameology Twitch:
Marcus and Nick are joined by Stormin Norman, aka Nick's Dad aka Marcus's Uncle aka THE MEAT LEGEND!! Together they drink special holiday beers and review Spider-Man: No Way Home! The spoilers are flowing this episode and so are the beverages! Enjoy their breakdown of the movie!
Marcus and Nick are LIVE on Twitch this episode and they're having beverages and exuding the Christmas Spirit! The two  of them swap gifts and chat about what their chaotic weeks have entailed. Enjoy!!Don't forget to check out Kymeri's Merch at:
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