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Recruiting Real Talk is real conversations about athletic scholarships geared towards parents that are working with their children through this exciting time. Trevor Bollers and JC Moreau host the podcast and provide a lot of insight and encouragement.
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What does it take to find the right team and school culture for your college bound child. The recruiting real talk team of Trevor Bollers and JC moreau enlist the help of Cornell Rams head basketball coach Dave Schlabaugh for insights into what it takes tin find the right culture. Why it is okay to skip the next big AAU battle to attend a skills camp. @thestrengthu @hotfeetsports @tbollers @coachschlabaugh
Former Iowa Hawkeye stand out Mitch king gets down deep with the Recruiting Real Talk crew of Trevor Bollers and JC Moreau. Mitch shares his recruiting story all the way to mom taking stats in the stands. Learn the importance of being a family team during recruiting, and why it is important to not waste time saying no. Also learn why Mitch and his family decided to commit early instead of waiting for more offers. This is 15 minutes of powerful information to help you succeed in your family recruiting journey. @hotfeetsports @thestrengthu @myrecruitassist @MKFAcademy @mitchking
There are football camps and then there are football show camps. Trevor Bollers and JC Moreau chat with Midwest Recruiting Director Allen Trieu about the difference between campus camps and showcase camps. Allen shares tips from years of watching kids at camps on how to catch the coaches eye and what you should be working to do precamp. This is a discussion with a football guy but the rules apply to all sports because exposure is key. First impressions last so make it a great one. @hotfeetsports @thestrengthu @allentrieu #college #sports #recruiting #rrt #camps #showcase #recruitingrealtalk
E11 of recruiting real talk is packed with knowledge from Allen Trieu of 247 Sports. Follow these camp and combine tips to break into the national conversation. If you have any questions about football recruiting Allen can answer them to shoot us a line. Enjoy this information packed episode and look for the camps follow up. @hotfeetsports, @thestrengthu @allentrieu. #nikeopening, #rivalsfbcamps, #rrt, #sports, #podcast, #colleg, #recruiting
Trevor Bollers welcomes special guest Kristin Heredia to Recruiting Real Talk to talk about the real issue of equal playing time. Kristin shares that the viral article that she wrote has been shared thousands of times. People far and wide from across North America have contacted her. Find out what she thinks is important for parents and young athletes to know moving forward. Unfortunately JC had to sit out this episode but he will be back right away.
Dig in and get your fill of baseball knowledge from a coach that has been there and seen that when it comes to college recruiting. Jack Dahm former coach of Creighton University and University Of Iowa baseball teams and Current Mount Mercy University Head Coach, joins Trevor Bollers and JC Moreau to talk baseball recruiting. Jack provides excellent information about the levels and insider understanding of the process. Jack drops insight about Perfect Game and PBR baseball @hotfeetsports @thestrengthu @myrecruitingassistant @MMU_baseball #recruitingrealtalk
JC Moreau and Trevor Bollers recap on the past 2 parent interviews with Rachael Overton and Mike Wells.
Former Detroit Lion, Chicago Bear and Iowa Hawkeye Defensive Lineman Mike Wells shares the recruiting story of his son Logan who has signed with the Air Force Academy. This is truly a recruiting story of finding your true fit, which is hard. Mike says it clearly that finding where you're supposed to be is tough but worth it. Best wishes to Logan Wells as he continues his education at the Air Force. Intro and Exit Music is Where I'm Supposed to Be by Original Chu and Jey Blaq of Chublaqua @thestrengthu @myrecruitingassistant @hotfeetsports
How does an Iowa farm girl end up with a scholarship to play beach volleyball in Tampa, Florida for the University of Tampa? We have all of the recruiting details told by Rachael Overton about her families journey through the recruiting world. The happy relief can be heard in this mom's voice as her hard working daughter has found a college home that suits her academically and athletically. @hotfeetsports @thestrengthu @IowaRockets @prepdigia
Recruiting Real Talk E5 Vball Game. Trevor Bollers and JC Moreau serve up an energetic interview with Lauren Hansen a 12 year expert that has helped many young athletes realize their dream of playing college volleyball. E5 pushes the show past basic recruiting into the world of club recruiting where everyone on the team is working for the same goal individually. We cover how to stand out in a crowd, the importance of positive social media and resources like Your job as a parent is to support and get educated about this world of college athletic recruiting. Discover how important body language is on and off the court, and grow your knowledge to help your favorite athlete reach their goal of playing at the next level. It is great food for thought so DIG in and enjoy the show. @hotfeetsports @thestrengthu @myrecruitingassistant @iowarockets #recruitingrealtalk
Listen as Trevor Bollers and JC Moreau continue to share insights and important tips about social media, as it relates to college athlete recruiting. If you are working with your child to help them achieve their goal of getting a college scholarship, this is a must listen. One of the most important things shared is, that performance on the field is just as important as exposure. Interact with JC @thestrengthu and Trevor @hotfeetsports via twitter or email with
Listen to Recruiting Real Talk E3 - Social: To learn from social media guru Christoph Trappe about the power of using social media as part of your recruiting tool kit. Christoph shares easy, but powerful insight on social media storytelling and the use of "behind the scenes" updates. Trevor Bollers and JC Moreau weigh in on the important topic that can help or hinder your recruiting process. Check out for show notes.
Episode 2 dives right into the importance of getting exposure and putting your information out there. Social media is touched upon, but we will elaborate soon. For now, start working on your profiles but don't forget your game. Share who you are and find camps, events, competitions, and teams that will get you exposure. Lastly, play hard, nothing is a substitute for what you do on the field
Recruiting Real Talk E1

Recruiting Real Talk E1


Listen to my newest episode and discover how to get started with your recruiting journey and some encouragement for those that are worried about backlash from the neighborhood.