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Co-hosted by the dynamic duo Ryan Hicks & Zack Fishman, Modrn Business is an award-winning, interview-style podcast that spotlights franchising's brightest executives. Follow along each week as we uncover franchising's top technology trends, the hottest franchise industries to invest in, ways to improve your own franchise business and how to potentially become a franchisee.
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Children’s education is an inflection point. America’s children are falling behind in reading, math and science like never before! In this episode, Zack chats with CEO & Founder of Brooklyn Robot Foundry, Jenny Young, about the role they’re playing in trying to combat this issue. By teaching kids to fail gracefully, work with their hands and think critically; Brooklyn Robot Foundry is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about brands in franchising's children’s education sector.
In this Modrn Business episode, Ryan chats with the CEO of Evive Brands, Ryan Parsons. Evive is a Riverside Platform company consisting of: Assisted Living Locators, Executive Home Care, Graysons, and The Brothers That Just Do Gutters. Formerly, Ryan Co FoundedThe Brothers That Just Do Gutters and grew it to over 100 locations before being acquired by Riverside.
In this episode of Modrn Business, Zack chats with Co-Founder of K9 Resorts, Jason Parker, on all things pet services. We get into their differentiators vs others in the pet hospitality space, their recent $10M investment for a current franchisee, why the pet services industry has PE so interested and why pet services is one of franchising’s best bets.
In this episode, Zack “slides” into the family entertainment center space with Bron Launsby of Slick City. Why is PE so interested in this space? What made this former franchisee become a franchisor? Why slides? We answer this and more in this interview!
In this Supplier Wire Series episode of Modrn Business Podcast, Ryan Hicks chats with Morgan Smith, President of SalesDesk. SalesDesk provides lead generation for franchise development and commercial lead generation for franchisees. Ryan & Morgan discuss how SalesDesk drives success for franchise systems through innovative lead generation strategies and impactful email marketing campaigns. Connect with today's guest: Register for the Franchise “UnConferences” at
In this Modrn Business episode, Zack sits down with QSR & FSR’s Editorial Director, Danny Klein, to talk about all things restaurant M&A so far in 2024. We go through the deals that surprised us, the deals we loved, the reasons behind some of these bankruptcies and the rumors we’re seeing in the space. M&A in the restaurant space is back, baby!
In this episode, Zack chats with REP'M Group Co-Founders Rob Cambruzzi and Nick Sheehan about the trends within franchising's health, wellness & beauty space. What's makes a brand grow? What prohibits one from taking off? What is PE looking for? All is that is covered here!
In this Supplier Wire Series episode of Modrn Business Podcast, Ryan Hicks chats with Brad Stevens, Founder & CEO of Outsource Access. Outsource Access helps franchisors and franchisees redefine how they scale with highly talented, affordable talent from the Philippines to drive revenue & profitability. Ryan & Brad discuss why Outsource Access was founded, their "fanatical" focus on customer service, and what the future holds after ranking in the top 7% of the fastest growing private businesses in America on the Inc 5000 list. Connect with today's guest: Register for the Franchise “UnConferences” at
In this episode, Zack opens up the Modrn Business audience to the world of “red light therapy” with CEO & Founder, Terri Simpson and President, Andrea Dobkin, of Avanti Body. We discuss the founding story, the viability of red light therapy, how they educate their customers/franchisees/land lords about the industry, an exciting new announcement and all about where they’re opening across the USA. To learn more, visit or!
In this Supplier Wire Series episode of Modrn Business Podcast, FSN VP of Business Development Jake Fishman chats with Lizzy Young, Director of Franchise Engagement for DevHub. DevHub is a CMS truly built for franchises - where you can scale and integrate freely with the support you need, when you need it. Jake & Lizzy discuss Lizzy's years of experience in franchising, and how DevHub's world-class CMS helps Zors and Zees scale & grow. Connect with today's guest: Register for the Franchise “UnConferences” at
In this MB episode, Zack chats with Paul Flick, founder of one of the original home service platforms, Premium Service Brands. We discuss the secret behind his shared service model, how he’s adding revenue streams for his franchisees, his investment thesis, how they’re taking advantage of the current economic climate and how they use technology to gain an edge.
In this Supplier Wire Series episode of Modrn Business Podcast, FSN VP of Business Development Jake Fishman chats with Oscar Wimshurst, Senior Partnerships Manager of NiceJob. NiceJob is a Reputation Marketing platform helping franchisees get 4x the reviews and 2x the sales. Jake & Oscar discuss Oscar's background, what "reputation marketing" is, and how NiceJob drives franchisee revenue. Connect with today's guest: Register for the Franchise “UnConferences” at
In this MB episode, Zack returns to the children’s service space, this time with Jamie Krasnov, CEO of Apex Leadership. We discuss the viability of the children’s service space as a whole, where Apex plays a role in its success, the massive addressable market for school fundraising, their ideal franchise candidate and much more!
In this special Modrn Business episode series "Inside the Mind of a Brand President" Zack speaks with Paul Ebert, President of HFC's Aussie Pet Mobile and Two Maids.
Zack welcomes back Bloomin’ Blinds to the show, this time with COO Kris Stuart! We dive deep into the “build” vs “buy” technology stack discussion, how they’ve implemented AI in the brand, why Bloomin’ Blinds is a viable investment today and updates on the brand since they last were on MB in 2020.
In this Modrn Business episode, Zack chats with restaurant aficionado Robin Gagnon (CEO & Co-Founder, We Sell Restaurants) to discuss all things F&B. We dive into trends we’re seeing in the QSR, FSR, Fast Casual & LSR spaces, how macroeconomic pressures are playing a role in what MUOs are gravitating towards, how technology is helping MUMBOs decide which brands to invest in and why resales/transfers will become more prominent in the next 2-4 years.
In this episode, Zack gets inside the mind of Burn Boot Camp’s Visionary Co-Founder, Devan Kline. We discuss his humble beginnings, how his athletic career translated to a successful franchisor, how Devan and his Co-Founder, CEO (and wife), Morgan, conquer franchising together and his opinions on the mark he wants to make on franchising as a whole.
In this episode Ryan chats with franchise veteran Keith Gerson.
n this episode, Zack chats with the CEO & Founder of franchising’s first “mobile group fitness” concept, OutFit’s Randy Hetrick. Being the Founder of TRX (based on his multiple decades as a Navy Seal), Randy and I discussed his ideal franchisee, the founding story, his growth strategy, why this brand is ripe for explosive growth and how he plans to handle bad weather & seasonality.
In this Supplier Wire Series episode of Modrn Business Podcast, Ryan Hicks chats with Raphael Rajan & Shray Mehra, Co-Founders of EZee Assist. EZee Assist is a platform that amplifies support and strengthens franchise relationships, by using AI to provide around-the-clock support to franchise owners and staff on all operational topics. Ryan, Raphael & Shray discuss why AI is the future of franchising, supporting franchisees better than ever before. Connect with today's guest: VISIT EZEE ASSIST AT IFA BOOTH 330! Register for the Franchise “UnConferences” at