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Weekly Wisdom with Josh Reeves
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Weekly Wisdom with Josh Reeves

Author: Josh Reeves

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Wisdom from philosophy, comedy, religion, science, pop culture, and everyday life.Each week we’ll focus on a particular individual and wisdom they shared. Hopefully if not more wise, we’ll all become a bit more reflective, less like know it all’s, and have a bit more reverence for life.
126 Episodes
Vow Renewal

Vow Renewal


Vow renewals, to a partner, and imaginary friend, or even yourself?
Love Like That

Love Like That


Meditation to gauge how giving and receptive to love you are, and to consciously cultivate a conscious and vital love for yourself and others.
Baptism Meditation

Baptism Meditation


A Guided Meditation from a large dining room table, into a crystal clear lake, and into a greater consciousness.
A spiritual interpretation of Harry Potter
Spiritual tools for keeping calm in the crazy
Explore spiritual tools for keeping calm in the crazy
Meditation on the wisdom of Fred Rogers 
Meditation on what happens when we ask the Universe a question.
Part 4 
Part 3 
Part 2
Part One
Talking about dysfunctional types of meditation.
How mindfulness can result in success.
How to overcome impatience and frustration while "waiting" 
How to meditate, even when manic.
Exploring myths about meditation.
End of Day Meditation

End of Day Meditation


A meditation for releasing the day that was.
Part two of three
Part three of three.
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