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EntreFit Podcast - Fitness Business & Brand Development Coaching - Leadership Training
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EntreFit Podcast - Fitness Business & Brand Development Coaching - Leadership Training

Author: Sean Garner

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Guiding Fitness Professionals to develop and grow their fitness brand so that they can build a business without limits ! Bringing you lessons learned, stories, and tips from the top fitness and wellness professionals in the world. We are going to cover a wide variety topics in the fitness industry. Listen in to learn from the best of the best on how you can live without limits and improve your impact with those you serve!
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I know it's been almost 1 year...I am so sorry!  But I have so much goodness to come very soon!Check out this episode I found with Scott Rawcliffe.  Scott is a fitness facebook marketing ninja and is going to share his tome secrets to help you reach more people with your fitness brand online.Have an AWESOME day!
In this episode I talk to Alexia Clark. She shares with us her journey on how she grew her instagram account to over 1.3 million followers in less than 2 years! Hear her strategies, best practices and top tips to apply to your own fitness brand today.Be sure to check her out on instagram an AWESOME day!
Frank Nash is my guest this week and he shares some of the lessons he has learned through his journey in the fitness industry. Learn how he transitioned from starting as a personal trainer to opening up multiple gym facilities and now to coaching in the Secret Trainers Society. Frank gives the top 3 steps to create success and have longevity in the industry. Visit him on his website you are a Fitness Professional looking to develop and grow your fitness brand, the EntreFit Mastermind group may be for you. For more information and to apply visit us at an AWESOME day!
Most fitness professionals jump into their training business because they have a passion for helping others. In their excitement to start their business, they often miss critical foundational steps in order to have a solid foundation to build upon. Todays guest Scott Reib specializes in helping online business protect themselves to ensure a bright and successful future.As creator of the Access Plan and the Shatterproof Business, Legal Coach/ Attorney/Entrepreneur, Scott Reib, has mastered the skill of protecting businesses and setting them up for future success. How does he do this? As a legal coach, Scott works with business owners and partnerships to keep them out of hot water. As well as coaching, Scott combines his law and marketing degrees to show business owners how to grow their business, while simultaneously navigating the highly litigious culture of the U.S. marketplace. Check him out at http://www.scottreib.comJoin the EntreFit Mastermind HERE
In this first official EntreFit Podcast Episode, I bring on my AMAZING wife, Courtney Garner, to share WHAT EntreFit is and WHO Sean Garner is. Learn about some of my frustrations with the fitness industry and how I plan to solve them with EntreFit.Also hear my journey from restaurant manager, to firefighter, to gym owner, to 2nd gym owner, to selling the gyms, starting over, pro hockey, Men's Health Magazine, Anatomy, Miami, and SOO much more!If this added value to you please rate, subscribe and share with your friends!Have an AWESOME DAY!Ready to develop and grow your fitness brand? Then the EntreFit Mastermind group may be for you! Click the link below to apply!
Today’s episode Ben Boudro is on the show to talk about his experience of a common mistake new fit pros make that being fit, does NOT make you a good trainer. Be sure to follow him @benboudro
What are you doing with your clients?
First 3 Books For Fit Pros

First 3 Books For Fit Pros


Check out my latest PODCAST Episode and see what I recommend for the First 3 Books For Fitness Professionals Or People That Just Want To Be AWESOME! Links below to all the books! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!How to Win Friends and Influence People Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service an AWESOME day!Here is the link to my Anchor Podcast Station Garner Social MediaInstagram - - - -
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3 Tips To Crush Your 2018


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