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Samantha Justine is an international course launch strategist and digital marketing expert. She helps coaches, consultants and service providers get quality leads and high ticket clients with her Client Attraction Program. She also helps entrepreneurs create more impact and income by turning their expertise into a profitable online course.  Samantha started working in the online industry since 2008. Since then, she’s built her own community that has helped over 7,500 coaches, consultants and service providers attract their dream clients for her business.   Social Media and web links: Organic Outreach Optimizer Ebook -
Arsalan Minhas is serving as the Regional Vice President of Pre-Sales at Alfresco. For the last 20 years, he and his team have been advising, consulting, and successfully coaching top executives of the global fortune 1000 companies to transform their business models, generate additional revenue streams and realize digital operations. Additionally, he is now sharing his perspective and gained knowledge on digital transformation, transforming organizations, public speaking, leadership, and managing complex sales. He can be reached at or
Christine has been helping people better their lives through health and fitness for over 20 years. She specializes in weight-loss, stress management & cultivating a healthy mindset. Christine is the creator of the "You Boss Experience", a self development & weight-loss journey that helps busy people implement sustainable healthy lifestyle changes, all while taking back authority over their mind, body & 24 hour day. Christine is a speaker known for mingling music, comedy & entertainment with her message of non negotiable health and inspires companies to improve productivity through vitality. She is the hostess of the Healthy Happy Hopeful Podcast & FB community. She is a wife, mother of 2 and loves every weave of her home, spiritual and professional life. She believes in constant self development and is energized by seeing her clients succeed in health & happiness ! ​She also help women add additional income streams who desire time freedom and to help others through health, nutrition, and self-development by partnering with a global health and wellness company.
Omi Gupta is a Digital Marketing Consultant and  Social Media Strategist, helping coaches and education startups in brand building and scaling up their coaching business. I am a certified life coach, Keynote Speaker, and career reinvention expert cum passionpreneur. I am a founder and CEO of GetDigitalOffice, a Digital marketing firm that helps coaches and companies to create a massive impact in the digital world through the online advertisement and sales of their products and services. I focus on the fundamental principles and efficiently incorporate them while working on the projects with any company or coach. My Websites : 1. 2. Social Media Handles : 1. Facebook: 2. Instagram: 3. LinkedIn : Get the FREE Knowledge into Cash Guide
In today's Episode, we dived into how to grow your business online using podcast. As an experienced entrepreneur, Alexis is currently operating several community-based projects and has imprinted her knowledge and influence as Founder/Owner of Chosen Armour Consulting, Junior Billionaires and Co-Owner of 5 Star Nail Salon and Spa located in Downtown Dallas, Texas.  Chosen Armour Consulting and Junior Billionaires were created to be a solution for financially disenfranchised individuals, families, and businesses within our community. The sole purpose is to help obtain, grow, protect and teach financial stability and generational wealth to this and future generations. Supporting our community in becoming self-sufficient including achieving financial independence is the dream.  Chosen Armour Consulting and Junior Billionaires were featured in volume 65/issue 29 July 2019 cover of Dallas Weekly Newspaper and in the May 2019 issue of WORKSHOP APPETIZER as having a vision for creating a close-knit community of Black business owners who share knowledge and resources, as well as support each other in business personally or by being a referral source. Alexis is also a Co-Host on The Terry Price Show Podcast broadcasting on the Fishbowl Network.  Alexis is a results-oriented, strategic thinking leader/consultant who is a certified Tax Professional, Life/Health Insurance Professional and carries 18+ years of Home Health Care Consulting, 14+ years of Title One Funding, 4+ years of Pharmacy Technician, 4+ years of All Lines Adjuster and 2 years of Radio/Podcast expertise that includes a track record of driving innovative projects by producing and implementing strategies and motivating a positive working environment in every project. Alexis has become a motivational trainer and has mastered the art of presentation while building organizations to reach its fullest level of success. Alexis constantly welcomes new projects and delivers creditable and inspiring results by committing to excellence which extends to relationship building, networking, community service and gaining the respect of others on her journey to success. Visit Lexi Williams Website:  Email: Get the FREE Knowledge into Cash 
Staying the Course, Mind Secrets & Profiting from the Digital Economy‘ with Sarah Ize-Iyamu – On this episode of the podcast. I discuss with my friend, Sarah Ize-Iyamu, and we discuss about how she started her entrepreneurship journey from her days in university and the transition to starting her online business. She also explains what the digital economy is about, the available opportunities for you and how you can immediately take advantage of them. She also shares her business process, mind hacks and tips that has helped her to be successful in her business and personal life. In this episode you will learn: – How she started her entrepreneurship journey – How to pursue your dreams even when you’re not supported – Critical decisions she made that helped her evolve from who she was to who she is personally and professionally – She talks about the digital economy, the opportunities available to earn and how you can take advantage of it – She explains the essentials you need to start an online business – She also explains how and why it is necessary to norture your body, soul and Spirit Additional Recommendations – FU Money By Dan Lok – Relentless By Tim S. Grover – The 10x Rule By Grant Cardone – The Ultimate Sales Letter By Dan Kennedy – The Triumphant Church By Kenneth Hagin Web Links – Sarah’s Website – Link to Wealth Leaders Faith Community – Social Media Handles: @sarahizeiyamu on IG & Twitter, Sarah Ize-Iyamu on FB
In this podcast episode with Naomi Empowers, we talked about, How to turn crisis into opportunity by building a relentless mindset and creating an online course. Get the Knowledge into Cash Guide To get in touch with Naomi, visit her website,
Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up!


How to make use of this Corona Virus Lockdown
In this episode I talked about My Top 3 Favorite Online Business Tools and why I love them. I also shared how and why I’ve chosen to work with these tools. To join any of my programs on how to use them go to
Go to
Today’s Question: Will Facebook Ads Work for my kind of Business?
Are you afraid of selling online, listen to this episode as I share how to identify those fears and overcome them easily. My next Facebook Ads & Sales Event called THE SALES BOSS BOOTCAMP is holding August 3rd 2019 in Lagos. Register at:
Are you currently running your Facebook & Instagram Ads using the Boost post & Promote Button? Listen to this episode as I show you a better way to run your Facebook & Instagram Adverts. For more Trainings, visit here:
Wondering why your posts are no longer seen by all your followers? Are you wondering why Facebook & Instagram are going contrary to what you wish to do on it? Then listen to this!
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Are you thinking of starting or growing your business. Running a business requires certain skills. These are 3 Skills you should be learning this year.
Going through challenges, feeling lost & confused? Life gets tough but how we handle it matters the most. For more, visit
Stuck trying to figure out what name to give your brand? Listen to this, there’s no time to waste. For more, visit
Thinking of how to get Clients to pay for your Premium Products & Services? In this Episode, I share one Simple Trick you can use to Identify your Ideal Client. For more good stuff, visit my website
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