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Have You Ever Asked Yourself: How can I get more patients? What are the systems I need to streamline operations? How can I be more effective with marketing? How can I align marketing and operations? How can I measure marketing results to see what’s working? If this is you, you’re in the right place. We’ve spent a lot of time talking with orthodontists, dentists, practice managers, office staff, and consultants, and we’ve actually built a framework to connect your office to patients & develop a relationship. Our Patient Acquisition & Retention Framework™ enables you to manage the patient experience from the first call through their procedure of interest. The GrowOrtho podcast is for orthodontists and dentists who want to run their practice like a business and discover how to take their practice to the next level.
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In the ever-evolving landscape of small businesses, the entrepreneurial mindset emerges as a critical catalyst for success. It is the driving force that propels visionaries like Ray Kroc of McDonald’s to transform their ideas into thriving empires. This mindset transcends industries, unleashing the potential for growth and innovation in every sector, including the dynamic world […] The post Conceptualizing the Entrepreneurial Myth – Chapter 8 of Master Your Mindset appeared first on HIP Creative.
In today’s fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the daily grind and neglect one of the most important investments of all – investing in yourself. Many successful people, including Warren Buffett, understand the value of this concept and encourage others to prioritize self-improvement and personal growth. By investing in yourself, […] The post Investing In Yourself: Chapter 7 of Master Your Mindset appeared first on HIP Creative.
The medical profession is demanding, and burnout is a real concern for many doctors and dentists. Long hours, high-stress levels, and the constant pressure to deliver exceptional care can take a toll on even the most dedicated professionals. While burnout is a serious issue, it’s important to recognize that it’s not an inevitable consequence of […] The post Why Understanding Failure Can Be Your Key to Success appeared first on HIP Creative.
Have you ever felt like the grass is greener on the other side? Perhaps you’ve been tempted to chase after greener pastures, believing that success lies elsewhere. However, the truth is that your practice holds immense potential — it is your very own “acres of diamonds,” waiting to be discovered and cultivated. In this article, […] The post Stewarding Your Opportunities: Chapter 6 Of Master Your Mindset appeared first on HIP Creative.
In the fast-paced world of modern healthcare, physicians often find themselves grappling with a unique set of challenges that extend far beyond their medical expertise. Despite earning substantial incomes, many doctors struggle to achieve financial stability and build lasting wealth. This paradox highlights the critical need for comprehensive financial education tailored specifically for the medical […] The post Financial Insecurity Is The #1 THREAT To Doctors? appeared first on HIP Creative.
As an orthodontist, you’ve likely experienced the allure of “shiny objects” — those enticing new opportunities, products, or services that promise to revolutionize your practice and skyrocket your production. The thrill of novelty can be intoxicating, and the prospect of effortless growth can be hard to resist. However, as the old adage goes, “All that […] The post Managing Your Shiny Object Syndrome: Chapter 5 Of Master Your Mindset appeared first on HIP Creative.
The Illusion Of Ego In our pursuit of success, one of the greatest obstacles we often encounter is our own ego. The ego is that part of us that craves recognition, success, and validation. It’s the voice that whispers in our ear, telling us that we know better than others, that we deserve more, and […] The post Dissolving Your Ego: Chapter 4 Of Master Your Mindset appeared first on HIP Creative.
In the pursuit of success, it’s not about the numbers or the accolades. True fulfillment comes from adding value — to your team, your organization, and ultimately, to the world around you. To become a valuable MVP (Most Valuable Player), you need to embrace a mindset of continuous growth and strive for excellence in all […] The post How To Become The Most Valuable Player appeared first on HIP Creative.
The Power Of Legacy In the grand scheme of life, we often find ourselves caught up in the pursuit of success, wealth, and material possessions. However, the true measure of a life well-lived lies not in what we accumulate but in the impact we leave behind — our legacy. A legacy is the lasting influence […] The post Determining Your Legacy: Chapter 3 Of Master Your Mindset appeared first on HIP Creative.
Creating A Memorable First Impression From the moment a patient calls or walks through the door, their experience begins. Dr. David Moffet emphasizes the importance of understanding who you’re speaking with and acknowledging them properly right away. Eliminate frustrating call trees and long hold times that leave patients feeling like an afterthought. “Do you mind […] The post The Ultimate Patient Journey: Dr. Moffet’s Roadmap For Success appeared first on HIP Creative.
Discovering Your X-Factor Deep down, we all have an extraordinary x-factor inside us waiting to be unleashed. This special power allows extraordinary individuals to achieve incredible feats against all odds. It’s the charisma, talent and unwavering determination that set apart people like: •Tom Brady — The legendary NFL quarterback who rewrote the record books, winning […] The post Channeling Your X-Factor: Chapter 2 Of Master Your Mindset appeared first on HIP Creative.
In the ever-evolving landscape of orthodontics, practice owners face a multitude of challenges. From emerging technologies to shifting consumer demands, it’s easy to fall into the trap of a scarcity mindset – a belief that there are not enough resources or opportunities to go around. However, those who embrace an abundance mindset are poised for […] The post Developing Your Abundance Mindset: Introduction + Chapter 1 of Master Your Mindset appeared first on HIP Creative.
As an orthodontist, running a successful orthodontic practice requires much more than just excellent patient care skills. To truly thrive, you need savvy business acumen – something not always emphasized in residency programs. Hire Operational Leadership Before Adding Associates Many orthodontists hit a plateau around $1-2 million in production and think adding an associate is […] The post Want to Grow Your Ortho Practice? Follow This Expert’s Advice appeared first on HIP Creative.
Boosting Your Orthodontic Practice — The Secret Sauce is a Stellar Team As a member of the orthodontic fraternity, you know just how critical a well-rounded team is for your practice to thrive. But how do you attract and retain the cream of the crop? This blog post will delve into the wisdom imparted by […] The post The Secret to Building a Rockstar Team (And Why It’s Everything) appeared first on HIP Creative.
Feedback Can Be Scary

Feedback Can Be Scary


Have you ever felt a surge of anxiety when you read the words “We need to talk”? The mere thought of those words can send your mind spiraling into a realm of worry, fear and apprehension. Feedback, in both personal and professional settings, often induces similar feelings of dread. However, feedback is an essential catalyst […] The post Feedback Can Be Scary appeared first on HIP Creative.
Unleash the Power of Hospitality in Dentistry What if you could turn your orthodontic practice into a beacon of excellence like the Ritz Carlton? What if every patient felt nurtured, respected, and cared for at every touchpoint? That’s exactly what Dr. Michael Sonick, a seasoned dentist and periodontist, accomplished in his 40 years of practice. […] The post Master the Power of Hospitality in Dentistry with Dr. Michael Sonick appeared first on HIP Creative.
Unleashing the Power of Persistent Learning and Progress Wouldn’t you want to know the secret behind Dr. Jamie Reynolds’ remarkable journey from a single orthodontic practice to a four-location empire? He humbly attributes his initial triumphs to “fortunate accidents and setbacks.” But as his venture expanded, he had to navigate the challenging waters of scaling […] The post The Anti-Know-It-All — Thriving through Constant Learning appeared first on HIP Creative.
Unleashing the Power of Design Have you ever considered the impact of interior design on your orthodontic practice? Carolyn Boldt, an interior architectural designer from Crossfields Design, has revolutionized hundreds of healthcare practices through her innovative redesigns and new constructions. In a riveting discussion with our host Luke, she divulges the profound influence of design […] The post Mastering Your Practices’ Space with Architecture & Interior Design appeared first on HIP Creative.
Do you dream of a thriving orthodontic practice? Of course, you do! And what’s the secret sauce behind every successful venture? Financial stability. It may not be the most glamorous aspect of your practice, but it’s undeniably crucial. You’re not just creating smiles; you’re building a business. What if you could tap into decades of […] The post Empower Your Orthodontic Practice for Financial Success appeared first on HIP Creative.
Are you ready to embark on the thrilling journey of opening your own orthodontic practice? Excitement, anticipation, and a pinch of trepidation are par for the course. After all, while your clinical skills are second to none, the business aspect might seem like uncharted territory. Enter Luke Infinger and Harrison Bagdan, your guides to navigating […] The post Mastering Growth in Orthodontics: Tips and Tricks for Start-Ups appeared first on HIP Creative.