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🐧 We bought penguins (and lots of other crap) at the top📢 Davening on Discord🏀 John Wall's plagiarized NFT project
🚸 DOGE mania and why it's actually more respectable than a lot of Top 30 coins⛹️‍♂️ Selling .eth domains to NBA owners (Call me, Vivek!)💍 Aaron goes true believer on ETH while Jay returns to shitcoining💸 Aaron's new podcast about Quadriga and Gerald Cotten EXIT SCAM is out now 
 🙋‍♂️Haskmask mania🏦'Wut is Defi'🧠 Changing our minds about ETHFollow Ledger Status:
🔮The crypto-influenced r/WSB degens do a 51% attack on Melvin Capital. Jay somehow bets the wrong way.👨‍🎨Jay buys a piece of original NFT art featuring E. Honda🎨 Aaron mints original CoinTalk loyalty badge NFTs which will someday be worth millions☾ With the GME incident, Epic Games saying they will open up to the blockchain, and more - is this the most bullish day ever for Ethereum?
Jay and Aaron reunite as Bitcoin crosses 35k and the inverse Kang line is breached:👮‍♀️ Bitcoin pumps as the Capitol is swarmed🏦 Aaron goes DeFi and speculates on Ethereum domain names⛏ Bitcoin mining options degen-ing    
🏡 Suburban Satoshi

🏡 Suburban Satoshi


🦝 How Aaron trapped a live raccoon👴🏻 Old coins on the move👮‍♂️ Justin Sun is a snitch
 💉  Remdesevir and the misaligned incentives of pharma-development💰 The Digital Dollar 🌍  How many dollars are there? How much money is there in the whole world?
🆔 Gov't issued bank accounts aka why is it so hard to give everyone $1200?🤿 How much surveillance would people accept in order to go outside?🇺🇸 Nation-states and the secession of California 
🦇 Bitcoin preppers vs. goldbug preppers🤦‍♂️ Blockchain elections🔪 The Halvening🍾  Thanks to all the fans who HODLed this feed 
🇨🇳 TRON's Justin Sun cancels on Buffett and apologizes to the Chinese authorities 💰 Bitcoin is up - we are just bad at trading 📝 Biggest surprise, disappointment, and excitement SEND US A LIGHTNING TIP (cmon) CoinTalk is: @aaronlammer @jaycaspiankang
🦆 Trump finally tweets about Bitcoin... and Libra? 🐝 Betting odds on whether Libra ever launches 🧱 AOC says Libra is like coal-company 'scrip' 💦 Ethereum can't say Goodbye to Vitalik
🍭 Congress is surprisingly crypto-literate? 🍭 Yeah... how exactly is a Libra a non-profit? 🍭 Can the deplatformed still use Libra? 🍭 David Marcus' loss is Satoshi's gain @DavidZMorris Send us a Lightning tip:
💣 "Was Bitcoin Created by This International Drug Dealer? Maybe!" (Evan Ratliff, Wired, July 2019) 💣 "The Mastermind: Drugs. Empire. Murder. Betrayal." (Evan Ratliff, Random House 2019)
🥁 The advantages of decentralizing communities like Soundcloud's 🎤 Building on VC money vs. token money 🐖 Why Oink was the greatest music service ever
🇨🇭 Is Libra a 'false flag' operation? Will it ever launch? 🌋 Novogratz sold the top, Jay bought the top 😿 Craig Wright cries in court 🔮 Our updated 2019 "who is Satoshi' odds
♎️ You can't talk about Libra without talking about Bitcoin 💹 Price manipulation is back, baby! 🛴 Why all the exchanges are rooting for altcoins
Bison Trails @JoeLallouz
♎️ Libra Mania

♎️ Libra Mania


Goodbye Facebook, hello Libra.
💌 Brian Armstrong's open to letter for a (former?) friend 🌍 Facebook's GLOBALCOIN is debuting with a... .whitepaper? 📉 GLOBALCOIN is pegged to fiat currencies, so the only way to gamble on it is... buy Facebook stock?
🍔 Jay attempts to find his place in the XRP army 🍕 Justin Sun of TRON wins the auction for a lunch with Warren Buffett 🥗The "Bitcoin is going to go to zero" narrative grows stale Send us a Lightning BTC tip ! We also like XRP tips: @cointalkshow
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Mike Balla Jr

Of course this drops on the day I take off work, but I'll have something to start my Monday off with. Great to hear from you again.

Apr 3rd
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