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Hello everyone I'm AnimeNerd. I created this channel for everyone who love anime,manga and video games; Who enjoy hearing someone discuss certain topic within the Anime,Manga, and Video games Community. My goal is to create a fun and enjoyable podcast, where everyone no matter the age can enjoy. Please email me @ for any question or concern. Also follow me on twitter @AnimeNerd92 Support this podcast:
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Soo your boy had to make up for not posting anything on Saturday. So today Podcast will be on Spiderman returning to the MCU, My hero getting a new video game  and a little rant about blu ray vs digital. --- Support this podcast:
In today podcast there is a Huge Boruto News! Also today main topic is "Are we sleeping on Netflix Anime?"--- Support this podcast:
Promare Review

Promare Review


So in the return of my podcast. I will be discussing the newest movie to drop Promare. --- Support this podcast:
No MORE Spiderman !!!

No MORE Spiderman !!!


So in case you haven't herd. There will be no more Marvel Spiderman for a bit. I don't know about you guys but i took the news kinda hard. So I decided to vent on my podcast for a bit. FYI there is no Japanese Word of the Day today. Follow me on twitter and Instagram @AnimeNerd92 --- Support this podcast:
So in honor of the new Pokémon Sword/Shield. I have decided to give you guys my list from worst to best starter Pokémon from past games. Naturally so this is just my opinion on how, I feel about certain one. If you enjoy my content don’t forget to subscribe and rate this channel. Also follow me on Twitter and Instagram @AnimeNerd92--- Support this podcast:
In today episode, I've decided to give you guys my home remedy of anime that help me through some rough loveless time in my life. Now these anime aren't your typical love interest anime. These are normal everyday anime, that you probably didn't know could help you through your time in need. Like always dont be afraid to email me at  Also follow me on both twitter and instagram @AnimeNerd92. Please don't forget to subscribe and rate this podcast.--- Support this podcast:
Sony failed the PSP/Vita

Sony failed the PSP/Vita


The other day, I saw my old psp that I had when I was around 15-16 year old. It reminded me how there was very little games on it and how I was so upset that there wasn’t any new games out for it. But when I live in japan there was over atleast 150 games that never came to America. So today podcast I decided to talk about how Sony failed the PSP and Vita. Also remember to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @AnimeNerd92. Also follow me on twitch PlatinumSilence. --- Support this podcast:
My Anime Club Experience

My Anime Club Experience


So today I discuss two thing. The first topic is My Hero Academia Movie number 2 called Heroes Rising and my expectation for season 4. Then the next topic is My Experience at a anime club in San Diego. Please follow me on instagram and twitter my username on both platform is Animenerd92.  Make sure you guys rate my podcast and leave comments. I am truly interested in what you guys have to say.--- Support this podcast:
So while I was doing some research on what I want to cosplay in, in next year anime expo. I came to realization that there not that many black anime characters that I can choose to dress up as. So naturally so I wanted to talk and give you guys my opinion. Along with that topic I wanted to talk about my disappointment in EA Anthem --- Support this podcast:
In Today podcast I have decided to bring back the Japanese word of the day, also I discuss if CGI animation is whats best for Anime in the future. So please tune in. If you like my content don't be ashamed to share it with your friends and tell your friends about me.Important New: I have decided to start posting new content on Wednesday and Saturday for right now until further notice. --- Support this podcast:
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