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Son of a Ginger: Entertaining Entertainment Reviews
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Son of a Ginger: Entertaining Entertainment Reviews

Author: Patrick Bailer, Mason Moreau, and Beth Marcinko

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One day, two longtime friends who are addicted to talking pop culture (seriously they should see someone) decided to pick up some microphones, call up their fellow pop-culture enthusiast Beth, and start a show. They set out to answer one simple question:Why can't listening to a review be just as entertaining as the subject of the review itself?Thus, Son of a Ginger was born. Join the hosts and their rotating crew of guests for episodes full of critical analysis, nerdy talk, and just a dash of improvised sketch comedy.
63 Episodes
On this special outdoor episode of this wonderful podcast, the hosts sit down and talk about the new Netflix Original Film: The Half of It. You don't even know it man! 
It's a first for the show! In this episode, the hosts sit down to talk about something none of them particularly enjoyed. Also we get a quick update on the state of the sugar industry. 
In this episode, the hosts take a break from the constant onslaught of Zoom meetings to discuss the latest in Disney's smash-hit franchise: Frozen 2. 
After a quick history lesson, the hosts sit down to talk about how to cut through all of the BS and find quality entertainment to stream while sheltering in place. 
After an exclusive live musical performance from Joe Exotic himself, the hosts are joined by amateur investigative journalist/social media influencer Heather Bailer to discuss Netflix's new smash hit True Crime series Tiger King.
Oh boy this one's a doozy. After a quick sneak preview of the Love is Blind spinoff season, the hosts sit down to talk about how fun it was to hate-watch Netflix's new smash hit reality dating show. (Sersiously Kelly, you should give Mason a call)
On this episode, the hosts start out with some bad news, then jump into their throwback review of the B&W indie Frances Ha.
In this episode, we get a quick update from Crazy Carl about the new Sonic the Hedgehog redesign. Later, the Son of a Ginger hosts/kidults try to grapple with how the shameless product placement and heartwarming-yet-childish story made them feel. 
On this episode, we get a peek under the Gotham City curtain of crime and find out who's really pulling the strings. Then later, the hosts sit down to talk about their mixed feelings for the new Harley Quinn romp: Birds of Prey. 
Patrick, Beth, and Mason get whisked away to Westeross to participate in the first annual Son of a Ginger Gingie Awards. Join them as they fight for their lives by picking the best in entertainment of 2019.  
In this episode, the hosts talk about some weird machine that they've called "The Goo-er". Also, the new Facebook Watch original series Limetown left a sour taste in their mouths. 
On this episode, we get a quick update from everyone's favorite toxic married couple, Darla and Gene Gunderson. Then the hosts sit down to answer the question: What are you REALLY getting out of your Netflix subscription?
When going to see a movie about felines, the hosts made a beeline for the exit. Also, we got the inside scoop on what was really going on behind the scenes. Featuring Jacquelyn Green and field reporter Melody Sconce. 
Kicking off Season 4 the right way, Patrick, Beth, and Mason all made a serious bet - a gamble - and it's about to pay off. Join them as they talk all about the Safdie Brothers' newest crime thriller Uncut Gems. 
The hosts once again gather with friend of the show and Production Assistant, Alex Olhausen, to discuss what it was like working on the set of HBO's Watchmen, the cultural impact of the show and the comics, and ultimately what they thought of Lindelof's adaptation. Also, we find out a little more about the mysterious 'Lube Man'.
Get out your AARP cards cuz everyone is OLD! So are St. Tangelo and McCluck as they pitch their ideas to the mob in this week’s cold open. 
On this high-octane episode of Son of a Ginger, we give Tesla a hand with marketing their Cybertruck and sit down to discuss the new racing drama Ford v Ferrari. 
In the first installment of a brand Son of a Ginger Original, the hosts talk all about the fanfare around Disney+. Is it worth your time? You'll just have to listen and find out. 
DOLEMITE, DOLEMITE, DOLEMITE, DOLEMITEWhat a funkadelic film. A lot of F Bombs in this episode so make sure your kids listen to it with parental supervision. Enjoy! Original Song: Produced by Patrick BailerGuitar: Mason MoreauBackground Vocal: Beth Marcinko
On this episode we go deeeeeeep within our depressed alter-egos while we unpack the story elements within Paul Rudd's new show Living With Yourself. Also, a quick sneak peak of the new show Clone Cop airing on TruTV.
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