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WAP and why Black Women's Joy is a MAGICAL Weapon. How to ALLOW Yourself Experience Pleasure and planning for a sensual winter in a pandemic. Support the show (
In this episode Amina Peterson, Director of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality discusses liberation, freedom and pleasure, transparency in relating and weaponizing the word HOE. Sponsored By Let's Get Checked use code FYSP to save 20% off any test - STD testing and more in the comfort of your own home!Attend the Listen to Black Women Summit!Produced by Denny LavishMusic by Michael Finnie#listentoblackwomen #juneteenth #sensualblackwomenSupport the show (
A little mid-month bonus. Let's touch ourselves and dance a little. Happy Masturbation Month!#31daysofpleasure Written by AminaProduced by Denny LavishSupport the show (
Quarantine Fucking

Quarantine Fucking


On this episode: Magic mushrooms and Sex, Touch Hunger and How to touch the TITTIES. Also a bit on Digital Sex Work in a pandemic.Trigger Warning: Entheogens mentioned at 35;55 (finishes out the show)Quarantine Fucking song by by Denny LavishSupport the show (
This is an interesting episode. Listen to my choppy explanation of my "death" and rebirth. I was treated with toad medicine recently (Bufo Alvarius) and I talk here with Tsani and Olivia about how the 5meO DMT changed my life (hopefully) forever.Something incomprehensible happened: I went so deep inside myself that I (as I have come to know me) ceased to exist. I swallowed myself whole, disappeared into nothing, grew bigger than anything and exploded into orgasmic bliss while dancing with God.I wish I could explain what I witnessed, but there is no way to paint a picture of God when you find her in your own love.As you know, my slogan has always been "there is nothing more therapeutic than love." Today it means something so much deeper. I wish I could explain so that you would come to know love. Have a listen though!Support the show (
Welcome to the Fix Your Sex podcast. On this episode, I discuss things that are sexually irrelevant, like hymens and hoe phases. Also, learn a bit about the perfect blow job so that you can fix your own sex.Plus, become a supporting member by going to Support the show (
Join your host Amina Peterson in her post Atlanta Tantra Fest glow. Learn more about Yoni Eggs, Anal Orgasms and The Ritual of Masturbation.Support the show (
Sex and The Chakras

Sex and The Chakras


My first guest!! The podcast is baaaack. Listen in as I interview the mama of the chakras and african spirituality, Caroline Shola Arewa. Support the show (
Amina discusses the politics of pleasure and pussy, semen retention, and why you need to visit Atlanta SOON~Support the show (
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This short and sweet episodes is kept simple and sweet, with an emotionally charged discussion on crockpots and boundaries.Support the show (
The Pleasure Principle

The Pleasure Principle


This episode of the fix your sex podcast is brought to you by Miss Indigo Blue’s  Academy of Burlesque, where sexy is fun. Visit them at www.academyofburlesque.comOn today’s show, I o talk about Solo Pleasure Journeying, Reclaiming Sexual Language and Creating Sexual Communities. Support the show (
On this episode I focus on Tantric Alchemy, Releasing Contracts of Past Lovers and Tantra in the Black Community (in the words of BurlyCon, we are "proudly unaccredited.")The Atlanta Institute of Tantra and Divine Sexuality is finally a real organization on our way to 501c3. Subscribe to the podcast for updates.Support the show
Mostly recovered from Atlanta Tantra Festival, Amina returns from her hiatus to discuss the possibility of centering brownness in tantric sex education, policing brown sexuality online and finding your sexual voice. Support the show (
This is my last episode of 2018!! I am so ready for some dope change in the new year. New year is always the most exciting time of the year for us Aquarius. I am talking about the Girl Who Cried Wolf, Licking Wounds with Lovers and Tantra in 2019 (in Atlanta and beyoooonnnnnddd!!)Brought to you by the Atlanta Tantra Festival in Charlotte, January 19 2019Support the show
Let's talk about Pussy. On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with the pussy? Do you know it's anatomy? Are you familiar with the way it varies? What is pussy worship? Why do we do it? Can every woman squirt? You will know more by the end of this show. Also, learn a bit more about the Sex Down South conference I just attended, and upcoming events here in Atlanta. Support the show (
Hey! I am back after a pretty decent hiatus, with information about the upcoming Atlanta Tantra Festival. I also talk about big clit energy, being a self proclaimed "hoe" and sex magic. Support the show (
On this episode, I talk about being a sex doula and what that means and how arguments about little shit lead to bad sex. I am also super excited that it's festival season, and prepping for Frolicon!! Eek Support the show
My first guest! I am joined in studio by Parish M Blair for this episode. My voice is cracking because 4/20 is a holiday that cant toast your vocal chords... bare with me. Support the show (
an·o·nym·i·ty ˌanəˈnimədē/ noun the condition of being anonymous. "Amina can not pronounce the word 'anonymity' to save her life." On this episode I discuss FOSTA and it's affects on sex workers, pussy (yoni) massage and on being a healing lover. I also address having a dick strategy as you age, and answer the age old question yet again. Enjoy!Support the show
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