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Author: Alex B

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The Anti-Poverty Message is about us versus them. It's about coming together and sharing ideas to help each other succeed. Each One Teach One Support this podcast:
33 Episodes
1. RICH Residual Income Creates Happiness... 2. What is residual income... 3. Reframe our mind around the thought. 4. Negative feedback from others... 5. How to create residual income with no money needed... --- Support this podcast:
Do you want to influence others more effectively? One thing you will have to do is earn their trust. In this episode, I will go over what I believe is the easiest and definitely my favorite out of them all. Use this with caution because it works. --- Support this podcast:
--- Support this podcast:
Whether you realize it or not we are all persuading or being persuaded. News, radio, magazines, etc all use these techniques on us. Start learning how professionals persuade so you can start controlling the outcomes. --- Support this podcast:
Every day we live life and go through the motions. We don't even realize that some of our everyday habits are what's stopping us. In this episode, we go over a few of the top things I see that hold a person back. Let's talk about it. --- Support this podcast:
​Do unto others as others do unto you is the myth. This myth gives people a gateway to treat people bad. Well this person treated me like this so I can treat them the same. This violates the Law of Reciprocity. In this article I plan on re-framing the statement of Do unto others as others do unto you. Don't Forget To Hit The Subscribe Button For more great content check us out at  --- Support this podcast:
People lie all the time. One thing I cant stand is false hope. Just tell it to me straight even if I dont like it I will respect it. So lets break some of these credit lies/myths... --- Support this podcast:
We all think its hard to sell. But what if we had a cheat sheet. What if we had a strategy that wins... Lets talk about it --- Support this podcast:
All to many times we let the world dictate who we associate with. The reason why most people are struggling is because their team is struggling. Lets talk about your circle... --- Support this podcast:
This episode was inspired by a story I read the other day. It was about a new entrepreneur and how he started up. Some of the struggles and fears and doubts we all have. Let's talk about it... --- Support this podcast:
When it comes to escaping poverty there are 2 steps.  Step 1 is getting your finances under control. Step 2 is finding new money. In this podcast we talk about finding new money. This one of the ways I use to get an increase on my credit cards. Lets talk about it... --- Support this podcast:
There are hundreds of ways to sell and close a deal. This is the strategy I have used over the years and have been the most consistent with. In 3 simple steps you will increase your closing ratio tremendously. Lets Talk About It --- Support this podcast:
There is only one skill needed to get you through the hard times. That skill is Faith. Faith is a skill. A lot of times we are told to have Faith but not how to have Faith. Just like everything else you must work on it to perfect it. So lets talk about ways to master the skill of Faith. Lets talk about it, --- Support this podcast:
When I first got into stocks I was all over the place. I had to get my bumps and bruises and keep on pushing. I am a student of the game. In this episode we are going to talk about how you can learn from some of the mistakes I made starting out... --- Support this podcast:
If you are like me you didn't learn about credit until you were an adult. Because of this we make mistakes we should of made when we where younger. In this episode we are going to talk about some mistakes and how to avoid them. --- Support this podcast:
You sell everyday of your life and dont even realize it. What if you could harness that power and use it to your advantage. The first step is to realize when you are selling and when you are buying. Lets talk about it,,, --- Support this podcast:
Turning Desire into Reality can be a real blessing if you can figure out how to do it. In this episode I break down some tips and tricks on how to manifest desire. --- Support this podcast:
Have you ever wanted to start investing in stocks? Many of us do, but we dont know where to get started. The lack of education holds us back. In this episode we are going to talk about how to get started. Lets talk about it...  --- Support this podcast:
 Credit shouldn't hurt you it should help you. But if you grew up like me you didn't even know about credit until adulthood. For many of us credit is either helping us or holding us back. In this Episode we are going to talk about some of the credit lessons we didn't receive. Lets talk about it...  --- Support this podcast:
 Getting started in business can be simple. But most people dont even know where to start. In this episode we break down a few simple steps to getting started. Lets Talk About It...  --- Support this podcast:
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