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Author: Culture Of DAD

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The place where we discuss all things DAD related... which is simply, ALL things.

Here, we talk about real-world topics from and repping a Dads perspective. Sharing valuable insights, experience, and inspiration.

Not a 'How to' but a 'Why to', podcast. The home base for all the fathers redefining what it is to be a dad, and changing the negative narrative to a more empowered and inspired tale.

We are changing the past narratives on men and fatherhood yo the truth of today. We a needed, we are here and we are bringing 'Dads' back, with style!
40 Episodes
In ep. 40 of the #CultOfDad Podcast we are talking about the new energy and changes happening on the planet. From the technological advances to the old and new esoteric wisdoms coming in, becoming more and more popular. Our kids are at the forefront of these changes, leading the pack and here to teach us, the new ways of being for the future. Are you listening? They are talking, teaching, guiding us... Just as much as we THINK we are doing, for them. #FoodForThought Enjoy!
In episode #39 of the #CultOfDad Podcast, giving some love and acknowledgments to all the unacknowledged, under appreciated dad's out there. Those stepping up... Bossing Up and being the best they can be in this process. We talk about the process that is fatherhood (parenting), and how we are all just figuring this thing out. You're not alone in that fact... And there's community here that demonstrates that. A quick one, just to remind and support all the dads out there, old and new. Enjoy! Happy Father's day!
In this week's episode of the #CultOfDad Podcast, Episode 38... Why are talking "Drive". More specifically what is your why? Why do you do the things you do? What drive you, to be the best Dad (or mom) you can be. What drive you to work, to grow... To be more. Are you driven, and if not, why is that? Perhaps this episode will help you to figure out your, "why"... So that you may go forward, being your best self!
In episode #37 of the #CultOfDadPodcast we diggin in! Real talk on the dumb people in our culture... Being the loudest, making the rest of us look like idiots. We touch on all sorts of issues from Lil Nas X recent controversy, to contrevesy with LGBTQ community, to Trump...nsome hot takes on all of it! Let's get it! Enjoy!
In today's episode, of #CultOfDad Podcast, we're talking the value and need for being alone, silence and Space! It's not just the final frontier. How it's necessary and cundusive to a guy's well being and mental stability! Take time for self... It might just save a life!
In episode #35 of the #CultOfDadPodcast we are talking about the importance of self-validation. The flaws in looking to others for validation. What we seem to have forgotten about... And, the freedom and power we step into when we start validating ourselves!
Through personal experiences, study, coaching, and research I've transformed my life using these 5 steps toward sucess, daily and in life. Sharing with yahll... Because some it it might help in transform your lives as well!
In episode #33 of the #CultOfDadPodcast, we are talking the problem with people pleasing... what are we doing, when we are doing for others? The transactionary expectations we have... And dealing with the disappointment, when we are let down. Wrapping up with the lesson to be learned in resolving this issue. Interesting one... Enjoy!
Ep. 32 - Body Talk

Ep. 32 - Body Talk


In this week's episode we are talking the body. How listening to your body, it's subtle cues and ways of communication can lead to you body listening to you. Getting the the most, the best, the desires responses and results you can; from your body. How it plays a role in health, recovery, and making physical and life changes. Fascinating lessons learned and reminded of this past month, shared with you the #CultOfDad family!
In this episode of the #CultOfDad Podcast, we hit the 3rd installment of the Relationship Series (RS#3), me and the lady talk the unfortunate accident we were involved in last week, and the many insights we learned around, caregiving, self love, family love and weathering the storms we go through. Always a good time! Tune in for the deets and dope tak!
In episode #30 of the #CultOfDadPodcast we are talking, The Momo Challenge a very real threat on our kids!! The targeting of our kids through technology. How they do it. The real threat and an assault on our kids... The media's effect creating a desensitized culture. Trivializing the threat. Things to keep in mind and the wrap up! Share with All Fellow parents and caregivers!! We appreciate your support and feedback #CultOfDad |
In this weeks episode, #CultOfDad Podcast, sits down with the Henny w/ Keni podcast to sip Henny and have guy talk. Diving in on topicis like diversity, fatherhood, women, masculity and soo much more.  Join us as we shoot the sh*ts and have some sips, its always a good time! 
The #CultOfDad Podcast is back again with installment # 2 of the Relationship Series. Alison of "Fresh AER Coaching" returns this week as we talk Valentine's day, romance, love in the relationship! Join us as we go back and fourth chopping it up on the point of this 'Holiday', and the things that really matter for a relationship and for yourself!
In today's podcast, we briefly talk about some new trends on the internet of being judge, jury, and executioner.   Touching on recent events like the R. Kelly and Liam Neeson controversies we talk about the value and the disturbing nature of 'cancel culture'.  We also talk ideas like toxic masculinity, the #MeToo movement and society is becoming judge, jury, and executioner of all.   Is there such a thing as going too far, where a valuable idea like the mee too movement get corrupt and warped by the masses of people with access to platforms to spew whatever they like, both good and bad?  Let's explore. Dive into this episode!
In this episode we're talking, the power of storytelling... the stories we tell ourselves about our selves... the story we tell the world.  
Today's episode we are talking about the separation of art and artist - aka the flawed, fallible and sometimes fckd up human beings that create said art.
In this special episode of the #CultOfDadPodcast we launch the new 'Relationship series' where we dive deep in fun intimate conversations in my relationship with special guest and co-host of this series Alison Reynoso founder "Fresh AER coaching". In this episode we are talking spirituality, the role it plays in our relationship as a couple, in a family unit and the differences between that, religions, and other belief systems. Enjoy!
In this episode, we're talking some valuable lessons learned over these holidays, and the intention to carry these dope lessons into the new year!
In today's episode, we're responding to some critics and those who question the use of the word "cult", for the movement that is the #CultOfDad. We explore what cults are, what a culture is and what it is, we are doing with this whole "Culture of Dad" thing. Be sure to hit the website for more dope stuff!
What are we teaching our kids. For all the talks, lesson plans, rewards systems... How we are being... In the world, to others, to ourselves... can be some of the biggest lessons our kids take from us. We are the template and the model for these mini me's, that we all think are so cute. Are we teaching them to be the best of themselvesselves... Or the worse. Monkey see monkey do afterall. In episodes 21 of the #CultOfDadPodcast we touch on all that!
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