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Self-Inflicted Aural Nostalgia

Author: A Fan's Guided By Voices Podcast

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The podcast Self-Inflicted Aural Nostalgia ran from January 2018 to December 2020, covering every GBV studio album from Devil Between My Toes to Styles We Paid For. There were also several bonus episodes devoted to various aspects of the group and people who worked with the band. And check out Zeppelin Over Dayton: Guided By Voices Album By Album wherever books are sold.
43 Episodes
GBV Top Ten

GBV Top Ten


My top ten favorite Guided By Voices tracks. 
Recording the plague. 
Ten songs. Thirty minutes. One classic record. 
Global plague? No sweat. It’s GBV LP #30. 
Pop, psych, prog, and punk: the voices Bob is guided by.  
An in-depth look at Static Airplane Jive, Get Out of My Stations, Fast Japanese Spin Cycle, and Clown Prince of the Menthol Trailer. 
A talk with the mastermind behind, a website devoted to transcribing the many songs of Robert Pollard. 
There's no place like Dayton. 
GBV close out an amazing year and decade with an epic New Year's Eve show. 
Twelve tracks of vintage GBV. 
GBV's second record of 2019 is a return to what the band does best: lo-fi indie rock.
GBV's first record of 2019 is a double album. And an instant classic.  
27 original songs about and inspired by Guided By Voices. 
We finish up our look at the first twenty-five GBV LPs with an in-depth audio tour of the band’s only studio record of 2018, Space Gun. 
My talk with the engineer of the last three GBV LPs. Plus the next two.   
Two records in one year? That’s the GBV we all know and love. 
Episode 23 // August By Cake

Episode 23 // August By Cake


Bob’s back with a new band. And they all write songs. And they’re good. It’s a 32 track instant classic. 
Bob plays all the instruments on the surprise return of Guided By Voices. 
Bob breaks up the band yet again. It was fun while it lasted.
My discussion with the director of four videos for Robert Pollard. 
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Christian Gavey

Funny GBV story; in the early 90s I worked in a hotel and was a big GBV fan also known for my mixes. I made a mix for a guy I worked with(90 minute tape can fit a lot) who had never heard them before. Fast forward 5 years, I was working a venue where they were playing., like 98 or so. I ran into the guy I made the mix for, and he was like a crazed super fan. Like lyrics written on his pants, songs were about him,.. etc..

Apr 11th
Reply (1)

Christian Gavey

I like your intellectual yet passionate response to these albums. kudos.

Mar 25th
Reply (1)

Christian Gavey

Love it. So glad you're doing this. Big GBV fan so looking forward to everything, but especially my faves; Under the bushes, Alien lanes, Bee thousand

Jan 20th
Reply (2)
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