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We had a great time on our first podcast talking with Jeff Kadlic about guitar building, music, and all sorts of guitar related topics!!!!
Jamie Simpson from Booya Amp Services stopped by "The Lounge" for a really nice chat about his work repairing amps and all sorts of other musical gear, his custom builds, music, and lots of other topics!!!
We had a really great talk with Alex about his shop, vintage acoustic guitars, how he got started in the business and a whole range of topics.
I sat down for an amazing talk with Nitebob, Bob has been in the music business doing so many different and interesting things for many years. We wanted to focus on his work relating to guitars but of course we covered more ground than just that!!!!!
Part two of our talk with Nitebob, we got into some really cool stuff in the second half, like Bobs various stints with Aerosmith and his close association with Walter Becker and Steely Dan!!!
Part one of our talk with Josh Grove. We do lots of stuff with Josh so we had a lot of ground to cover, and we had a lot of laughs along the way!!!!!
this is part two of our lively talk with Josh Grove from Protocaster Guitars. We had a lot of fun with Josh, we do quite a bit of work with Josh so there was plenty to talk about, and Josh is a really pleasant, and funny guy so we had a lot of laughs along the way!!!!
Part two of our chat with James Carbonetti, we had a great time catching up and seeing all the great stuff "Cobra" is working on
we sat down for a chat with Eric Cocco from La Bella strings, we learned so much about his families history and all the amazing things going on currently at La Bella!!!!
We sat down with Adam Grimm, the man behind Satellite Amps and had a great conversation about his amazing amps and pedals,
The second half of our talk with Adam, We got further into his line of amps and the history and thinking behind them, and some fun, amusing, and very informative stuff!!!!!!
 WE did this podcast at our new Satellite location in Sunset Park Brooklyn with our good friends who are the guys behind this amazing space!!!! We are really excited to be partnering up with them to bring boutique guitars and amps to NYC!!!!
 We met up with our old friend, classical guitar builder Matt Rubendall, at The Guitar shop NYC in Brooklyn to talk about his amazing handmade classical guitars and his handmade kitchen knives, Ruby Knives!!!!!
 We are really psyched to have been able to sit down and talk with Lance Keltner!!! Lance has been a friend for many years and we had a great time talking about his past as well as his current line of boutique amps, Smart Belle Amps!!!!!
 We were really psyched to sit down for a chat with NYC guitar repair and building legend Mas Hino!!!! Mas had some amazing insights into the guitar business, having worked at Rudys on 48th Street in Manhattan, the famous guitar row during its heyday!!!!
 After s short break we are back with a fun, informal podcast shot at The Guitar Shop NYC, we caught up with Josh from Protocaster Guitars, James Carbonetti from Carbonetti Guitars, reviewed some new products we are going to be carrying, and had Chris "Mojo"Kush drop in!!
 We sat down with Adam Grimm for a casual talk, We have had Adam on an earlier podcast, so we had lots if friends come and join the fun!!!!!
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