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Author: Fon Peter

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It has become a global village with inept individuals in many areas of life, living everyday lives with frequent disappointments, misunderstandings, depression and what nots, all stemming from the ignorance, lack of wisdom and lack of inspiration towards better lives.

This Podcast uses good fixes of Life talks, Love talks, and Fon talks to hopefully educate and Inspire towards better and happier living with inner peace,
83 Episodes
Trauma has deep reaching effects on us that we might not know. It’s important to heal our trauma for a number of reasons which I share in this video.
We are starting a new season. A season where I share with you what I’ve been up to, the changes made, my healing with you and fix my life while sharing that with you and hoping I help you do same. Cheers!
In this episode, we continue the conversation about overcoming the fear of death. This time around, it’s all about how you should actually think about or perceive the idea and concept of death. Hopefully this will also help to overcome, or in the least, override the fear of death.
The fear of death, ironically can be the thing that stops you from living. Death is a part of life that scares so many people, but it doesn’t have to be, here are tips to overcome, or in the least, override the fear of death.
There’s a few misconceptions about what value is and how it works, believing and operating based on these misconceptions can leave us in an everlasting state of want and disappointment. Let’s take a look at 2 concepts of value everyone should know
Traveling is an experience that should become a requirement for life. Everyone should travel, and here’s why in 5 reasons
What is your word worth? Are you a Credible person, do people take you seriously or like a joke, do you deliver when you say you’ll deliver, are you there when and how you say you’ll be? Or do you just say things and often fail to do them. Check yourself, and learn how and why to be credible in this episode
Are you looking for more sources of motivation? Here’s a few
They say “only women and kids are loved unconditionally, men are only loved on conditions of provision” Is this true? Can anyone asides God truly love UNCONDITIONALLY? And who can be loved unconditionally.
Is it right to teach your children about sex early and how early?
Blame yourself first? Sounds wrong right? Let’s explore the concept a little bit and see how it works on the psyche, our lives, selves, and the power shift that comes with it
Social media is a two-edged sword. It can be to your benefit or your destruction. What is it to you and how do you make it a benefit to you? It all depends on you. I’ll be reviewing Clubhouse App in this episode as we talk about SM
Learn to be easy and forgiving on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. Learn how to let go of your inadequacies and not be so hard on yourself.
Everyone needs a source or means of releasing the pent up tension from feeling, pain, hurt etc in their hearts, it’s important to do this, pent up, built up pain does not good. Find your release to help make life better
How true is the saying “your comfort zone is limiting” I talk about that her, breaking down some benefits of leaving your comfort zone, no matter how scary and unreasonable of a thing it may seem
Having good intentions towards a person isn’t all that matters, it’s not the only part of the question to bother about. Sometimes out good intentions come across the wrong way, and it’s as good as a bad Intention to the receiver, here I talk about the things to also consider after having a good intention towards someone.
So much talk about positive thinking has made so many people think positive thinking is magic, doesn’t involve work, or they are just plain confused about how it works. The Positive thinking cycle is explained in this episode. Understand how it works and wield it better
There’s the conversation of how long to take before saying yes to someone who asks you to be their girlfriend or boyfriend. 1 week, 3 days, 3 months? A guy once told me he would only give a girl 3 days. Lol. Let’s talk about this.
Are you struggling with low self confidence? There are many ways to feel and be more confident of yourself, these are just a few ways.
Do you tend to have bad dates, or you just want to make sure your next date is successful? It doesn’t have to be a romantic date, or doesn’t have to end in love or a relationship. Listen to this episode with me and learn how to have better and more successful dates
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