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Jillian Greyse - The Spirit That Is You

Author: Jillian Greyse

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The Spirit That Is You podcast was created to provide assistance to anyone on their spiritual path. This podcast will cover important spiritual energy updates and information designed to enlighten you on your personal journey. Weekly Earth Energy Illumination reports and monthly meetings will provide suggestions and techniques on how to stay spiritually and emotionally balanced in this constantly changing environment. Join us and begin your journey to finding the spirit that is you. Sharing love and light with all.
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Click Here to become a Sharing Light Patron to join us monthly in Spirit Class for FREE We are awakening to the Aether!  The fifth element, well known by are ancients as Akasha.  It is the space between a thought, before the emotion or reaction in your body is felt. It is how emotions travel, our souls electricity moves.  It is the energy between. For more details listen to the above excerpt from  our monthly LIVE Spirit Class. # growth,#ascension,#astrology,#astrolopets,#astrolostar,#astrolostars,#astroloyoga,#energy,#fullmoon,#jilliangreyse,#love,#mountains,#peace, the full September AstroloYoga series above!Did you know our physical bodies are made of stars? Transform your life by learning how to align with this energy.  One simple daily routine will allow you to live life with more ease and balance. For September we visit Virgo. Taking the ancient lesson it teaches us and the wisdom deep within our soul and combining it into one. We are the light, literally. Ignite the light in your soul on this series of AstroloYoga.
PTSD Academy Interview

PTSD Academy Interview


Watch Jillian's video message to PTSD Academy Podcast listeners!Suffering from PTSD? Anxiety? Depression? Fear? We can help.  Join Jillian Greyse and Doctor Dan from PTSD Academy as they discuss the foundation for mental health and how to truly heal inside and out. Episode 15 PTSD ACADEMY: Meet the Founder of The Jillian Greyse Network which provides a YouTube channel, blog posts, host of The Spirit That Is You Podcast, lectures, classes and books to help everyone find their path to the spirit that is you. As an international author, columnist, spiritual counselor and Yogi Jillian has been assisting people of all ages professionally for 20 years to find their spiritual balance and individual life purpose.  She and Marybernadette Williams, from Mary's Reflexology has been friends the entire time!Additionally,  she is the creator of AstroloYoga - a unique technique that combines celestial alignments and the earth’s electromagnetic field with physical postures, mantras, breathing techniques, mudras, aromatherapy, gemstones, numerology and meditations to create physical, emotional and spiritual balance.For more information go to
May 2020 full report!

May 2020 full report!


May is going to be a pivotal month for all of us! NEW THIS MONTH our PET SERIES and LIVE MONTHLY SPIRIT CLASSES!! For more info watch above!  Click Here to Watch on YouTubeClick to become a Bright Light Tier patron to sign up for monthly classes!Become a Patron!Click Below to pay for individual class!! Spirit Class
At 138 We are nearing an all time record for the Schumann Resonance!  This coupled with the meteor shower, new moon in taurus, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tornadoes! AND our physical states!!! ALL of this working together.  ****Important announcement! Join us for our new classes starting in MAY!  Click below to become a patron as we stand together and heal from the inside out!!!Click here to become a Patron and join May's live class!Click here to Watch this episode 
Solar Storms, Meteor shower, More volcanic eruptions and the new moon arrives.  It is time to question what your heart feels isn't in line with your soul.  Are you brave enough?Watch Here****Any Patron amount ($1 or more) are entered each month to potentially win one of the following -personalized gemstone jewelry, handmade orgonite pyramid,tee shirt, tote bag, free hour long consultation, etc!! Click below for details!!
Waking up to a Schumann Resonance of 110!  The chart is a complete whiteout!  Two Coronal Mass Ejections, volcanic eruptions and to manage and understand all of this?  Listen for details!
Wild and unexplained things going on right now!  Listen to help find some clarity and peace.  All is well...the universe is waking up!Watch on YouTube
April Full moon energy today and tomorrow!! Do not miss the power of Libra with the heart unfolding!!! So exciting!!
Join me in this episode as I take you through April's earth energy and alignments.  This will provide you and your family with everything needed to stay balanced throughout this month.  Go to for full videos and more tips for the entire family!!!
Join me as we discuss the relentless physical adjustments we are enduring, the divide between the awaken and the lost and the reason so many souls leaving this earth.
Listen to this episode as we discuss physical and emotional ascension illness occurring with many. Also, watch out with communication during the Super Full Moon and focus on more balance for the high spiritual days this week.  
Urgent Message for all who are here to make a change.  Time to keep your own energy in check.  As we move up the chakras this week, holding your truth is all that matters.   "Don't be concerned about what the world is doing.  You focus on what you are supposed to do so you can be who you are supposed to be in this world."  
Watch out Shadow side, this week will be your chance to release some longstanding emotional blockages that you have been struggling with.  The rest of the week is about expansion, learning and growth.  Harness this week’s energy and you will fly.  For details on how to stay balanced and connected watch the latest episode of the Earth Energy Illumination News.
Blood Moon, Super moon, Full moon in the crown chakra!  We have a fun week filled with release, balance and the new earth energy. Hang on and welcome in the next 7 year cycle.  Listen for details!
The Earths magnetic field is changing!  We move up the chakra's this week heading into the upcoming eclipse.  Key words this week are Nature, Creativity, Stay Active and Focused! Go to
We move down the chakras this week.  The 4th to the 1st will be the focus.  HUGE emphasis on Grounding as the new moon arrives and Taurus/Uranus alignment returns to the forefront.  Super exciting month ahead of us!  Don't miss out, listen to the latest edition of the Earth Energy Illumination News.  For helpful links and more info on this week go to
Full moon, solstice, meteor shower and two high charged spiritual days.  Top that with a major holiday and upcoming New Year and we all need to stay on on top of our balance for this coming week.  Tune in for details.
Geminids meteor shower is in full swing.  This week has the potential to cause your lower emotions to surface.  The countdown to the Winter Solstice begins as this weeks moves up our charka field.Go to to view links on helpful tips for this week!!
 Join us as we discuss the energy of the coming week.  There is a major focus on grounding this week.  Make sure you are working on keeping that 1st chakra balanced and clear.  Welcome in the New Moon and listen for some tips on how to ride the wave and continue to grow The Spirit That Is You. Click here to watch the latest Earth Energy Report on YouTube
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