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ZEN GARAGE PODCASTS. Keeping it real AF with insightful, raw and honest opinion pieces and interviews.
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This morning I rant about a strange Tinder match!
This morning I rant about the Rock 'n' Roll attitude of Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, Stevie Nicks too, social media and a mate who like myself, turns into a bit of a monster when drunk.
“I’m 46, hit rock bottom a few years ago, got help, therapy, meds then finally I quit smoking weed. That was a huge step. Soon after quitting weed I got off the meds. A year off the meds and I’ve quit smoking nicotine. Now I’m working on drinking less. You either get mentally stronger, or you don’t”.I left this comment on a Joe Rogan clip on YouTube yesterday and it looks like I got a fair few responses so I thought I’d read them all out this morning.
Oh noes! I've lost my Ray-Ban Justin (yes these sunnies have my name on it!) sunnies on a drunken night out! This morning I share a funny story about Justin Hemmes, recreating Izabella, Jimi Hendrix's 68 Olympic White Stratocaster and also the value of playing with feeling vs playing in time to a metronome. 
Today I rant about a shoot gone wrong, then righted, my review on my new Artist Guitars Telecaster got a reply from them and passive aggressive friends. 
Welcome to my Monday Morning Rant for the 8th of March. I discuss saving my R32 GT-R, and guitars! 
So I've got a bit of money saved up. Last week I bought myself a new practise amp, leads and strings for my guitars and I've been toying with the idea of buying myself a new guitar, but after yesterday's cruise I'm super inspired to get my GT-R back on the road. I've not got enough money to do both, so what do I do?!
19 days without smoking. I've got this! 
My Monday Morning Rant for the 15th February 2021!
I quit smoking, cold turkey! 
Welcome to my Monday Morning Rant for the 1st Feb 2021!I've always struggled with defining the kind of photography I do. It falls under "Boudoir" but I just hate the term. Boudoir sounds French, old, black and white, lingerie and heels to me. My stuff has a much more "lazy Sunday morning" kinda vibe to it and I like to shoot in situ and into the light. Any ideas for a better word appreciated!
An hour of power with Juan Granados & Kyrin Down of Mere Mortals. 
Banned off Facebook for the second time this year! 
Awesome catch up with Gwyn Morgan and Grant Salter of Gripshiftslide. I'm a HUGE fan of their automotive photography. These guys started Gripshiftslide at the same time as I started ZEN Garage (2011) so we take a trip down memory lane and I find out what drives the guys to keep on doing what they've always done best; take amazing dynamic and artistic photos on the circuit. Be sure to follow them on Instagram: @gripshiftslide.gss
Welcome to my Monday Morning Rant for the 18th of January 2021!It’s been a busy and productive past week and I’m working on setting up future podcasts with Ben Branch of Silodrome, Grant and Gwyn of, Quentin Mui and Kyrin and Juan of Mere Mortals.
Always awesome to hang with Leslie Lau & Shaun Cooper of The Hustle & Flow Podcast. We had a great catch up this week on the old school analog podcast setup. I hadn't run a live face to face setup in a while and had a feeling I was going to have some technical issues and too right! I ran out of space on the card in the ZOOM H6 unit which only managed to record 30 minutes of our podcast! Massive fail, and a real shame. The audio in this video is from the video camera. Apologies for the quality, will strive to do better next time!Links to Leslie and Shaun's socials and more below. TRUE NORTH Hustle & Flow Podcast Supplements: it Up:
A little rant about Patreon vs OnlyFans!
HNY ALL! I've been banned off Facebook for the past few days... it's good to be back?!
My Monday Morning Rant for the 28th of December 2020! I rant about the death of web sites this morning. Have a great NYE all!
Finished Cyberpunk 2077 a few days ago. Despite all my criticisms I absolutely loved the ending I got. Hit me right in the feels, thought about it all night the night I finished the game, and made me feel quite empty the day after. The underlying theme of the game is corporate exploitation and sadly this theme is reflected in reality as the game developer is under fire for deceit and releasing an unfinished product. I feel truly sorry for the creatives who have put 8 years of hard work into this project only to have management fuck it all up.
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