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Author: Megan Collier

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Stories of human resilience and rising from the ashes. Megan is a Creativity Ambassador dedicated to inspiring you to unleash your greatness into the world. Our hope is that these conversation inspire your soul. Here’s to creativity and #RisingTogether! Support this podcast:
14 Episodes
#LivestreamReprise with Meg //Axe Throwing and The Secrets of Life :: Today I’m sharing the three ways that Indoor Axe Throwing has taught me the Secrets of Life. As an Axe thrower and coach for the last year, I’ve made countless friends and learned so many things about myself and life. Tune in today as I introduce you to the world of axe throwing and the copious life lessons that come with tossing some axes at boards! Axe throwing changed the way I look at the world and approach problems and stress in my life. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Enjoy this Facebook Livestream reprise as I touch on a very important topic to me - INTEGRITY. I’m diving into why it matters, how to assure you stay integrity, how to spot it when you are out of alignment and how to hop back in. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The road is calling me again and I'm packing up ad traveling for most of September zig-zagging in an interstate pinball bounce of sorts. From NYC to Philly Back to STL and down to New Orleans, I’ll be stitching up Season 2 of #RisingTogether. In the mean time, I’m dropping an update of my lessons form the last three months in today’s episode. While you wait for the next season to drop, we’ve reprised from Facebook Livestream sermons I’ve done and will be sharing them on the podcast over the next few weeks. Become a supporter of this podcast:
RISING TOGETHER - EP. 10 - #SoulSessions with Genera Moore // Today I'm sitting down with my friend Genera to chat about how the Law of Attraction has helped both of us in our daily lives. We talk through how changing our frequency has changed our lives and how it can change yours too! Genera is the founder of Motorparts Nation, A US based company focusing on exporting auto parts into Africa and aims to make purchasing aftermarket auto parts accessible and affordable for wholesalers. Recently, Genera translated her passion for international travel into a travel company which will take guests to experience West Africa starring in February 2019. Listen in as we shed some light on how Law of Attraction keeps us tuned into manifesting and attracting our best lives and true bliss! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Meet Alison Hillman - a lifestyle photographer who specializes in portrait and event photography in St. Louis. On this week's episode Alison courageously shares about navigating a cancer diagnosis and her battle with infertility. Alison's clarity, passion and humor weave us through confronting the stigma associated with infertility, navigating new ways of seeing her family's future, finding support in her community of close friends and owning her truth. Sprinkled in this story are her major #Truthbombs and maybe a few from RuPaul Become a supporter of this podcast:
This week we welcome a new segment called #SoulSessions - deep, soulful conversation on powerful topics from the seat of a car. Shrn and Meg are driving and diving into the idea of going with the flow and surrendering to the unfolding. Join them as cruise down I-95 on their way back North and share about traveling, filming, embracing joy and releasing attachment to the end result. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Catch up with Meg as she lands in St. Louis and talk about the twenty-five day journey of selling all my possessions and hitting the road from her hometown of thirty-three years. Become a supporter of this podcast:
This week my friend Oz is chatting with me about rolling around in the ashes of heartbreak and how his family, his mindset and his best dog friend helped him rise.Oz is the Global Finance Business Results owner for one of the Dow-Dupont Business segments. Think of him as a really young CFO for one of the oldest companies in the world. In his spare times he likes to mine crypto currency, build computers and hang out with his dog, YOGI BEAR! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Welcome to #WednesdayWisdom - a new segment on Rising Together where we are calling on people who have walked through the fire and risen from the ashes to share their lessons with you.Today I'm excited to introduce you to Samy Simpson - We're talking about big juicy topics like vulnerability, mindfullness, fear and how he got a "master's degree in the strategy of life." Sammy weaves us through some of the most heart wrenching moments he's endured and shows us how we can exercise self-compassion, surrender and ultimately our own free-will as we start to rise from the ashes. Samy is a remarkable creator and producer who ignites passion. He brings decades of experience from a life spent in media, digital, communication, entertainment and personal development and it's and honor to share his wisdom with you today. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Episode 4 - Maria Teresa

Episode 4 - Maria Teresa


This week we are rounding out a journey of navigating rising from heartbreak, heart hurts and genuine love devastation. The end or shift of any relationship can bring on the biggest waves that pummel us in life. My friend Maria shares with us how a lost love shattered her vision of her future and broke her life open in the most beautiful of ways. Listen along as Maria takes us through her story from the flames of heartbreak to rising with self-love and the power of intention. Become a supporter of this podcast:
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