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Author: Jean Toney

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God's placed a vision on your heart and you have the audacity to get after it! Who do you think you are? The audacious podcast is dedicated to Faith-Based Bosses like you...THE KINGDOM BUILDERS...and THE EMPIRE BUILDERS to strengthen the business foundation of your church or business so your wins are sustainable and scalable. Each Monday is Ministry Monday (MM) and each Friday is Freedom Friday (FF). For more information and training resources, visit You ready?! Let's get these blessings!
11 Episodes
Get insider info and hear what your members wish you knew that would make you a more effective leader.
How to Stop Freaking Out and use fear and anxiety to increase your performance.
Position your ministry for funding by developing strong community partnerships and thinking things thru before applying for grants.
(Part 1 of ?) This is the start of an ongoing conversation. A series of podcast episodes will be published randomly to discuss various compliance issues churches need to master to avoid any drama with the IRS. Show Notes: MM-Ministry Monday; FF-Freedom Friday
FF:  Sell Like a Girl

FF: Sell Like a Girl


Learn why faith-based bosses should take a page from the sales playbook of student-athletes and Girl Scouts. Show Notes:
It's time to level up your church finances and break the Mom and Pop Mentality of your church. Pastor, protect your livelihood and the work of the ministry by using this podcast to set expectations with your finance team and grow your ministry with sound financial policies. Show Notes: MM: Ministry Monday; FF: Freedom Friday
The Audacity to Lead

The Audacity to Lead


How can you intentionally strengthen the business foundation of your church to grow a ministry that not only thrives under your leadership but also has a solid foundation to continue your legacy for years to come?
Wakanda Forever

Wakanda Forever


What are the first things you should do if you are looking into monetizing your gifts? Here's a tip: Ask King T'Challa
Struggling to align your actions with your vision? Discover the two critical areas of your ministry you should be paying attention to right now to increase your impact!
Intro episode announcing a community of pastors, ministry leaders and Christian business owners sharing management and marketing tips.
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