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In this episode, we discuss a series of topics relating to Silicon Valley and its sociopolitical  role in the country.  We discuss topics such as:Exploring Social Class Structures of Silicon ValleyConflict of West Coast vs East Coast elitesFailures of San Francisco Local Civic GovernanceSilicon Valley entering national politicsMerits of MeritocracyAndrew Yang and America 3.0Cover Image by Nicole Album
In this episode, Sunny sits down with Sebastien, one of his co-hosts at Epicenter to discuss the Reset Everything virtual event that Sebastien hosted a few weeks ago to explore the long term effects of Covid19 on society.  It was a multidisciplinary event covering topics including economics, journalism, privacy, and health.  We also ventured off on some other topics such as some World War 1 history, bombs in Berlin, and crypto burnout.
With global commerce and finance continuing to digitize, the world’s borders are seemingly becoming more fluid, even as physical walls are built. How does this globalization affect the sovereignty of nation-states and their ability to democratically direct their own economic future?In a panel moderated by Sunny Aggarwal, we explore the interpretation of monetary policy from a global context, discuss the morality of impacting other nations, and the potential for new technologies to offer alternatives in a dollar-dominated world. The conversation includes Jae Kwon, CEO of Tendermint; John P Conley, Professor at Vanderbilt University; Steve Randy Waldman, Author of Interfluidity, and Baek Kim, Senior Associate at Hashed.
Lane Rettig moderates a debate between Sunny and Ryan Zurrer on the merits of Edgeware vs Straightedge and the design decisions that went into things like the generalized lock.  With a surprise guest appearance from Dillon Chen, co-founder of Edgeware!
In this episode of Conspiratus, we put out a panel on governance that Sunny moderated as part of DappCon 2019, a highlight event event of Berlin Blockchain Week.  On the panel are Ameen Soleimani, Stephanie Hurder, Jorge Izquierdo, and Sebastian Gajek.
Episode 8 - Fiat Apologism

Episode 8 - Fiat Apologism


Learn about the origins of the Federal Reserve system, collapse of the Gold Standard, and Rodrik's Trilemma!
In this episode of Conspiratus, Nate and Sunny discuss Straightedge, a novel zero-day fork experiment of the Edgeware project, designed to amend some of the sketchy design decisions made in it's initial distribution.  The first of many benevolent byzantine behaviors to come!
In this episode of Conspiratus, Sunny sits down with Eric Meltzer to discuss immortality, death, and Terror Management Theory.  Spurred on by a series of tweets Eric put out a few weeks ago, we talk through different strategies for dealing with one's own mortality.  And to lighten stuff up, we also learn about the Satoshi's Hunt, a global scavenger hunt for $1 Million in Bitcoin organized by Eric and top secret team of puzzlemasters.  Maybe Eric dropped a few hints in this episode?  Better listen through to find out!
In this episode of Conspiratus recorded live at ZCon1, Sunny and Drew Stone of Commonwealth discuss Edgeware, governance of ZCash, and the implications of Facebook's new Libra project.
In the episode of Conspiratus, we discuss the social contracts of different blockchain communities and how it impacts their respective governances.  We also discuss the ability to "dissent" in different communities and talk about the level of influence that large projects like MakerDAO have in Ethereum, and how Cosmos aims to keep this in check.
In the episode of Conspiratus, we discuss some of the latest current events on the Cosmos Hub, including the recent security patch hard fork, the Google Cloud downtime that affected many validators, and some general discussion around Cosmos governance.
In this episode of Conspiratus, we discuss the one year hiatus from making episodes. We explain some of the causes of the break, what we've been doing in that time, and our plans for the future of Conspiratus. 
Our first full Conspiratus epsiode where we discuss protocol governance with our two guests, Vlad Zamfir and Arthur Breitman. Check out the associated reading list for this episode here:
Welcome to the Conspiratus podcast. Here, we introduce ourselves and our new podcast! Check out the resource list for next weeks discussion here:
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