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What is Casein Protein Made Of ?I've always wondered the follow, What Is Casein Protein Made of? and How is Casein Protein different than Whey Protein. So, In this Episode, we will discuss this topic! Casein protein is a derivative of milk. When you take milk and curdle it you get a variety of different substances two of which are whey protein and casein The way that casein gets made essentially is that you remove the fats the carbs and whey and you get casein.So, what are the benefits of taking Casein protein? Casin is a slow absorbing or slow digesting protein. The reason why it's slow digesting is that when casein comes in a contact with water where your stomach acid it coagulates and becomes very thick. In fact, a lot of people take the casein and make it into something called casein pudding which is actually really tasty if you like supplements lol:) Now, because the casein coagulates it takes longer for your body to process it. So, casein takes longer for your body to digest. It's simply stays in your body for a long longer than whey protein. We're talking like up to six or seven hours sometimes. How is this beneficial? Most bodybuilders like to take casein An hour to half an hour before they go to bed. The thinking here is pretty simple. And it makes a lot of sense when you think about what happens when you go to sleep. When you go to sleep your body starts the process of breaking muscle tissue down. This is called becoming catabolic. If you're looking to put on muscle you want to feed your body so that you can grow muscles more effectively. One good way to do this is to feed yourself while you're sleeping. And you obviously can't exactly get up multiple times throughout the night to eat. So, when you take casein what happens is The casein continues to get processed by your stomach while you sleep so it's as if you're feeding it while you're also recovering at night. This will help your body go anabolic which means that your body will be building muscle rather than breaking it down. So, the best time to take casein is at night. No, I just want to mention that you don't absolutely have to take any kinds of supplements. You don't need casein and you certainly don't need whey or any other kinds of supplements unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Nelson's mentioned that you should never take a supplement when you're diet isn't right. Meaning, if you're eating pizza and cookies for all of your meals and you're not really eating correctly for the body that you want or for the kind of fitness that you're trying to improve it then it doesn't really make a difference if you take that protein shake or not. It's kind of like you're putting the cart before the horse. First, get your diet dialed in and second make sure that you've got a solid workout plan that's working for you. Then and only then should you even begin to consider taking a supplement. And even when the truth is that you don't absolutely need it. Supplements can be really expensive and You can always just eat some good quality protein. Your body doesn't exactly process it the same way but it works just fine. Heck, people have been eating protein not from a protein bin for centuries eons really I'm sure we'll be fine without it. But if you are looking to spend a little extra money and you like the convenience factor of eating for taking protein supplements then I would recommend going with ascent protein. Their Products are clean and they are third-party tested. meaning you're going to get exactly what you pay for with those products. There's no hidden ingredients or BS that you have to worry about when you're going with ascent protein. Ascent Protein Support this podcast:
What is Whey Protein ? What Is Whey Protein Concentrate Made Of?Let's begin. So whey protein specifically is considered a fast absorbing or fast suggesting protein. And so the benefit of having something that's fast adjusting. Right. Like Whey protein is that when you workout during the process of working out your body starts to break down muscle tissue and then it's going to repair and rebuild. And what we want to do is make sure that the repair process goes more smoothly and that our body builds more than it breaks down. And in that, it repairs and builds muscle effectively. the best way to do that is by feeding your body as soon as possible after a workout or some people even suggest during your workouts with protein. Now the easiest and best source of protein to take in when you're working out or after your workout is a whey protein concentrate or Whey Protein Isolate. Now. here's the distinct difference between whey protein concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate first whey protein concentrate is the basic form of whey protein.  So it's the most simple form that's taken from the derivative milk. It's got lactose some carbs and some fat and lots of protein that is very easily digestible. When we get into Protein Isolate what we do is we're actually deriving the whey protein concentrate. We're taking out from the whey protein concentrate most of the fats and the carbs and we're sure as heck taking out the lactose. So the benefit what people will debate is which one is better. Now in my book and most people will tell you that it doesn't really make that big of difference. The only people who really worry about this are people who are really really hot and bothered or crazy about supplements and nutrition timing and things like that. However, both of them work just fine. My personal recommendation is that if you want to take whey protein but let's say you have a mild allergy to something like. protein nut not protein but lactose products. So things like milk or cheeses things like that if any of those things make your tummy sick then the best option for you if you're wanting to do a whey based protein and animal protein is to take that whey protein and have an isolate version of that protein. So that is because it's lactose free or it's next to no lactose so it should not affect your stomach the same way that drinking a glass of milk would or drinking some ice cream or whatever it is that makes your stomach feel. So, you can still get the benefits of whey protein when you take that Whey Protein Isolate whey protein isolates typically cost a little bit more than whey protein concentrate which is exactly why I take away protein concentrate. But do we actually need protein in order to. grow and develop and build up our bodies. The answer is No. You can get protein and lots of other sources. Y The reason why you would want to take that protein shake is to simplify your life or to get that protein into your system quicker. A lot of times when you work out the moment that you're done you're not really hungry and you don't really feel like eating. So a good thing to do is to just throw down a protein shake because it's easily digestible. It doesn't fill up your stomach the same way that like a plate of chicken breast and broccoli and all these things would make your stomach feel directly after a workout.Anyways, just watch the video where I take a deeper dive with this topic. --- Support this podcast:
Patience and Your Fitness Goals Try A Free $24.50 for 4 Strength Training Classes for Weight Loss | Off of 3 Strength Training For Weight Loss Classes | Patience and Your Fitness Goals I hear it all the time, I’m not losing weight/toning up the way I want to Jean!  I’m here to tell you that patience is key to a successful fitness goal.  If you are realistic about your goals, then you can achieve it! Here are my tips:1.     Set realistic, clear goals.  Set a larger goal with a smaller achievable stepping stones to reach this larger goal! 2.     Are you on the right plan?  This is a common mistake people make, they don’t find someone to help them make a customized meal plan or work out plan.  This is where a trainer or nutritionist can help you reach your long-term goals.3.     Practice patience.  Are you generally an impatient person?  Then you may transfer that to your fitness goals, then my suggestion is to do the self-work and find little ways to be patient.Practicing patience will help every aspect of your life!  Don’t believe me?  Come try a free class with us and check out how patience will go a long way in your life! Hey!  I’m not a licensed professional, I just share my life experience and experiences I have with my clients.Come join me for your free fitness class!--- Support this podcast:
Am I too Old To Workout

Am I too Old To Workout


.Try A Free $24.50 for 4 Strength Training Classes for Weight Loss | Off of 3 Strength Training For Weight Loss Classes | Am I Too Old to Work Out?Today we are talking about age.  I get this question all the time, “Am I too old to work out?”  Nope!  If you are a alive and kicking you will need to practice some sort of movement.  The reason I’m bringing this up is I often get this excuse, but I’m here to tell you age is just a number!Overtime, lack of movement you may feel like your aging or getting old, but you don’t realize that good physical health will help combat feeling old.  You might be too old to try out for the NFL, or join the Army, but there are people in their 70’s and 80’s who run marathons.  You might not be as flexible as you once were, but it’s more important as you get older that you take care of yourself.As we age, hormonally we start to change.  The act of going for a walk, eating right, and strength training will help you feel physically and mentally younger.  There’s a bunch of science that proves working out will help keep you mentally younger and feel younger. You’re not to old to work out!  Just try to get more movement and take care of your health at any age. Hey!  I’m not a licensed professional, I just share my life experience and experiences I have with my clients.Come join me for your free fitness class!--- Support this podcast:
What Is a Crash Diet

What Is a Crash Diet


What Is a Crash Diet  Click the link to come try a FREE CLASS at Total Body Support this podcast:
Please Just Try

Please Just Try


Please Just Try!Come Try A Free Support this podcast:
Do I Need to Take Supplements?Try A Free $24.50 for 4 Strength Training Classes for Weight Loss | Off of 3 Strength Training For Weight Loss Classes | Do I Need To Take Supplements?What’s up people, I’m here to talk about why you probably/maybe don’t need supplements.  First, I want to clarify supplements.  Most supplements that are on the market today aren’t really affective, there is only a handful of supplements that actually work.  There are only 3 types of supplements with science backed studies: caffeine, whey/casein protein, and creatine.  What you actually need to be doing with body composition and health is really achieved through your diet. Now, you might not need that vitamin B, D or any other supplement.  If you’re eating a good diet, you may be getting all the nutrients you need from your food.  But if you aren’t eating correctly, you will want to talk to your doctor about blood work to see what vitamins you may need to take. Listen to my personal experience with vitamins and how they may not be for you!Hey!  I’m not a licensed professional, I just share my life experience and experiences I have with my clients.Come join me for your free fitness class!--- Support this podcast:
Try A Free $24.50 for 4 Strength Training Classes for Weight Loss | Off of 3 Strength Training For Weight Loss Classes | If you’re trying to lose weight, tone up, or get muscle, everyone has an aesthetic goal they are working towards.  But what if your goal doesn’t involve weight loss?  I’m here to discuss 4 fitness goals that don’t involve weight loss.1.      Run a 5k/10k/Half-Marathon.  There are a bunch of fun and cool runs to join.  5k’s are super fun and challenge yourself to train for the event.  I promise the events themselves are fun and exciting to join in.  You won’t regret the experience and you can but it on your bucket list!2.      Train in a different manner.  If you are doing body building workouts, then go and try something different.  Maybe cycling, maybe it’s hiking, dancing, or something that’s completely different than what you normally drawn to.  Try this for 2-3 months to see if you actually enjoy these activities!3.      Strength training personal records.  Now, I haven’t competed in weight lifting, but it was empowering to test my one rep maximum.  This is great motivation to set lifting goals and build up to your goals.4.      Learning a cool move.  Meg Squats made this suggestion on her channel, thanks Meg!  Pick a cool move you’ve always wanted to do and work towards that goal!  Learning a cool move will make you’re fitness journey more fun!These are some fantastic ways to challenge yourself to work out and get in shape that have nothing to do with aesthetic goals.  The aesthetics will come later if you are training for something you really want!  These are awesome ways to make you’re experience much more fun!Hey!  I’m not a licensed professional, I just share my life experience and experiences I have with my clients!Come join me for your free fitness class!--- Support this podcast:
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