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Author: Mahfuz Chowdhury

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Listen to Mahfuz's ramblings in between his long drives (don't worry, the mic is safely attached)! Mahfuz shares valuable insights on Personal Development, Growth Mindset, and day-to-day thoughts of a motivated millennial.
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I spent my birthday reflecting back on my last 365 days and and amazed with how much everything has changed. In this episode, I break down this transformation. Stay positive and stay blessed. I am rooting for you.
In this episode I share how I lost a past speaking opportunity due to neglecting my social media branding, and how that lesson led me to becoming a participant on Season 2 of The Social Movement (TV Series). Enjoy!
Investing In Kindness

Investing In Kindness


In this episode, I share two real life examples of how kindness has made a difference as a long-term investment, especially when it is done with no expectation of return. Enjoy!
Build With Curiosity

Build With Curiosity


In today's episode I share why curiosity BUILDS the cat and how you can advance by asking better questions. We also dissect the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience to break down how Elon Musk pulls from both extremities: confidence and humble curiosity. Enjoy!
I hope you all had an incredible Superbowl Weekend! Congratulations to Tampa Bay, The Weeknd, and Reddit for their big wins last night. In today's episode we discuss how you can pull from both extremes to find the perfect balance in your personal development. Enjoy!
Happy first of the month! In this episode, I reflect on the origin story of some of the most monumental achievements in my life and how good conversations played a major role in my personal development and growth. Enjoy!
You owe it to yourself not to stop trying. In this episode, I share Alan Watts' story of the Chinese Farmer to better define failure and why it is essential for personal growth.In this episode, I mentioned that I have created a playlist to share all the podcast shows I had the honour of being a guest on. This Spotify playlist can be accessed here:
Losing weight and becoming more active are two of the most common New Year resolution goals. After sharing my progress on Instagram, going from over 200lbs to under 150lbs, I had a lot of questions about my approach and strategy. This episode will give you my exact step-by-step of how I finally lost the most stubborn fat of my life. Let's take a big leap in becoming our best self. Happy Monday!
Happy New Year, listeners! In today's episode I bring in the final piece of the trilogy that combined with 'doing what you are good at' and 'doing what you love', which is: getting paid for doing it.Start building your personal brand on 2021. It is more important than it has ever been.Enjoy!
The grind knows how much you've invested. It won't give you anything you haven't worked for. In today's episode I discuss this further and dissect a dream I had last week. Enjoy!
After spending the last 5 episodes focusing on the externals, I wanted to dissect the internal pillar that really brings it all together. Let's talk mindset!
After last week's episode, discussion the importance on doing what you are good at, this week we discuss doing what you love. I also share the one mental trick I've been using for the last decade to stay creative. Enjoy!
Betting Like Freddy

Betting Like Freddy


This week's episode dissects the poetic story of our very own member of the Toronto Raptors, Fred Vanvleet, and his mentality around betting on himself. Enjoy!
This week, I invite a "special" guest to discuss one of the most difficult topics: heartbreak and relationships. This episode also breaks down my relationship progress over the last three years. A real special and personal episode today. Enjoy!
It concerns me how often this word gets thrown around and I wanted to take this moment to reinvent 'manifestation' to simply it and share practical ways to apply it to your life. Enjoy!
Don't call it a comeback! In this episode, I discuss the five pillars that define success for me, and dissect my outlook on friendship. Admittedly, this involves me correcting a statement that I made last year. Enjoy!
Following Up with Kamil

Following Up with Kamil


After recieving incredible feedback from my last episode, I called Kamil and asked him to spontaneously get on Instagram Live with me to pick up where we left off and discuss all things relationships and heartbreak. This is the audio version of the Instagram Live episode. Enjoy!Do me a favour. Follow Kamil on his new Instagram account to keep up with his incredible journey:
Personal Development Conversation with My Best Kept SecretI have known Kamil for 7 years and have been trying to persuade him to share his insights through social media since Day 1. In many ways, he is one of the few people I can credit for shaping me into the man I am today.⁣⁣After 7 years of convincing, Kamil has finally made his debut by recording a video podcast with me. This may be the most personal conversation that I ever share and it is an absolute honour to premier him to the world through my platform.⁣(Psst! There is also a video version of this episode. You can view it on YouTube here:⁣Themes in this episode include:Revisiting the dark years⁣Being students of growth⁣Difference between those who pick themselves back up and those who stay down⁣Mindset of a hungry immigrant⁣How to reinvent yourself⁣Reconstructing your comfort zone⁣Consistently working on yourself⁣Playing the long game⁣Happiness v.s Goal Setting⁣Lessons from heartbreak⁣⁣I hope you gain as much value as I did during this conversation.Also, do me a favour. Follow Kamil on his new Instagram account to keep up with his incredible journey:
"'ONE DAY' is not a day of the week. It doesn't exist." Ashley stated during our conversation, while I sat there with my jaw on the ground!In this episode, I share an Instagram Live session that Ashley-Ann Pereira and I hosted to discuss her book-writing journey, why everyone should write a book, and how to get started. It made me want to get my butt off my seat and start writing my second book!Please show Ashley some love by connecting with her directly on Instagram @TheStudioPressThank you and enjoy today's segment!
"A closed mouth doesn't get fed!" Karlena shared during this incredible conversation.In this episode, I share an Instagram Live session that Karlena Waugh and I hosted to discuss the good, bad and ugly parts of planning an event, what it's like building a business with family, and the the importance of having a good support system!Please show Karlena some love by connecting with her directly on Instagram @TheBizMixerThank you and enjoy today's segment!
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Jenny Peach

Great discussion with smart business and personal branding strategies that cross all lines of business.

Oct 11th
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