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Author: Dick Polipnick

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Entrepreneur's Entertaining Education: interviews with millionaires, advanced business strategies, and growing an Empire. Everything from online marketing to raising capital.
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Sean Higgins is a local startup celebrity in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. In this episode, Sean teaches us how he grew his startup from 0 to 1 Million dollars in annual recurring revenue.Sean and I discuss his 3 areas of expertise, including:1. How to Grow your Startup Sales2. How to Scale your Startup3. Fundraising Capital for your StartupSean got his start in entrepreneurialism when he was still at the University of Saint Thomas which lead him to co-found ilos Video, a startup that provides enterprise video software to companies. He lead the ilos team from 0 to 1 Million dollars in annual recurring revenue and fundraised over 3 Million dollars in venture capital.After Sean's successful exit from ilos, he went on to become the Entrepreneur in Residence at TechStars, one of the world's largest startup incubators. While at TechStars, Sean was an investor, mentor, and advisor to many founders and companies. Sean is now in the first few months of his newest venture!Visit the show notes for this episode on the Online Growth Systems website to get more info and behind the scenes bonuses!To your #growth,Dick Polipnick
In this podcast episode, we discuss How to Start a Video Production Company with Jeff Johnson of Ocular Proof Productions. We discuss the challenges Jeff faced and how he overcame them to build a strong brand providing videography services internationally.
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