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The Purpose

Author: Edwin Mathe

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For so many of us we have thought of things in life, searched for things in life, searched for meaning in life, however no matter how much of searching we do, if we don’t have Purpose of why we do things we are as good as not existing. This is the Purpose of this Podcast, you may like it, you may not like it, it may interest you, it may not, however we all have choices this may be your Choice let’s purposefully enjoy ourselves
18 Episodes
Most of us have lost the wheel to do things because it’s half a year and nothing has been happening in terms of your goals, don’t give up you have a purpose of credit to success
Don’t give up because you are not seeing results, don’t give up because someone is achieving and you are not, remember it’s not a competition but your own strategy to stick to your plan
Do not Give up because your start seem not to have produced results yet keep dreaming keep pursuing your dreams and ideas you still have a whole year ahead of you
Desire is the beginning of wanting and wanting is not a guarantee of success, you have to go all the way
Every mother is just so special
Peace is our right and obligation we can only achieve it when religion and politics become one and serve the human race
The Purpose-Fresh Success

The Purpose-Fresh Success


Success is a doing word and work, do your best to make what you believe in a reality
When you get used to loving you always will dearly give the best you can to enjoy the aspect of love that builds a great relationship
When life seems to knock you down every single way you turn, it’s time you have to change your thinking, think Success unlimited then whatever challenges you face mature you to want to be better in every aspect of your life, this indeed is The Purpose-Unlimited Success
Respect is earned and if one lives a life full of respect, their character is full of love and they endeavour in every way to portray love in its entirety, this indeed is The Purpose-Love like Respect
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