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Author: Ben Winkler

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Faces of Silver - the world tour... Conversations over a good cup of tea or coffee on going grey, silver or white on purpose along with what that stage in life, or our third act entails! Nuggets of wisdom, thoughts, and cool attitude, let's start to dance through life on OUR terms! Support this podcast:
21 Episodes
Diane WILLIAMS'... 'Warrior Wellness Journey' about the silver lining, in hindsight 20/20, optimism, faith & yoga with PTSD veterans! --- Support this podcast:
Episode 20 of 'Faces of Silver - the podcast'.!!! Please join me as I interview Dr. Liz Philipose this morning. We will be talking about self value, your second spring and life & joy after midlife! --- Support this podcast:
Faces of Solver, current events thru September --- Support this podcast:
Join us for a conversation over a cup of coffee about Ellen's life, her getting into modeling late in life and her message for women going through silver transition and midlife and up! --- Support this podcast:
A chat over coffee with actress & model Monique Parent on her career, her YouTube channels and what she has in the works these days with her silvers! --- Support this podcast:
Chatting with Ann Reichardt, author of 'The new dance card' -looking for love online! --- Support this podcast:
Chatting with Mel Brady, silver model and stylist of 30 years in Melbourne, Australia! --- Support this podcast:
Faces of Silver - Episode 14 --- Support this podcast:
Please join me as I am speaking with Rita MILES about her fashion show and catwalks and the Faces of Silver ladies of you she is looking for to be involved! --- Support this podcast:
An interview with Rebecca Weef Smith, co-founder of GOLDIE magazine UK, a lifestyle magazine of a new kind for midlife and on, on newsstands across the UK and shipped worldwide! --- Support this podcast:
Yet another episode with Yazemeenah, she fits the show! Do check out her work as model, artist, photographer extraordinaire at and don't forget to visit Faces of Silver at --- Support this podcast:
Update on faces of silver --- Support this podcast:
Thoughts on menopause... --- Support this podcast:
'Faces of Silver' - the podcast Episode 8 with Erica Jagger ('A sexy woman of a certain age' blogger): I have been following our guest for this week for for some years on her blog: ‘A sexy woman of a certain Age’ She wrote a piece that went viral on Huffington Post a few years ago called "11 Things That Instantly Make A Man Hot." It was translated into several languages. We will be talking about her list, menopause & sexuality, the dating landscape and so much more! --- Support this podcast:
Faces of Silver - Episode 7 with Yazemeenah Rossi, a typical day in her life, her routine and listening to your body! --- Support this podcast:
Faces of Silver - the podcast, Episode 6 with Gigi Schilling --- Support this podcast:
Faces of Silver Episode 5 with Dr Louise Pendry, senior lecturer in psychology on her research and book on online support groups and their effects! --- Support this podcast:
Authenticity & self worth for women 40+ --- Support this podcast:
FoS episode 3 Abby

FoS episode 3 Abby


Listen to this interview and the wisdom of Abby Wadsworth Boretto, officially crowned Mrs. California - All Star United States --- Support this podcast:
An overview of the documentary 'Gray is the new blonde' by Victoria Marie, highlighting the issues of women around the world going grey --- Support this podcast:
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