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We share personally, pastorally and professionally about how we can best fulfill Jesus' mission to save the lost and serve the saints. Aussie Christian leaders join Dominic Steele for a deep end conversation about our hearts and different aspects of Christian ministry each Tuesday at 2pm. The discussion is broadcast live on Facebook then available in audio and video on our website, on podcast and on our youtube channel (
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The unity of the Australian Anglican Church is hanging by a thread. Bishop of Tasmania Richard Condie, Dean of Sydney, Kanishka Raffel, and Jennifer Hercott from St Lukes Church in Emerald in Queensland all serve on the Board of GAFCON Australia, a group within the Anglican denomination - who are committed to upholding biblical and historic Christian faith, within AnglicanismIn 2019 the Wangaratta Diocese in Victoria voted to go ahead with blessing same sex unions.  That decision was followed by a vote in the Diocese of Newcastle in New South Wales.The issue was expected to come to a head at the Australian General Synod in June 2020. But COVID put everything on hold, delaying the gathering till June this year. In the meantime different groups have offered opinions. On the one hand, the Australian Anglican Church’s House of Bishops and Board of Assessors have affirmed the historic and biblical teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman. Whereas what’s called the Appellate Tribunal has given a majority opinion is that blessing same sex unions are acceptable. Now, Wangaratta has moved forward.  Their former bishop John Parkes has officiated at the blessing of a same sex relationship. This issue that has previously split the Anglican Church in the United States, in Canada and in New Zealand, with whole new denominations being formed. Support the show (
This week we are talking the changing face of world mission with John Lovell, CMS General Secretary, and former missionary turned Vice Principal of Sydney's Moore Theological College, Simon Gillham. John and Simon outline how Covid-19 has reshaped the roles and experiences of missionaries this year, particularly the 30% of CMS missionaries who are serving in secure locations. They discuss new opportunities and long-lasting improvements in technology focusing on how missionaries have been able to invest in their communities and how their mental health has been supported. We discuss 'gospel poverty' and the differing needs across Europe, Africa and South-East Asia.John and Simon also celebrate how God is continuing to raise up workers for the harvest, and that they continue to see new candidates for mission, despite drops in candidates in other spheres of Christian leadership. They also give us a peek behind the scenes as to what to expect from future CMS Summer School conferences and the rigorous process for becoming a missionary [Hint - not everyone is automatically accepted].Support the show (
MINISTRY TIP: I think the most important thing that I have been taught in the whole area of Communicating Christ, was to know what you are aiming for, and be focused on getting there.What we are looking for is repentance and faith.  To get repentance you preach Jesus is Lord, to get faith you preach Jesus is saviour.So I am asking 'Did I preach that clearly?  Did I make that clear?'That's the question for the staff meeting as we review the Christmas or Easter service.Support the show (
January is the key time of the year for welcoming newcomers to church in the southern hemisphere.  In the northern hemisphere it’s August/September.But how do we best follow up new people who are moving into the district and looking to join a church? Someone visits your church, but what’s next.  What sort of ‘visitor pipeline’ should you have?What kind of system can be devised that is most effective for welcoming the largest numbers of people over a year? - while making sure that everyone doesn’t get exhausted?Should you visit? phone? email? text? or nothing?Where is too much effort just that.  Too much effort?  How do you grab the ‘low hanging fruit’?What mistakes can we avoid?  Where should we ignore the American advice here as just being too cultural?Someone has visited our church and we have invested lots of effort in them, and it’s all come to naught.  Someone else visits, we do almost nothing, and they end up joining.  What’s with that?  Dave Allen is from Hunter Church in Newcastle and Andy Hobbs from Salt Church in Wollongong.  Both have great advice for us in this area. Support the show (
We speak to Dan Paterson as he processes the growing terrible scandal involving his former mentor and boss, the late International Apologist Ravi Zacharias.Dan is the former head of Ravi Zacharias ministries for Australia.Mr Zacharias died in May 2020.A preliminary report into complaints against Mr Zacharias has found significant, credible evidence that Mr. Zacharias engaged in sexual misconduct over the course of many years. “Some of that misconduct is consistent with and corroborative of that which is reported in the news recently, and some of the conduct we have uncovered is more serious.” the report stated. the show (
What is a biblical theology of place?Matthew Sleeman is a lecturer in New Testament at Oak Hill Theological College in London.Matthew has two PhD's on the place of PLACE. Matthew says place is more than point on a map.  Place contributes to making us who we are.  And we contribute to making the place what it is.  We are shaped by our places and we paint ourselves onto places. Places are locations for ministries, discipleship and living for Jesus. (Recorded prior to COVID travel and social distancing restrictions)Support the show (
For many singles, Christmas and January is a very difficult and challenging time of year. A time to be endured rather than a time to be enjoyed. It’s Christmas.  But it’s also January when many of the structured church life things are in recess. But there are things that as church leaders we can do to be a blessing to our single friendsDr Dani Treweek has just completed her PhD on Singleness and joins us on The Pastor’s Heart. the show (
Telling the difference between domestic violence and dysfunctional relationship? - with Magdalena LiemFor us as senior pastors one of the things most important to get right is when someone comes to report domestic violence. We often meet these issues when we are not expecting to.  There’s often high emotion and high stakes. How do we pastor the victim well, and also the person accused of being responsible?  And is there any potential way back?Experienced Counsellor Magdalena Liem from Newroads Counselling is with me. Magdalena used to work in Christian Pastoral Ministry in church and on campuses, but for twenty years she’s been involved in counselling. And part of what she does is training counsellors in the domestic violence space. Magdalena is with us for a ‘crash course’ on how to handle these issues. the show (
The dominant topic in church staff room meetings in New South Wales today is, what to do this Sunday about singing?  Should we sing without masks or not?The NSW Government is saying, while singing is permitted, masks are recommended for the congregation, whether or not the congregation is inside or outside. The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Antony Fisher has written to Catholics saying they can sing without masks. Sydney Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies has been more circumspect. See his letter here:, Decisions are clearly left to local church leaders to work out how best to apply the guidelines. Different churches are expected to make different decisions. We workshop the issues with the senior minister of St Michael’s Cathedral Wollongong Sandy Grant and the pastor of Tom Melbourne from the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Village Church Annandale's Place of Worship COVID safe planVillage Church Annandale's Restaurant and Cafe COVID safe planSupport the show (
It seems virtually overnight Christians and Christian leaders have gone from the ‘good guys’ in the society to the ‘bad guys.’  The speed of change has blindsided us. The new religion of sexual identity and sexual freedom is on the ascendancy.  It’s proclaimed as the locus of deep and lasting meaning, where the truly authentic life is.But secularism is not neutral.  We used to work on the assumption that public square would be a neutral venue where ideas could be discussed freely.   We prepared for an open market.  We didn’t realise that there would be huge tariffs. There are two competing narratives in the west, locked in a death grip.  And what happens to the ‘Western Ship’ as society loses its moorings from the Christian Gospel and drifts into unchartered waters.  What will a post Christian existence look like?  Full of fear and empty of human kindness. Is there any light in this darkness. Stephen McAlpine argues yes, in his book to be released in the new year, ‘Being the bad guys.’ copies at: the show (
“Victorian State Government pushes to ban Christian practices with threat of 10 years in prison” - a headline that should have every Christian leader pause. This week on the Pastor’s Heart, we’re discussing upcoming legislation that is being pushed in Victoria. The Change of Suppression (Conversion)  Practices Prohibition Bill 2020 has consequences of 10 years imprisonment for anyone engaging in “change of suppression practices.” Expert reading of the bill suggest this threatens religious freedom and implicates Bible Studies, Church services and even one-to-one prayer. This week - we talk with key Christian leaders from Victoria: Murray Campbell and Chris Duke along with Law Professor Neil Foster about the ramifications of this bill. We’ll discuss the details of the bill, the implications for Christians in Victoria and wider implications for Churches across Australia and the Western world. We’ll also discuss how Christian leaders can respond and opportunities to clarify and limit the scope of the bill. Support the show (
This week on The Pastor’s Heart, Dominic interviews evangelist Sam Chan about his latest book: How To Talk About Jesus (Without Being That Guy). Written for the everyday Christian, How To Talk About Jesus provides practical ways anyone can share Jesus in a way which is relevant to today. Dominic and Sam will explore the narratives people believe and how Jesus speaks into them, where our society is at in their understanding of Christianity and what it looks like to have a lifestyle of evangelism. Dominic will put to Sam some of the criticisms of his book, including a challenge that the truth of the cross and propitiation is lacking and if he is discounting that some might be specifically called to be evangelists. They will also discuss how culture has changed and what that means for how Churches and individuals should look to speak the gospel.Support the show (
Teens of today are less likely to grow up in a religious family or attend Church, and yet we are still seeing vibrant protestant youth ministries across many cities. This week, Youthworks College Dean of Women Ruth Lukabyo joins us to discuss a pioneering model of youth ministry including peer groups, ministry collaboration and cultivating ministry leadership for young people.Ruth’s new book ‘From a ministry for youth to a ministry of youth’ looks at pivotal developments in youth ministry in the 1930’s which have impacted all ministry to young people since then.She takes us through the potential and importance in youth ministry, the significant achievements of young people in the past and how Churches can creatively develop new methods of ministry today. We'll discuss the difference between viewing Youth as 'trainee Christians' or 'Christians', how important it is not to under estimate young people. We also discuss the way ministry strategy changes to suit the relevant context. Ruth Lukabyo is a lecturer at Youthworks College and author of From a Ministry for Youth to a Ministry of Youth. Purchase Ruth’s book, 'From a ministry for you to a ministry of youth.'Support the show (
We talk winning our workmates & neighbours to Jesus. Plus leading our homes and and the battle against porn.At last weekend’s Men Meeting the Challenge Conference, Dominic Steele led a panel discussion of leaders in the Australian men’s ministry space, canvassing how we can win our workmates and neighbours to Jesus. David Robertson is an Evangelist & Pastor from Scotland and now with Third Space and City Bible Forum; Grant Borg is an Evangelist and Church Planter in south western Sydney; Martyn Iles leads the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) and Tony Payne is a Christian author and publisher with Matthias Media and now back in Student Ministry at UNSW. details and to register for for next March’s Men Meeting the Challenge Conference Support the show (
The report has just been released into abuse at The Crowded House, an evangelical church in Sheffield in the UK.  It’s a 98 page report exploring the spiritual abuse allegations that were levelled at the senior pastor Steve Timmis, author of the influential church leadership manual Total Church, and who was at the time the CEO of the global church planting movement Acts 29The key question the authors attempted to address was to give a ‘comprehensive picture of Steve Timmis’ activities in relationship to the alleged harm caused to individuals, while serving as an elder at The Crowded House?’A key report finding is that, ‘There is sufficient evidence for the reviewers to conclude that whether intentionally or unintentionally the culture at The Crowded House was one in which some instances of emotional and/or psychological abuse took place as a result of persistent coercive and controlling behaviour in the name of Christian vision and ministry.’Steve McAlpine was a trainee with The Crowded House in 2007, has written extensively on these matters.  He’s a senior pastor, a blogger and evangelist with the City Bible Forum’s Third Space. Read the response to the report from the The Crowded House elders here.Support the show (
Did you watch the Social Dilemma and consider throwing your phone (and the apps installed!) out the window. This week's we are thinking through the pastoral opportunities and dangers of social media. Marshall Ballantine Jones joins Dominic Steele to discuss the impact of social media use on pastor's, particularly with regards to encouraging self promotion and narcissistic tendencies. In the light of the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, Marshall outlines how we can use social media in a God-glorifying way and model this to our congregations too.Dominic and Marshall also discuss the impact of social media on young people, self-esteem and conscience, outlining relevant dangers and opportunities for growth.We reflect on key questions regarding our intent, objectives and priorities when it comes to interacting online. Including: How do we get our hearts right? What are we seeking to do? How we can use social media well? What pitfalls are there to avoid?Support the show (
Today we explore the journey Tertullian to Thomas Jefferson or how the issues of Religious Liberty and Freedom of Conscience don’t actually spring out of the Enlightenment but from the pages of the New Testament.Dr Sarah Irving Stonebraker has caused quite a splash this week with her Richard Johnston Lecture on Thursday night.Sarah is a Senior Lecturer in Modern European History, and teaches in History and Political Thought at the University of Western Sydney.***Link to Sarah's Richard Johnson lecture: the forgotten story of religious libertyWatch the address by Greg Peisley's son Blake Peisley referred to in this episode. Support the show (
We are discussing the logistics of Christmas in COVID, with Pete Steadman and Stuart Crawshaw. With limitations around singing, gathering and social distancing in place, today we are discussing the most effective way to connect with our communities and share the gospel. Carols, Gingerbread, Wreath Making and even Christmas services typically rely on large groups of people coming together and feeling comfortable within the Church space. We’ll discuss Christmas and Christmas Eve services, outreach opportunities and even what carolling can look like amidst the current circumstances. Stu Crawshaw pastors Soul Revival in Sydney’s South. Pete Stedman pastors Norwest Anglican in the north west of Sydney.Support the show (
On today’s special episode of the Pastor’s Heart, we’re discussing issues surrounding religious freedom and church gatherings on the way out of COVID.There’s been an important court ruling on this in Washington DC, where Capitol Hill Baptist Church have won their legal challenge against imposed limits on congregational gatherings.Here in Australia, the New South Wales Government continue to limit church gatherings to just 100, while commercial activities can have as many as 300 in attendance.Today we’re hearing from Neil James Foster, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Newcastle and Ray Galea, Senior Pastor of MBM Rooty Hill.See Neil Foster's blog: the NSW Premier's office: the show (
As general secretary of GAFCON, Nigeria’s Archbishop of Jos Ben Kwashi is one of the world’s most influential Anglican leaders. With GAFCON representing two thirds of the world’s Anglicans, Archbishop Kwashi has been described as the most influential person in the Anglican Communion. Nine days ago rumours started to circulate on social media that he’d been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Archbishop Kwashi joins us to give an update on his health, the 74 orphans who live with him and his wife Gloria, plus news on navigating COVID in Africa and the future of the GAFCON.Support the show (
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