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Author: Matt Thomas

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All things Matt. is a podcast of things where special guests and I discuss many topics about life. Including; life, music, film, energy, metaphysics, business, crypto-currency, success, triumph, failure, the universe, and much much more. The purpose of this podcast is to encourage people to think outside the box, open their minds to new theories, experiences and topics. The world looks completely different from each of our perspectives. Let’s expand. Join me and let’s discuss all the things. Email me or DM me on Instagram @therealmattgt your thoughts or questions.
40 Episodes
Just be kind.

Just be kind.


It’s that simple. Be kind.
The halftime show... hypocrites and ass holes. I’m tired of hypocrites and I’m sick of people being offended. I’m over it. Take control of your emotions.
What is mamba mentality? If asked, what would Kobe say his greatest accomplishments were? Live your life with purpose.
Had the absolute pleasure to speak with Erica Saghar Kasraie from the recently viral YouTube video, Truth From An Iranian. An Iran-born American Middle East expert, activist, and voice for vulnerable religious minorities. In recent years Erica has been a policy, media, and film consultant and was the Middle East Advisor to a prominent senior member of the U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee. She organized and supervised Congressionally-hosted global conferences in Washington for activists to plan the constitutional future of a free, democratic Iran.  Before this, Erica developed a decade of expert knowledge of Iranian political, economic, and social conditions. She was Executive Director of the Iranian Freedom Institute and a research assistant at the School of Culture and Security at the Institute of World Politics, educating the public and lawmakers around the world. Erica also served five years as spokesperson of the Iranian Student Movement, working in Washington, D.C. and visiting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, Iran experts, scholars, and think tank representatives. She has collaborated with the various factions of the Iranian opposition to bring visibility to the freedom movement. Erica and her family fled to Italy shortly after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, then settled in the  Washington, D.C. area. She holds a B.S. in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University and was an FBI laboratory scientist prior to her political and human rights activism.
Houman Salem is a successful and well educated entrepreneur running for the 27th district of California (Ventura County). He like many Californians are both concerned and saddened by Californias current state. He is seeking the nomination as a Republican. Houman and I discuss the current issues, and how we can join together and actively save California.
Hey Hollywood, take note. Truly remarkable.
This is the year.
We are the richest country in the world when it comes to wealth, resources... and in some periods of time, the most patriotic. But, we are falling for the same old tricks that other countries have fallen for... political schemes. To politicians it’s a chess match to gain our trust or our vote, but they aren’t like us. Nor do they care about us. It’s all a game to them. Until, we the people, wake up and realize that unity is the answer we will get worse and worse as a country. We’re to busy trying to prove our “woke-ness” or our point to realize we’re being deceived. And it’s not just one party. They are one in the same.
Mike Fackrell Part 2
Mike Fackrell knows more about politics and the impeachment process than anyone i know. Great explanation on how the process works, why the dems are doing it and 2020 projections.
A Union for The People.

A Union for The People.


What if one million Americans joined a “Citizens Union” and demanded change? We could control and take back the market. Non partisan.
Family history linked to a half century long unsolved mystery. I’ve deleted this podcast three separate times, but eff it. I’m sharing it now.
If I died today...

If I died today...


If I died today, what would I be known for? What would people say about me? Don’t buy into society, the media, the BS... what matters most is written on your gravestone, not your resume.
I’ll Venmo anyone $100 if they can name one thing the government doesn’t dictate, have a say in, or control completely. The point is we aren’t as free as they tell us. Government is bought and paid for. JEFFREY EPSTEIN likely isn’t dead. Have you seen photos or heard about his funeral? Supposedly his dad worked for the state of New York Paris department but actually didn’t. More elitist scum getting away with everything simply because of their status.
Thoughts in SoCal traffic.

Thoughts in SoCal traffic.


What would people say about you at your funeral? What would you do differently if you actually didn’t care what people thought of you?
Let’s talk politics...

Let’s talk politics...


Politicians are inexperienced elitist scum who do nothing.
Data and consumer privacy are buzzwords but do you know what they mean? If companies are buying your data from other companies; why aren’t you benefiting? Why is there no consumer dividend? The Collective is on a mission to change that. I’m proud to be on this mission with my partners to benefit and protect the everyday consumer.
It’s been a long time since my last episode. I’ve been busy. But I’m back and I’ll be more consistent. Thanks for the support. And for listening. Today’s episode is about owning your life. Lay each brick as best as you can and before you know it you’ve got a damn good looking brick wall. Stand up for what you believe in and live your best life.
What’s new pussy cat?

What’s new pussy cat?


Just an update on the political chaos we’ve seen the last few weeks; my personal take. Update on my life recently. Caffeine is killing us, so I’m done with it.
Discussing films, reviews, and actors.
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