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The Mockingcast is a weekly podcast hosted by RJ Heijmen, Sarah Condon and David Zahl, and brought to you by Mockingbird Ministries, an organization which seeks to connect the Christian faith with the realities of everyday life in fresh and down-to-earth ways. You can find out more about Mockingbird at
Audio production provided by TJ Hester.
198 Episodes
In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave talk private lives, political junkies, Craigslist confessionals, and the surprising hope of 2020. Also, RJ feels his (lonely) feelings while Sarah buys a birthday cake. Click here ( to read Mo Perry's Great Rearranging newsletter. Click here ( to read the NY Times article about "the real divide in America." Click here ( to read CJ's write-up of Helena Dea Bala's Craigslist Confessional. Click here ( to read Chad Bird's rationale for why 2020 Is A Great Year For the Church.
Episode 197: Play Now

Episode 197: Play Now


In which RJ, Dave, and Sarah talk gracious play, burned out children, burned out workers, burned out clergy, and the hope of unconscious bias training. Also, RJ gets down to some liturgical reggae. Click here ( to read Sam Anderson's article on the NBA bubble. Click here ( to read our interview with theologian Nimi Wariboko. Click here ( to watch the video for The Pioneers' "Let Your Yeah Be Yeah." Click here ( to read Anne Helen Peterson's interview about millennial parenting in The Atlantic. Click here ( to read the excerpt of Anne Helen Peterson's Can't Even in Wired. Click here ( to read Anne Helen Peterson's newsletter about clergy burnout. Click here ( to read Peter Ormerod's column on unconcscious bias training in The Guardian.
For too long, the podcasting industry has flooded our ears with self-indulgent commentary and lazy sermonizing. Well, the answer to your commuting conundrum is finally here! We at Mockingbird are obsessed with side-stepping the noise and bringing 200 proof grace directly to your earbuds. Simple and seasonal, yet thoughtfully sourced and designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle, brace yourself for your new favorite listening experience. There is only one Mockingcast, and this is it. In all seriousness though: To read the interview with Lana Del Rey, click here ( To read the review of The Twittering Machine in Book Forum, click here ( To read Bloomberg's "Welcome to Your Bland New World," click here ( To read Duo Dickinson's "Love Across the Political Divide," click here ( Oh and to read DZ's reflection on the Before films, click here (
A jumbo-sized episode in which Sarah, RJ and Dave talk spiritual consultants, anxious NBA stars, the charity of Frederick Douglass, and the hope of Julian of Norwich. Also, a hapless kayaker receives an ironic rescue. Click here ( to read the full opening news report. Click here ( to read Nellie Bowles's NY Times profile of spiritual consultants in the workplace. And here ( to read Dave's commentary on it. Click here ( to read the ESPN story on Paul George. Click here ( to read Chris Arnade's "Dignity to Endure." Click here ( to read Alan Jacobs's article "Hate the Sin, Not the Book." Click here ( to read Nathan White's piece on Julian of Norwich's Hope.
In which Dave, Sarah, and RJ talk college reopenings, internal deputies, racist sinners, and recovering pharisees. Also, Sarah is absolved of her lunchable guilt, and Mrs Heijmen finally becomes an adult. Click here ( to read the Inside Higher Ed piece on college reopenings. Click here ( to read Sarah's post on Defunding Your Inner Police. Click here ( to read Tim Kreider's article, "I Am a Meme Now." Click here ( to read Theo Hobson's column "Racism Is a Sin and We Are All Sinners." Click here ( for 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee.
In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave talk school reopenings, comparative suffering, digital hygiene, and the crisis of capacity. Also, RJ decides to invest in some outdated (but comfortable!) furniture. Click here ( to read Your School District's Reopening Survey on McSweeney's. Click here ( to read Zadie Smith's thoughts on "Suffering Like Mel Gibson"--and see the meme we mention. Click here ( to read Meghan O'Gieblyn's response on Wired to the question of "Why Do I Keep Refusing to Install OS Updates?" Click here ( to watch Giles Fraser's talk on "Christianity and Morality: The Story of an Uneasy Relationship." Oh and click here ( to order the expanded paperback edition of Seculosity.
In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave talk marriage models, bored believers, fragile meritocrats, and reconciled congressmen. Also, RJ catches up on some Netflix while Sarah dabbles in prophecy. Click here ( to read the WSJ article on Smoking. Click here ( to read the article about COVID-19 Killing the Soulmate Model of Marriage. Click here ( to read David Clay's Mbird piece on the Freedom to be Bored. Click here ( to read Ross Douthat's column on The Real White Fragility. Click here ( to read Kat Rosenfield's "Master Cleanse". Click here ( to read the excerpt from John Lewis's final book.
In which Dave, RJ, and Sarah talk curated authenticity, shameful beaches, and imputing baseball coaches. Also, Sarah does some Corona math while and Dave weighs the wisdom of a Shakespearean admonition. Oh don't miss the surprise at the end. Click here ( to read Shannon Ashley's column on Medium "Girl, You've Been Made." Click here ( to read Zeynep Tufekci on how "Scolding Beachgoers Isn’t Helping". Click here ( to read Tess Wilkinson-Ryan's article for The Atlantic on the psychological morass of reopening. Click here ( to read Michael Lewis's essay on Coach Fitzgerald's Management Theory (or here to listen ( to the episode of Against the Rules about it).
In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave talk lonely dads, radical acceptance, hashtag preaching, and anger in the Bible. Also, the Heijmens pray someone into a fender-bender while Sarah takes a break from social media. Click here ( to read Sam Bush's article about God of Our (Lonely) Fathers. Click here ( to read Ekemini Uwan's piece about Radical Acceptance and the New Normal. Click here ( to read Chad Bird's column on Hashtag Preaching and Whack-a-Mole Worship. Click here ( to read Esau McCaulley's article about What The Bible Has to Say About Black Anger (
In which Sarah, RJ, and Dave talk picky eaters, casual racism, George Floyd, and Brendan the Navigator. Also, Dave presses some steel while Sarah reheats some frozen garlic bread. Click here ( to read CNN's report on picky eating. Click here ( read The NY Times piece on How to Talk to a Racist Click here ( to read CT's article on the Gospel Legacy George Floyd left in Houston Click here ( to read Fr Stephen Freeman's "It's Good To Be Here. Click here ( to read the NY Review of Books article on A Tale of Two Churches.
In which Dave, Sarah, and RJ talk Calvin and Hobbes, dirty dishes, prayer science, and oscillating faith. Also, RJ risks domestic discord to rearrange the silverware, and Confetti Egg Condon make a cameo. Click here ( to read Chuck Wendig's article on "Calvin and Hobbes and Quarantine." Click here ( to read Ellen McCarthy's article on how "The Dishes Will Never Be Done." Click here ( to read about "The Science of Prayer." Click here ( to read Todd Brewer's "Good News That Never Goes Out of Style." To respond to the opening appeal and give to Mockingbird, please visit
In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave talk middle school meddling, Waffle House fisticuffs, worthless baseball cards, and weird Christians. Also, Dave gets cut from a basketball team (or two). Click here ( to read an excerpt of Judith Warner's new book, And Then They Stopped Talking to Me Click here ( to read about the full Waffle House report Click here ( to read Ryan Hockensmith's article about "My Priceless, Worthless Baseball Cards" ( Click here ( to read Tara Isabella Burton's feature on Weird Christianity (
In which RJ, Sarah and Dave talk guilty pleasures, quarantine fatigue, 1st century exorcisms, and eccentric branches of the welfare state. Also, Dave turns to ebay while Sarah lets them eat cake. Click here ( to read Ian Olson's article on The Acquittal of Our Guilty Pleasures Click here ( to read Megan Garber's appraisal of Groundhog Day Click here ( to read Damon Linker's When Time Stops Click here ( to read Todd Brewer's post on Exorcisms, Jesus and Modernity. Click here ( to read Tom Holland's argument for why Church Leaders Should Not Be Talking Like Middle Managers in this Time of Crisis.
Episode 185: Be Like Mike?

Episode 185: Be Like Mike?


In which Sarah, RJ, and Dave talk Michael Jordan, productivity epiphanies, and Kierkegaard's glorious failures. Also, Dave goes full Regency while Sarah expounds on Russian dynasties. Click here ( to read Brian Phillips' piece on Michael Jordan the Story Versus Michael Jordan the Man. Click here ( read Laurie Penny's essay on how Productivity Is Not Working. Click here ( to read Thomas J. Millay's review of Sylvia Walsh's new book on Kierkegaard and Religion. Click here ( to read Sarah Denley Harrington's post on The Freedom to Do Nothing. Click here ( to read Lydia Suitt's reflection on Quarantine Side Effects.
In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave talk corona shaming, prepared forgiveness, parental anxiety and essential churches. Also, RJ finally finds out how the cow ate the cabbage. Click here ( to read Jennifer Weiner's piece on The Seductive Appeal of Pandemic Shaming. Click here ( to read Emily Lordi's The Stutterer's Song: Remembering Bill Withers Click here ( to read Agnes Callard's article on The Emotion Police Click here ( to read Kate Julian's What Happened to American Childhood? Click here ( to read Giles Fraser's post on Where Is God in this COVID Horror?
In which Sarah, RJ and Dave talk the ministry of weirdness and the hope of post-Corona grace before lamenting the popularity of lament. Also, Sarah reassesses Pokemon while RJ complains about his boss. To read Sam Anderson's profile of Weird Al, click here ( To read Amanda McMillen's piece on Grace Before and After Corona, click here ( To read Todd Brewer's essay on "More Than Lament", click here ( To read The NY Times interview with Kate Bowler about living in the face of fear, click here ( To read Josh Musser Gritter's post about "When Jesus Got Infected", click here (
Episode 182: Deployed!

Episode 182: Deployed!


In which Dave, Sarah, and RJ talk celebrity backlash, culpability anxiety, remote worship, and New York trauma. Also, Dave does his best Coach Taylor impression while Sarah learns from widows.
In which Sarah, RJ, and Dave talk favorite memes, anticipatory grief, apocalyptic pick-up lines, and other impossibilities. Also, Sarah organizes a Zoom happy hour, and RJ shakes his neighbor's hand.
In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave talk corona-couples, corona-parents, corona-jobs, and the perils of giving advice. Also, RJ takes things too personally, Sarah skips Morning Prayer, and no celebrates Lazarus's life. Articles discussed: Jennifer Senior's "Welcome to Marriage During Coronavirus" ( "Lowering the Bar in Parenting" ( via The Cut Productivity in a Pandemic ( Click here ( to read Tim Kreider's polemic Against Advice Click here ( to read why Jason Micheli won't be doing any celebrations of life
In which Dave, Sarah, and RJ talk new corona-realities, compassion shortages, and Martin Luther's advice for pandemic survivors--before giving their quarantine recommendations. Also, RJ goes bodysurfing while Sarah prays for teenagers in love. * Click here ( to read David Brooks' column on how Pandemics Kill Compassion. * Click here ( to read Emmy Yang's article on What Martin Luther Teaches Us About Coronavirus. * Click here ( to read Sarah's list of people she's praying for. * Click here ( to follow the Mockingbird Facebook page, where daily video devotions will be posted starting on Monday.
Comments (3)

Cheryl Cloyd

This was a fascinating listen! I will recommend it.

Aug 31st

Cheryl Cloyd

This is excellent listening for our current times. Informative, helpful and fun to listen to. It's a bit long, but worth the listen. I definitely recommend it, and may even get the book!

Jul 26th

Cheryl Cloyd

Excellent food for thought here.

Jul 11th
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