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The Altitude Resilience Podcast

Author: K Fitz

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Army Officer, Author, and Professional Speaker, K. Fitz, rebuilt himself as multiple setbacks, failures, and challenges stood in his way. Now that he knows how to rise above the challenges, he wants to pass that knowledge on to you through The Altitude Podcast Support this podcast:
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It’s almost time for season 4!!! --- Support this podcast:
Well maybe one more episode.... --- Support this podcast:
Last episode of 2019. See you in Season 4! --- Support this podcast:
New New! --- Support this podcast:
5 Ways for you to get RESPECT put on your name. --- Support this podcast:
Invest in yourself. I'll tell you why and the top areas of which you should. I'm ready and you're ready. It's the revamped Altitude Podcast. Here we go! #ALTITUDE19 #KFitz #RILYouCanFeel --- Support this podcast:
Today, K. Fitz awkward interviews.... himself. Yep, he becomes CPT Ken Coleman for today's episode and answers military questions. It's an action packed session and allows each of you to get to know your host a little bit better. Are you ready... He's ready... It's the Altitude Podcast... Let's Go! --- Support this podcast:
This is an improptu episode where K. Fitz shares a quick story of his ambition and how it all changed after fixing a toy for his son. Are you ready? Because he's ready... It's the Altitude Podcast... Let's Go! --- Support this podcast:
Stop treading lightly because you want to be liked. Tune in today's episode where K. Fitz discusses why you should be okay with being hated on. --- Support this podcast:
He's back. Let's go. --- Support this podcast:
No one wants that back pain from sleeping on the couch at night because of how they handled an argument, right? We've all been in the doghouse in our lifetime. Well, K.Fitz is going to give you some quick advice on how he stays as far away from the doghouse as he can. Are you ready? Because he's ready... It's the Altitude Podcast. Let's Go! --- Support this podcast:
The Battlefield of the Mind is the most dangerous place for any human being to go to war at. In this episode, K. Fitz talks about that place and how to achieve peace in the mind so that you can live your best life everyday. Oh and by the way, it's not the Dream Mover Podcast anymore. It's the Altitude Podcast. Are you ready? He's ready... Lets Go!!! --- Support this podcast:
Everyone is trying to make as much money as they can to live as comfortably as possible right? Well, K. Fitz is here to give 3 side hustles that could help you along the way. Today let's talk about new ways that you can make money. Are you ready?...Because he's ready.... It's the Altitude Podcast w/ K. Fitz.... LET'S GO! Altitude: Tales of Resilience - IG/TWTR/FB: @officialkfitz --- Support this podcast:
The best way to live your life is stress free. But the truth is, we are going to experience some form of stress every once in while. In today’s episode, we are going to talk about Living Your Best and not going back and forth with the stresses of the world. Are you ready? Because K. Fitz is ready? It's the Altitude Podcast... Let's go! --- Support this podcast:
To make changes on your computer, you hit 3 simple buttons together. Notice, you can't hit them separately and expect a change. In today's episode, K. Fitz talks about how you can hit "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" and reset your lifestyle to become the best you possible. Are you ready? Because he's ready... it's the Altitude Podcast.. Click Play... Let's Go. --- Support this podcast:
Latest episode of The Dream Mover Podcast --- Support this podcast:
If you keep Destiny waiting too long, she may hang up and never call back. The problem for a lot of people is that they desire to reach their ultimate destiny but aren't prepared for it when it arrives, so they hide from it. Ken dives deep into how to prepare yourself so that you can achieve your purpose when it finally appears. Are you ready? Because he's ready... it's the Dream Mover Podcast. Lets Go! --- Support this podcast:
Mirror, mirror on the wall... who is the most insecure of them all? We find out now through this episode of the Dream Mover Podcast. Ken discusses why you should avoid looking at other people's lives and comparing theirs to yours.... Are you ready? Because he's ready.... It's the Dream Mover Podcast... Lets Go. #officialkfitz #altitudetalesofresilience #ATOR --- Support this podcast:
You gotta get hate out of your heart if you want to grow. Ken discusses tools to let the past go so you can truly manifest becoming a Better You. --- Support this podcast:
Latest episode of The Altitude Podcast --- Support this podcast:
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