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John McCarroll and Kevin Diamond are booze industry paragons and total hunks. Follow their journey as they open rad wine, kick back, and learn valuable lessons about being true to their own appellations.
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The boys are joined with De Maison East's Ryan Looper to talk about Rioja, the history of Spain, and not nearly enough caliphate chat. We drank some killer dad wine and really loved it holy shit. I really don't remember what we talked about but it's a fantastic episode. On the bonus ( the boys got blue. Welcome to the season of passion . Buy De Maison East's stuff, follow Looper's blog. ////List////Remelluri, Rioja Reserva, 2013///La Rioja Alta S.A. , Rioja Reserva, 'Viña Ardanza,' 2012//// Support the show (
god damn you already know what it is we weren't supposed to do this. Please listen to episode 68 to like, really get our opinions on Txokolina. The post office fucked us. Covid fucked us. But we're still here for you.If you miss the old disgorgeous you'll like this.List:Gaintza, Getariako Txakolina, 2019//Ameztoi, Getariako Txakolina, 'Rubentis,' 2019////Support the show (
The boys close out Novemberfest with Will Ryan of Blaze Brewing to discuss the other German Wine, beer. This is a great episode to discover a lot of truths, such as who really can smoke weed, what happened to JFK, what’s up with Duck’s emotional state and what do German accents sound like, really? This is also a really fun and silly exploration that we, frankly, needed. This might be the longest goodbye we’ve ever recorded, which is cute. Please buy Blaze Brewing Beers, and buy Will’s old clothes (@willryanbrews on instagram). Please also emotionally prepare yourself for issue two of our zine, which is like, coming. ////LIST////Rothaus, Pils TannenzäpfleGaffel, Kolsch (Kevin and Will)Reissdorf, Kölsch (Duck only)Blaze Brewing, PilsnerBlaze Brewing, KolschSupport the show (
The boys are joined by Evan Lewandowski from Ruth Lewandowski to discuss horny bible books, Britney Spears, and sprite along with riesling from Rheingau. Also, they meet Evan’s dog, who is perfect. This is maybe the first time we’ve got a triple Christopher Walken impression, so, like, collectors edition. ////LIST////Carl Ehrhard, Rheingau Riesling, ‘Frau Ehrhard Natürlich,’ 2017//Ruth Lewandowski, Cole Ranch AVA Reisling, ‘Elimelech,’ 2018//J.B. Becker, Rheingau Kabinett Riesling, ‘Wallufer Walkenberg' 1996////Support the show (
The boys are joined by natural wine heart-throb Brent Mayeaux, the dork behind Stagiaire wines to disparage Charlemagne, drink Silvaner, and decannonize saints. If you want to learn what it’s like making natural wine in California or hear about the pope’s instagram creeping, this is the podcast for you. Please buy Brent’s wines — he’s self distributing and his instagram gets kinda low key sexy sometimes. ////LIST////Stefan Vetter, Franken Sylvaner, ‘Highland Shells,’ 2017//2Naturkinder, Franken Sylvaner, ‘ Kleine Heimat,’ 2018//Stagiaire Wines, ‘Cheeky Bisous Encore,’ 2019////Support the show (
The boys are joined by James Russell of Red Newt to talk about amphibians, the traitor Martin Luther, German ideas and the similarities between the Finger Lakes and the Rheinhessen. This is a truly fun episode and we learned a lot, just for you. Please drink Kelby's wines and also, if you want to see him naked please go to and get a calendar to raise money for COVID relief. ////LIST////Weingutt Schmitt, Rheinhessen Riesling, 2019//Keller, Rheinhessen Riesling, 'Von der Fels,' 2019//KJR wines,  Riesling, 2014//Red Newt Cellars, FLX Riesling, 'The Knoll,'  2015////Support the show (
Kev is back!!!! The boys welcome Gina Hildebrand and Mikey Giugni from Lady of Sunshine and Scar of the Sea to discuss Baden Pinot noirs and kick off Novemberfest 2020. Unleash your German personas and ignore LARGE SWATHS of 20th century history, because we are fucking doing this damn thing. Thank you to our sponsors, Bespoke Social Club and Radicle Wine, and check out Vom Boden's Mosel Cabernet for the California Wildfires . When you're done with all this, please drink Gina's and Mikey's wines, which are fucking stellar. Enter the computer world, and I GUESS VOTE. ////LIST////Wasenhaus, Baden Spatburgunder, 2018//Enderele and Moll,  Baden Pinot Noir, 'Liason,' 2018//Lady of Sunshine, Edna Valley Pinot Noir, 'Chene Vineyard,' 2018//Scar of the Sea, Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir, 'Vino de los Ranchos,' 2019Support the show (
Duck is joined by the world's biggest apple nerds, William Mullen, Benford Leplay of Floral Terranes, and Jenny Eagleton to discuss fruit foraging, soul filtering, and slug husbandry. This is also your annual reminder that literally the most insane garagiste stuff in the wine world is actually happening in cider (which you should be drinking much much much more of), and the nerdiest stuff in cider is happening in perry, which you should drink a moderate amount of sometimes. Please follow William @pomme_queen on instagram and buy his prints so his slug can eat good, please drink Benford's work with Eric Longabardi @floralterranes, and please read everything @snack_wizard_5000 writes, including the Disgorgeous zine, issue 2 of which is coming soon, actually. ////LIST////Floral Terranes, 'Harbor Hill,' 2019//Black Duck Cidery, 'Perry,' 2019 (Seriously buy it, it fucking whips)Support the show (
Kevin  Diamond joins duck to discuss eels, his new baby, and honestly mostly eels. I never listen to these episodes but I seem to recall Kevin going on and on and on about those fucking guys. What a weirdo!The boys also drank amaro and talked about "Death."////List////Faccio Brutto, Fernet//Forthave Spirits, Genepi, 'Yellow'//Support the show (
Duck is joined by Lebanese content creator extraordinaire Farrah Berrou to discuss the history of wine in the region, interesting uses for amphorae, and how listeners can actually aid in the recovery from the blast in the port of Beirut on August 4th. If you can, please consider donating to the Lebanese Red cross or Impact Lebanon, and certainly make time in your drinking schedule for some Baalbek Bangers. Please listen to Farrah's podcast, B  for Bacchus, and consider booking a class with her via zoom. ////LIST////Couvent Rouge (Walid Habchy & Eddie Chami), VDT, 'Leb-Nat Ruby,' 2019,//Dar Richi, Bekaa Valley, 'Hanan,' 2018 //Domaine Des Tourelles, Bekaa Valley, Carignan, 2018////Support the show (
*please note: it is NOT illegal for women to do pigeage in France. It’s rather against custom and considered impure. I regret offending any of our French listeners, but also, not really that much to be honest.*Wow, Beaujolais! WHAT A TREAT TO ENJOY WITH YOUR FRIENDS.  Duck and his two amigos get real, finally, while drinking some good and some not good bojo. The theme song is something I'm really proud of, please support our guests at Glou Glou Magazine. ////LIST////Redacted , Beaujolais, ',' 2018 (John and Claudia) // "    " 2019 (Nathan)//Yann Bertrand, Beaujolais, 'Oh!...,' 2019 (John and Claudia)// Domaine Jean-Claude Lapalu, Beaujolais, 2019 (Nathan)////Support the show (
John welcomes to the pod Joseph Bohling, author of the Sober Revolution: Appellation Wine and the Transformation of France, and James Sligh, author of the upcoming Children's Atlas of Wine, to talk about the very modern roots of the idea of the French AOC system. I think this is the first time we've allowed John to say "neoliberalism" on the pod, and boy does he go fucking apeshit. This is firmly within the ranks of "you might learn something" episode, but also, we all got wasted, so best of both worlds. Please attend Joseph's classes at Portland State University and buy his book on kindle and please drink with James via chambers street wines. Also, big shout out to our delivery homies at bespoke social club. Take a wine class with them too?  Big thanks to our UK wine goddess Elizabeth Brauders for sending us the Bellet. DM her respectfully. ////LIST////Domaine du Briseau, VDF, 'Patapon blanc,' 2019//Leonardo Erazo, Valle Del Atata, 'La Resistancia,' 2018//Chateau de Cremat, Bellet Rouge, 2014////Support the show (
Kevin, are you reading this? I miss you. Dms open man.Paternity Leave episode one, Duck is joined by Miguel and Rafa to discuss Rum. Unfortunately, it's an all bad boy episode, so there is a lot of time in the weeds discussing Tiki cocktails, colonialism and genocide, why museums suck, 9/11 and a weird dream duck had. It's a wild ride, pour yourself some rum.Please note - this is the first episode Duck has ever edited by himself. Please excuse anything being rough. Good thing there's not many cuts ;) ////LIST////Clairin Vaval, Haiti //Callwood Arundel Cane Rum, Tortola //Don Q Sherry Cask, Puerto Rico //Foursquare Exceptional Cask 2007 Traditional Blended Rum, Barbados//Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Black Rum, Jamaica //Blackadder Raw Cask Monymusk 10 Year (2004), Jamaica ////Support the show (
In a very special episode, the boys enlist the help of old pal Jesse Shapell to wrap up this Summer's "Postcards from Italy" season in a bright Sangiovese-colored bow. Kevin prepares to become a Dad, and John hides in a closet. Kevin would like to thank everyone for their support as he begins his paternity leave, and apologizes for leaving you alone with Duck for so long. He promises to rush back, and in the meantime, you are probably in good hands. Probably. .// LIST///Montestero Supre Cistercensi, Rosso, ‘Benedic,’ 2018//Pruneto, Chianti Classico, 2013//La Gerla, Brunello di Montalcino, 2014//Support the show (
We have completely unraveled. The boys discuss Corsica, which, of course, is a French Island that Italy has no legal claim to. They both think it counts and it's not sure why. If you wanted to hear anti white propoganda and about the weirdest trip to victoria's secret Duck has ever had, this is your episode. We love you all for being our therapists. ////LIST////Antoine Arena, Patriomonio, 2015 //Yves Leccia, Patriomonio Blanc, 2016 ////Support the show (
Well guys, we had Alexis Schwartz on again and we absolutely talked about lambrusco, farming, labor rights and mechanization. Follow @thirstythirsty @garrafada_org and sign up to hear updates on her upcoming projects ////LIST////Cleto Chiarli, Lambruso Del Fondatore, NV //Fattoria Moretto, Lambrusco, NV//Podere Il Saliceto, Lambrusco di Sorbara, NV////,Support the show (
Listen guys. Duck writes these, and he does not remember what we talked about. Just the 2 of us, no cuts, no Nebbiolo, all Piedmont. Sorry, all I had for dinner was salad and also I don't have covid, tell me if you liked it by going to ////LIST////Brezza, Langhe Freisa, 2018 //San Fereolo, Dogliani Superiore, 2011////Support the show (
The boys are joined by Bianca Sanon, sommelier extraordinaire,  who graciously decides to explain what a Miami is, because jesus christ are they dumb. More to the point, the intrepid trio discovers, what, exactly, an Etna is. Rip off your claws little stone crabs, everything you love will grow back. Friends, please continue to support to see OUR FUCKING ZINE and follow Bianca @sansbible.  ///List///Frederico Curtaz, Etna Bianco, 'Gamma,' 2018//Ayunta, Etna Rosso, 'Navigable,' 2017//Girolamo Russo, Etna Rosso, 'San Lorenzo,' 2017///Support the show (
The boys are joined by sommelier Etinosa Emokpae to discuss Ligurian wines, hand tattoos, erotic television, and mostly music from our youth. Honestly, we could have cut 45 minutes of this but we are in love with you.  If you are in Philadelphia, please visit her at Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and if you aren't (and the pandemic is over) please go visit her there. Also, PLEASE check her classes out at We jokingly call them our sponsor but they aren't in fact we owe them money.   ////LIST////Tenuta Selvadocce, Liguria Pigato, 'Crescendo,' 2018//Punta Crena, Liguria Vermentino, Vigneto Isasco, 2018//Pisano Danila Soldana, Rosesse di Dolceacqua, 2018////Support the show (
The boys are joined by Kilolo Strobert of Get Comfy with Wine to talk about the Veneto, hot blooded Italian men, bagel controversies, and oddly enough, chardonnay. I guess this is the first actual "Italian" episode on this dumb season - and holy shit are all the wines rad. If you've been sleeping on the Veneto, wake the fuck up. We had a lot of fun here folks, sorry (not sorry) it went long. Please follow Kilolo on the gram -- she's been doing awesome insta lives on representation in the wine industry and watch out for Getting Comfy with Wine's the instant we're allowed to do classes again. ////List////Agricole Ruge, DOC Prosecco Col Fondo, 'L'essenziale,' NV //Vignaioli Contra Soarda, Breganze Vespaiolo, 2015 //Ilatium, Valpolicella, 2018 ////Support the show (
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