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Author: Tanisha Carter

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Vital information for living your sweetest life hosted by Tanisha Carter Support this podcast:
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Activism & Advocacy Today

Activism & Advocacy Today


Does your activism/ advocacy incite progressive change or perpetual anger? --- Support this podcast:
The message is 4:44 long. and I dont do coincidences. --- Support this podcast:
i was supposed to talk about something else.....--- Support this podcast:
Episode 80 You Are Valuable

Episode 80 You Are Valuable


Your value is not defined by your money, it is defined by this.....--- Support this podcast:
You do not owe your life to your family. Your family does not owe you their life. We are only entitled to unconditional love. Hear me out.....--- Support this podcast:
It Ain't For Everybodyyyyyy! This week of #TheHoneyFiles is 100% spirit lead! If it resonates with you, then it's time to do the work! Weekly Affirmation & 💥New💥 Tarot Message 🃏--- Support this podcast:
on Episode 77 I discuss with you the importance of releasing resistance to receive your desired outcome.--- Support this podcast:
Episode 76 A Lesson Learned

Episode 76 A Lesson Learned


I been RELEASING chile. You'll probably be able to even hear it my voice- I ain't got time. Episode 76: A LESSON LEARNED I'm chatting about #TheAlchemist , #resistance, #gratitude and the consequences of not completing your divine work.LISTEN TO Somewhere In Between with Fancie HERE: Support this podcast:
I needed an Attitude Adjustment, so here's me talking through an adjustment | Also this is prep for the emotionally chaotic month we will have in June | listen to #ARealBlackAssEpisode Series HERE: Support this podcast:
Are We Free? How much of our culture have we censored & stripped to wave off systemic racism? --- Support this podcast:
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