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Author: Tanisha Carter

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Diving head first into ADULTING, The Honey Files breaks through our mundane routines by sharing vital information for living your SWEETEST life.
I don't know how I feel right now, but I'm choosing to be in gratitude.
Change starts within YOUR home, not telling others what to do. #NoteToSelf #NoteToOthers
It's in the title
Did some Inner Child work this morning and this is what came up.....
Stay focused on your path. Don't let your ego create unnecessary detours. And they say there is no correct way to pray......there is....
The masculine energy is AWRY!!! Y'all wylin!!! 不不不不不 but STAY GROUNDED , you got this 返樹返樹返
You are not crazy, YOU ARE REMEMBERING! IG: @thehoneyfilespodcast | @tanishavlog
I may ruffle some feathers with this one, but like I said- PLAYTIME IS OVER!!!!
I hope you see now that the only thing true and real are PEOPLE and NATURE.
Fellas, how yall feel? Ladies, yall alright?? This episode is a mashup of a few edits that I feel are important to reiterate during these times. I am also giving out free readings for clarity and guidance during this time. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.
During our quarantine, use this time to apply pressure towards your heart's desires don't stop creating.
Happy Birthday to me. I celebrated my birthday on March is my birthday message.
We will not deal with any static this year.
Episode 107 A Rant II

Episode 107 A Rant II


I gave y'all a break last week- now I'm ranting 不不不 just laugh and chat with me y'all.....
Episode 106 MY BITCHY WAYS

Episode 106 MY BITCHY WAYS


I'm not all PEACE LOVE AND LIGHT. Some days I'm ready to box a hoe, cuss you out for filth, and of course..... road rage.
This will not resonate with everyone, but there is a message here for someone.
Episode 104 SUPPORT

Episode 104 SUPPORT


Supporting others (business-related) can be a complex situation. Allow me to explain.... WEEKLY AFFIRMATION: Is this who I am becoming???
I'm tired of myself and others complaining about not being included. MAKE YOUR OWN SHIT OR STFU.
In order to get to the other side, you have to go through it.
On today's episode of #TheHoneyFilesPodcast we are discussing 1. Shifting Your Money Mindset 2. Shifting Your Perception of Self 3. Shifting Your Goals to Align with Higher Self
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