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Author: Two Market Girls

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Kat and Dev from the vegan blog/YouTube channel 'Two Market Girls' take to the airwaves to discuss life beyond the blog, including social media, tech, photography, vegan lifestyle, and more.
114 Episodes
We run a YouTube channel together where Kat cooks and Dev films the process, but now it's been eleven weeks since we've seen each other. We've kept up our videos and recipes, but with some changes and challenges. We're sharing all the details of how we're running our YouTube channel when we can't be together during the pandemic. News: Trader Joe's Vegan Turkey Patties: World's First Vegan Spam: Vegan Drumstick Ice Cream Cones: --- Send in a voice message:
So far our pandemic diaries have been fairly mundane recaps of life in isolation, but this time we got to discuss something exciting we completed while staying home- a vegan cookie ebook! We put together a free digital cookbook with vegan cookies to help you get through this weird time. We talk about our excitement releasing it and what future ebooks we want to make. Sign up for our newsletter to get a copy: Support us on Patreon: --- Send in a voice message:
Dear Pandemic Diary...

Dear Pandemic Diary...


What is a week anyways? Time may be escaping us, but we're still maintaining mostly healthy habits. Kat's making epic sushi dinners and Dev has rekindled her love of animal crackers... News: Beyond Meat Slashing Prices: Vegan Chef's Plant-Based Cooking for Kids: Daiya Ice Cream spotting: --- Send in a voice message:
We're Fine

We're Fine


No, really. We're fiiineee. Okay, we may be a bit tired and emotionally drained, but we still have lots to be thankful for. And we're still filling this new 'normal' with lots of different activities.  --- Send in a voice message:
It's week ??? of isolation and we've finally got a mini news segment for you! Along with the news, we discuss the habits and hobbies we're trying out to keep ourselves healthy and happy in this weird world. --- Send in a voice message:
Let's Get Physical

Let's Get Physical


It's not rocket science, but we have officially determined that the key to maintaining a positive mental attitude during this physical distancing and isolation is to make sure we're getting in some physical activity. We're also finding good music and good breaks help! Workout videos Kat's trying: Kat's chill kitchen playlist: Kat's dance kitchen playlist: --- Send in a voice message:
These days we're learning that it's about trying to accept what you're feeling and give yourself the time you need to get past the bad moments. Whether it's stress, anxiety, or tiredness, we all need to cut ourselves some slack and take it easy. This is how we're handling everything and navigating grocery shopping, working from home, mental health, and finding joy. Dev's Kitchen Time Playlist: --- Send in a voice message:
So the novelty of staying home has warn off, but we are still trying to find positives. We discuss how we're staying connected, more ideas for getting creative with our content, and how to make those nights at home a little more special. --- Send in a voice message:
As we try to settle into life during social distancing, we talk about the different content ideas we're experimenting with on our YouTube channel and what our eating habits have been like. --- Send in a voice message:
We're both officially working from home for the next little while and sharing how our experience is going. We also discuss how we're navigating social media and the stress that comes with the never ending news cycle of negativity these days.  Stay safe and healthy everyone! --- Send in a voice message:
In light of efforts to practice social distancing and staying home, we thought we'd offer some ideas for how to pass the time. What to watch, what to listen to, hobbies or skills to try, and all around helpful habits to stay happy during this difficult time. Shows/Movies We Recommend:  Lost Girl, Ugly Delicious, The Chef Show, Frozen 2, Brooklyn 99, The Great Hack, Working Moms, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Bad Moms, Grace and Frankie, Cheer, Fleabag, The Politician, The Biggest Little Farm, Game Night, Booksmart, Unbelievable, Star Trek Picard, Restaurant Impossible, The Outsider Podcasts We Recommend: The Last Podcast on the Left, Reply All, How Did This Get Made, WTF with Marc Maron, Today Explained, Frontburner, The Daily, Dying for Sex, And That’s Why We Drink, Decoder Ring, Science Vs, The Science of Happiness --- Send in a voice message:
In honour of #InternationalWomensDay, we're talking about our experiences as women in this day and age, as well as the women who inspire us and how we hope to see things continue to change for the better. Subscribe to The Gist newsletter: In the News: 1. Marky Mark Goes Vegan 2. Vegan Dating Show 3. Impossible Prices Become More Possible 4. Trader Joe's Vegan Mac n Cheese 5. KFC Goes Meatless For a Week 6. New Vegan Drinks at Starbucks 7. Subway's Cauliflower Curry Wrap --- Send in a voice message:
It's an all news episode! We're discussing some recent vegan product launches, restaurant menu items, and moves to help improve living conditions for marine life. In the news: 1. Disney's Bringing Impossible to the Kingdom 2. Starbucks Serving Beyond Meat in Canada 3. Cell-Based Mahi Mahi 4. Nova Scotia Whale Sanctuary 5. Michigan Dessert Bar 6. Wendy's Plantiful Burger 7. Taco Bell to Bring Vegan Meat to Menu 8. Golden Krust Vegan Jamaican Patties  9. Talenti Vegan Layered Gelato 10. Cadbury's Vegan Milk Chocolate --- Send in a voice message:
Would you go to a non-vegan surf n turf dinner? Dev shares her experience attending a dinner party where no one else was vegan and lobster claws were everywhere. The urge to be a "preachy vegan" or feeling isolated because no one else feels the empathy you're feeling can be difficult, but there's a lot we learned from it. --- Send in a voice message:
In honour of celebrating our 100th episode of our podcast, we're taking a look at how all of our content has grown over the years. We talk about how videos on our YouTube channel have changed, where our blog strategy is at, and what new things we've been trying to Instagram to keep things interesting.  In the news: A Prince Predicts Plant-Based Meat Prices The First Vegan Culinary School JUST Vegan Eggs Coming to Cafeterias  Tim Horton's Almond Milk NYC Deli Welcome Vegan Corned Beef Sandwich --- Send in a voice message:
Dating as a Vegan

Dating as a Vegan


Dating is already hard enough, but how does being a vegan play into things? Depends if you care whether your date is vegan or not. We discuss our thoughts on dating a vegan or non-vegan, how to communicate when you have different opinions on veganism and when it can become tricky with kids in the mix. In the news: 1. Iron Man Goes Plant-Based 2. Dallas Stars Host Vegan Night 3. Florida Vegan Drive Thru 4. Leonardo DiCaprio Wants More Vegan Pizza 5. Daiya Ice Cream Bars at Costco 6. World's Greatest Cauliflower Rice at Chipotle --- Send in a voice message:
Keeping it simple this week with an all news episode! Beyond Meat announced a bunch of new partnerships this week, Starbucks is bringing plant-based breakfast to their restaurants, and Ben & Jerry's hears the non-dairy ice-cream screams. In the News: 1. Goodbye Tim Horton's 2. Ben & Jerry's Sunflower Seed Ice Cream 3. Denny's Beyond Burger 4. Bacon Patch 5. Starbucks Plant-Based Breakfast 6. More Fried Chick'n from KFC and Beyond --- Send in a voice message:
Spoiler alert: it's not just vegetables. We discuss some of our staple foods that are always in our grocery carts and we make sure are never missing in our kitchens.  In the News: 1. Silk Vegan Whipping Cream 2. Chao Cheese in Costco 3. Impossible Burgers Discounted at Burger King --- Send in a voice message:
Going vegan doesn't mean completely giving up on your favourite foods! These days it's easier and easier to recreate the foods you love and we're sharing some tips for how to do it. In the News: 1. Impossible Foods is Coming to Canada 2. Impossible Foods and McDonald's are Not Over 3. Quorn's Carbon Footprint Labelling 4. UK Schools Go Plant-Based 5. Billie Eilish and H&M 6. Blackbird Foods New Pepperoni, Sausages, and Buffalo Wings 7. Kroger's Meaty Burgers 8. Ben & Jerry's Netflix and Chilled  --- Send in a voice message:
Ingredient lists can be overwhelming... BUT Once you know what things to look out for your shopping will start to go a little faster. We're listing some common non-vegan ingredients to avoid and hacks for helping find accidentally vegan products! In the News: 1. McDonald's Beyond Burger Expansion 2. Critic's Choice Awards Go Vegan 3. Domino's Testing Vegan Toppings 4. Piers Morgan Vegan Sausage Erotic Novella 5. Martha Stewart's No-Meat Balls Ingredients To Look Out For: --- Send in a voice message:
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lisa white

parent's job is to decide what is best for their kids, until they decide for themselves. if veganism is best for all people and the planet, which it is, it wouldnt be right to not raise your child vegan. raising your child vegan is similar to raising your child with your religion, because you believe in it, until they decide for themselves

Aug 20th

s c

did you watch any of his videos in its entirety?

Jul 25th
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