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Kat and Dev from the vegan blog/YouTube channel 'Two Market Girls' discuss running their blog, recipe creation, vegan news, social media, and content creation.
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This week in vegan news McDonald's is going to veganize their menu with Beyond Meat, a vegan KitKat chocolate bar is in the works, Danone acquires Follow Your Heart, more Ben & Jerry's flavours and Oatly is making Kat angry again. Ben & Jerry's new flavours: Beyond Meat and McDonald's: Vegan KitKat: Follow Your Heart acquired: Oatly's terrible ad: --- Send in a voice message:
We're discussing the movie Chef and the passion behind making it. We break down the whole film and how it reflects the struggles of being a professional chef while still maintaining the creativity and love for the art of cooking. Disclaimer: there will be spoilers and there is some not so vegan friendly content in this film.  --- Send in a voice message:
As we analyze recent food trends on social media, we discuss how our perceptions and expectations of food are altered by what we see on Instagram or TikTok.  --- Send in a voice message:
What goes into posting content on all the different social media platforms? A lot. And not just from a production stand point. It's also about pleasing the platform's personality. We discuss what varies between each app and how our approach to the content changes. --- Send in a voice message:
Spoiler alert: the answer is Pinterest. It is the biggest source of traffic to our blog and it's all thanks to specific strategies that we've implemented. Kat shares the secrets she's learned that have increased our blog views faster than anything else. The course: The trends: How to add pin descriptions to blog images: data-pin-description="PIN DESCRIPTION GOES HERE" --- Send in a voice message:
Has January felt five years long to everyone else? We're navigating the ups and downs of our productivity these days, so we discuss how we get motivated when we're feeling unproductive and why we wish the perceptions around productivity would change. --- Send in a voice message:
Have you seen the new tortilla wrap hack taking over the internet? Katherine has some passionate thoughts about it, so we discuss that and more food trends from 2020. We also talk about what trends may be in store for 2021. TikTok Food Trends: Trends for 2021: Vegan Food Club: --- Send in a voice message:
No matter what's happening, we know we gotta keep creative to keep ourselves feeling okay. Along with that, comes learning that taking time to feel your feelings or slow down is also productive and that down time matters. No new year resolutions here, just figuring out what to focus on! --- Send in a voice message:
Turns out TMG was a big part of helping us through this disorienting year. We talk about how we found comfort in figuring out how to do our content apart and how we hope to see it grow in 2021. And we couldn't end the year with a little more vegan news, including donuts, pizza, boy bands, and vending machines? News: Krispy Kreme Vegan Donut: Domino's UK Vegan Meat Pizza: Beyond Meat's Boy Band: Vegas Vegan Vending Machine: --- Send in a voice message:
Do you have a list of foods or recipes you want to try? We've been putting some lists together and we're sharing what recipes we want to try first! --- Send in a voice message:
How do you figure out how much you should be charging a brand when you partner with them on content? Are you charging what you're worth or shying away because of doubts? It's a struggle that almost every content creator feels because this whole industry is still so new, but we're giving some insights into how we decide what to charge and what our work is worth. --- Send in a voice message:
Addressing the classic complaint "why is there a whole story before the recipe? I just want the recipe, not your life story". We explain how much work goes into one recipe post and why creators wish for kindness when it comes to complaints like this on something that is already free. --- Send in a voice message:
With another lockdown upon us, we're sharing the routines, advice, and coping methods we're trying to help things feel a little better.  News: A Whole Bird Vegan Turkey: Joaquin Phoenix Praises Toronto Mac n Cheese: Healthier Beyond Burgers: Cover Girl's Vegan Mascara: --- Send in a voice message:
Catching up on all the latest vegan news including McDonald's new McPlant initiative, Beyond Meat at Pizza Hut, Chef Roy Choi teams up with Field Roast and more! News: The McPlant: Beyond Meat at Pizza Hut: Roy Choi and Field Roast: Vegan Cookies at Subway: Thanksgiving Helpline: White Castle's Vegan Stuffing: --- Send in a voice message:
We're sharing the latest cooking and baking experiments we've been trying in the kitchen. Everything from DIY sprinkles, to vegan egg yolk, and even some failed meatballs turned to a success. --- Send in a voice message:
Veganism has come a long way and has a long way to go. In honour of #WorldVeganDay, we're discussing the highs and lows of what it means to be vegan these days.  --- Send in a voice message:
When it comes to food styling that stops the scroll, it’s all about the story. A story told so seamlessly that you hardly realize why it’s drawing you in but you just want to know more. Sounds poetic and all, but how do you actually style food so that it has that affect on people? We’re discussing some technical setups and beginner tips to get anyone started. Pumpkin Spice Ebook: Video about styling food: The Bite Shot: Bea Lubas: Murielle Banackissa: --- Send in a voice message:
We're debating a list of the top 100 vegan products ever because some things are definitely in the wrong order.  The list: In the news: Vegan Boursin and Babybels: Krogers 50 New Vegan Products: Zero Egg: --- Send in a voice message:
Would you consider using hypnotherapy if your non-vegan partner refused to eat vegan food? One woman is willing to pay $1000 to try and we are fascinated and confused. So many questions. Get our Pumpkin theme e-cookbook: The story: --- Send in a voice message:
When the weight of the world takes a toll on your creativity, what do you do? As we navigate this ongoing pandemic, we still have our creative successes (hello new pumpkin ebook!), but we're also facing some lack of motivation. We're discussing how to make peace with that struggle and hopefully move past it. Plant-Based Pumpkin Cookbook: In the News: Sol Cuisine’s Thanksgiving Roast) President’s Choice Plant-Based Products Naked “Without the Oink” Bacon Applewood Cheese Toppers Pizza Starbucks and Miyokos --- Send in a voice message:
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lisa white

parent's job is to decide what is best for their kids, until they decide for themselves. if veganism is best for all people and the planet, which it is, it wouldnt be right to not raise your child vegan. raising your child vegan is similar to raising your child with your religion, because you believe in it, until they decide for themselves

Aug 20th

s c

did you watch any of his videos in its entirety?

Jul 25th
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