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Natural Heath Products: Ingredients for Success

Author: Stratum Nutrition

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Our goal in this podcast is to support natural product brands, dietary supplement companies, functional food and beverage companies, and nutraceutical industry professionals by offering interviews with top industry experts. These interviews will contain best practices, trends, recent news, and other insights as they relate to business ops, supply chain, quality, science and regulatory, manufacturing, marketing, strategy, branding and more.
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On this episode, Erica Rankin, Founder & CEO at Bro Dough, joined the show. Erica is a young Canadian entrepreneur who took a passion and turned it into a business. She created Canada's first better-for-you edible cookie dough with a spin. Launched in 2019, Bro Dough is not only vegan, but contains plant-based protein (derived from peas), as well as natural sweeteners. The product contains half the amount of sugar found in traditional cookie dough and does not use any artificial sweeteners. Her vision is to create a world where someone can eat an entire jar of cookie dough and still feel good about themselves. Sit back and listen to her journey. 
On this episode, John Lyon, Product Development Director with Veyl Ventures, joins the show. John has 9+ years of exceptional hands-on portfolio experience developing health and wellness solutions/products from concept through launch. He is known for steering lucrative brands into fascinating and exciting consumer products and seeing them to successful completion. Take a listen and hear some industry insights from the one and only, Mr. John Lyon. 
In this episode, Kerry Roberts, Co-Founder at Everipe Smoothies, shares the story behind Everipe Smoothies and why they choose freeze-dried ingredients. Their ingredients make it a unique brand that stands out above other smoothie brands. Take a listen and learn about the history of freeze-dried ingredients. Afterwards, be sure to head over to their website and grab some delicious smoothies packed with superfoods.
In this episode, we had the privilege of hosting Gretchen Powers, Senior Director of Marketing and Member Experience at the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN). CRN's mission is to sustain and enhance a climate for their members to responsibly develop, manufacture, and market dietary supplements, functional food, and their nutritional ingredients. Gretchen shares the depth of responsibility this industry has and what CRN is doing to help maintain its integrity and reputation. Trust us when we say, this is an episode you don't want to miss. 
In this episode, Mark Samuel, Founder and CEO of IWON Organics joins the show. Mark launched IWON organics when he realized that most on-the-go meals were unhealthy, unnatural, and didn’t taste that good. So he went on a mission to create exactly what he wanted using the best, non-GMO and organic ingredients. By simply putting one foot in front of the other and achieving small wins daily, he has succeeded in moving to the next level of the business - helping people win on a daily basis. 
In this episode, we had the pleasure of having Jen Dieter on the show. Jen has 22 years of physical therapy experience and is a six-time Crossfit Games masters athlete, finishing between 9th and 5th overall from 2015-2020, and she won two major CrossFit Masters events in 2020. Listen in to hear about her journey into Crossfit and how working with Stratum helped her become an influencer for one of our brand partners, Redd Remedies. 
In this episode, Bill Grundler, Masters Athlete & Crossfit Coach, explains how our bodies, or as he calls it, "our machines," don't work like they use to, and what healthy aging looks like for all athletes. Listen in as he breaks it down to the bricks - nutrition and movement - and how supplements are the mortar that holds everything together.  
In this episode, Chris Haynes, our Senior Director of Global Sales, takes us on a walk through memory lane as he describes the evolution of the natural products industry. With 29 years of experience under his belt, he shares some insightful truths on the industry and its growth. Trust us when we say, this is an episode you don't want to miss. 
 In this episode, Caroline Beckman, CEO at Nouri, shares her passion of taking what she has learned and how she is applying it to various areas in the public sector. Hear why Caroline and others are focusing on mentoring those in the juvenile system. 
In this episode, Afif Ghannoum, CEO at BIOHM Health, shares what it takes to create a thriving ambassador program. From the importance of hiring PR firms with a hustle game to regulating influencer content, his way of storytelling will certainly inspire you to take your brand to the next level. 
In this episode, we had a fun time chatting with Richard Lin, CEO @ Thryve, about how his company got started, where health care is today, and what the future of microbiome health can do. Take a listen, and who knows, you might just be inspired to get your own toilet mascot. 
In this episode we have Kyle Phelps on and learn a bit more about his background, Ancient Nutrition, and what it looks like leading the product development charge in the natural products space today.
We all understand at this point the power of social media and how it affects brands within the natural products space. We were stoked to chat with Adam Brown from Sircle Media (if you don’t know Adam, you really should. Check him out on LinkedIn). In this episode, we had a lot of fun chatting about 1st Base + Curated in the Mix + Influencers + TikTok is Sushi.
International bestselling author Jay Samit, is a dynamic entrepreneur and intrepreneur who is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on disruption and innovation. Described by Wired magazine as “having the coolest job in the industry,” he raises hundreds of millions of dollars for startups, advises Fortune 500 firms, transforms entire industries, revamps government institutions, and for three decades continues to be at the forefront of global trends.What a great experience it was to have the international best-selling author of "Disrupt You!," Jay Samit on the podcast.  In this episode  we discuss with Jay natural product industry disruption, mentoring, and the release of his new book, "Future Proofing You." 
In this episode we are speaking with Fred Hart, the Creative Director @ Interact  Boulder. Fred and Interact Boulder work with brands such as Boulder Canyon, Noble Made, Dogfish Head Brewing and a ton more. We talk package design, audience centric design, the COVID direct to consumer fire, as well as Fred offering lots of great advice for startup brands in the natural health and supplement categories. 
In this episode, we had a very inspiring and insightful regulatory conversation with Diana Morgan of Care/Of. We discuss everything from Warren G to not saying no for the sake of saying no to your other departments but being creative with finding gray areas and beyond. If you are a young regulatory professional in the natural products space or seasoned veteran, lot's of sound advice from one of the most delightfully-fresh seasoned regulatory pros in the biz.
Super pumped to have our dear friend Andrew Hebard on the show. Andrew is the founder of Natures Crops International, the manufacturers of Ahiflower. In this episode we get some really great insight into supply chain influence, how to get creative in business, advice Andrew has for the 20 something him as well as discussing a bit on Ahiflower of which we distribute for Natures Crops.
In this episode we interview Erik Bywater the founder of Knosis, an eSports natural supplement brand gettin' their game on. We learn about Knosis and discuss the eSports category, his experience on the Canadian show "Dragon's Den" (As much as we could anyway;) and get some great advice he has for entrepreneurs and new brand leaders in the natural products space.
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