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Getting Money Right was started with you, the listener, in mind. We desire to educate and inspire you to “get money right” to pursue your passion and do the work you are meant to do. To take GMR to the next level, we are pausing the podcast and focusing our time on completing the financial course we started in 2021. This pause is temporary but necessary for the vision and purpose we have for GMR long-term. Although we won’t be producing new content, we want to remind you that we have 188 other episodes to help you understand and apply sound financial principles to your money management. Thank you for being so supportive!
Food is one of the primary expenses in our budget and a basic need. The cost is necessary, but the amount you spend each month can vary based on personal choice. In this episode, we break down the different costs associated with preparing your own meals, fast-food/take-out, or going to a sit-down restaurant. The difference between these will surprise you.
Every work has paid into or is currently still paying Social Security and Medicare taxes. We all hope to see those benefits come our way someday. In this episode, we discuss the current state of these programs, how this may impact you in the future, and what you can begin to do about it.
Consumer Reports did a year-long investigation, which included 858,000 loans from 17 major auto loan lenders, to look into the growing burden of car-related debt. What they found is disturbing and heartbreaking. In this episode of GMR, we discuss the reasons people are falling for bad auto loans and how to avoid being one of them.
If you’re familiar with our 4 Steps to Purposeful Living, then you know that Investing Wisely (Step 4) is the one thing that can accelerate your ability to do more good and fulfill your life purpose. In this episode of Getting Money Right, we’re talking about investing in individual company stock. Should you do it, and if so, what things do you need to take into consideration to keep you from financial harm?
If there’s one topic that we should be teaching our teenagers and young adults is personal finance. In this episode of Getting Money Right, we’re talking with Dan Sheeks, the author of First to a Million: A Teenager’s Guide to Achieving Early Financial Independence. Dan’s passion for teaching kids to understand and apply financial strategies to achieve financial independence is truly inspiring. If you have a teen or young adult, or will eventually have one someday, you will want to listen to this episode and get a copy of Dan’s book.
2021 has been an interesting year for many people, including us. As we’ve been working on increasing the value we are always trying to offer you, our followers, some significant changes have happened in both of our families. In this episode, we discuss some personal updates and our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best personal financial education and inspiration we can.
When we hear the word “wealth”, many of us think about money. But wealth is about so much more than that. All of the aspects of your life that matter most to you - your family, your legacy, your community, the causes you care deeply about - contribute to your wealth and the richness of your life. Together, they compose your family value. If you’re only managing your family’s money, however, your family value is at risk. In this episode of GMR, we talk with JR Gondeck and Venessa Martinez about the importance of passion on your values along with your wealth to ensure your family’s legacy.
Making financial decisions, especially under financial duress, can lead to frustration and big arguments with your spouse. Even when finances are good, unity in your financial decisions can be challenging. In this episode, we discuss areas that are most likely to create tension and ways you and your spouse can achieve harmony in all your financial decisions.
There’s are many ways that Amazon continues to impact our lives. The benefits of ordering pretty much anything from the comfort of our home to having the item arrive at our door within hours can’t be overstated. But there’s at least one negative impact to Amazon’s influence that can harm or do serious damage to your financial health. In this episode, we discuss this Amazon phenomenon, how you can protect yourself from financial harm while enjoying the benefits.
It seems like every item you’re purchasing these days offers an extended warranty. From Amazon to eBay to your local Walmart purchase, you can’t get through a purchase without an offer for an extended warranty. When is an extended warranty needed, and are they worth the value you’re being asked to pay for them? In this episode of GMR, we’re digging into this topic to help you make better decisions and get the best value for your money.
Don’t you wish better financial education was available for your kids, and that it was fun? In this episode of Getting Money Right, our guest, Shivanii Ray, has just what you’ve been wishing for. Shivanii is the Global Community Engagement Champion of, an online financial education platform that offers financial education for kids and teens, in a fun and interactive way.
Buying a home is something most families have a desire to do. And, with the cost of housing continuing to rise, many people are considering buying sooner rather than later. Buying without a sizable down payment will require private mortgage insurance (PMI). In this episode of Getting Money Right, we discuss what is PMI, what it costs, and whether you should pay for it.
There are almost endless options when it comes to investing. Where should you start? What do you need to know to be a successful investor? In this episode, we talk with Alex Mason, the creator of the Stock Stories podcast, and the website, to learn about the types of asset classes available and understand the benefits and risks that come with each asset type.
Everyone will have to or want to borrow at some point. Having the best credit score will not only allow you to get that loan or credit account, but it will also ensure you pay the lowest interest rate available. In this episode of Getting Money Right, we discuss how long it will take you to build or rebuild your credit score if you’ve had some negative marks against your score, so you can pay less when it’s time to borrow.
The U.S. Government this month (July 2021) has begun sending child tax credits checks for each child 17 years old and under? What will you do with the extra money? In this episode of Getting Money Right, we’re talking about what the changes to the Child Tax Credit are, why they are being offered in advance. We’ll also make some suggestions on how to make it pay off in a big way.
There are certain areas of spending within a household budget that are harder to keep under control than others. Food is definitely one of those. In this episode of GMR, we discuss how you can better budget for this specific expense to keep the rest of your budget healthy.
Higher education is a good thing. But, should you go back to school to obtain a master’s degree or an additional certification? In this episode of GMR, we discuss the benefits and costs associated with higher education so you can determine whether now is the right time to pursue it.
Having the right information at the right time can make a big difference, especially in regard to finances. In this episode of Getting Money Right, we give our best financial advice to young adults who are just starting out.
Passing on your knowledge, experience, and wisdom about money to your children is vital to their happiness and success. In this episode of Getting Money Right, we are answering this important question to help you gain insight into when and how to begin teaching your kids about money.
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Attila Dinu

Just a heads-up. The link in the discription is not working. The "." at the end seems to be the cause of the problem. After I removed it, the link could be accessed without a problem. All the best from Romania!

Jun 2nd

Emily White


Jan 12th

Daniella Solis

Amazing podcast!

Dec 31st

Daniel Thompson

woderful podcast that goes over a number of challenging concepts and breaks them down for easy consumption

Dec 28th

Jenny Guo

These amazing podcasts are the talks of heaven. Pretty inspiring, helpful, and entertaining time spent listening to them. Definitely recommend this channel.

Dec 17th

David Thompson

A show dedicated to helping you achieve your life's true calling and purpose through education and inspiration on finances.

Dec 13th

Ruben Precup

Inspiring podcast and great hosts. I recomend this podcast to everyone who wants to get his finances right!

Dec 10th

Jeremy Silbernagel

An excellent example of common sense budgeting and investment strategy! if you have ever wanted to get your finances in order, and leave a legacy for your children, then this is the podcast for you! love this show! it WILL help you, check it out!

Dec 9th

Ruslan Chapman

Wow! Love the Heart and Knowledge you have put into these segments. One can learn so much from these!!! Highly recommend!

Dec 9th

Jonathan Carley

These are Awesome podcasts with great content!

Dec 8th

Donald Harrison

This was very helpful and a MUST listen! Both gentlemen were fantastic at explaining why getting your finances situated is crucial.

Dec 8th

micah thompson

This podcast does a very good job of taking a large subject and breaking it down to digest able information. the speakers are very informative and knowledgeable. Great Podcast!

Dec 6th

David Thompson

Great podcast with excellent content!

Dec 6th

Ashley Thompson

This is an amazing podcast filled with wonderful topics on personal finance! I love the hosts and guest speakers they have on here, what a great variety and wealth of knowledge! Keep it up, can't wait to hear more!

Dec 6th
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