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Nightmares R Made Of

Author: Miss Nightmare

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The weird & unusual. Emo-casting. Sex stories. Origin stories. Mythical creatures, nightmares, dream interpretation, tarot cards, ouija board experiences, etc and random shit because I can. Support this podcast:
146 Episodes
Come join in as I discuss the newest category of porn I’ve been watching, porn phrases & types that absolutely gross me out, & whether or not amateur porn is better than super set up porn. I also discuss tips for thick bitchez on riding face and cool new sex furniture & toys I’ve recently come across on Support this podcast:
Broadway Or Bust!

Broadway Or Bust!


Hi you guys! Come join in a topic that has the internet in an UPROAR...BLACK ARIEL. Come walk with me as I discuss why BROADWAY is honestly the much better option than sitting through the most recent live action versions of the Disney animated classics. Also find out why I much more prefer the animated versions to these live actions ones & why if ur gonna watch the slew of nothing new movies, why it’s a much more magical experience on BROADWAY!--- Support this podcast:
How far would you go to satisfy your lady? Would you fuck her in lingerie? Would you wear a chin or thigh strap-on just to give her the best foreplay of her life? What are your thoughts on non-vanilla sex avenues?--- Support this podcast:
Listen in as I discuss my most recent brush with the opposite sex. An ex bf of my ex bff’s to be exact. Join into the convo and see what this kid did to earn a spot onto my podcast & what he had the nerve to tell me on FB Messenger & why it pissed me off to no other degree.--- Support this podcast:
Listen in as I retell the insane day I had at the beginning of the week. All because I chose to let a meth head borrow my phone. Was I wrong or right? What would you have done?!--- Support this podcast:
Listen in as I discuss a very interesting case of Forensic Files & why this episode is so different from many of the cases I’ve stumbled upon! Also, I discuss the mindset the murdering mommy must have been in to kill her two children in the dead of night while her husband slept upstairs. I also question what drives a mother to act so recklessly.--- Support this podcast:
Welcome in for another fun episode about retail hell & the out of control things people try to return! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome in for a playful little episode on me imagining if I got a side hustle as an erotic audio book reader. Also listen in as I question who makes the descriptions you see on the fuckable sex dolls/ male sex toys.--- Support this podcast:
How do you think you should compliment a girl? Do you think telling her you want to fuk her as Marie Antoinette is appropriate??? Is that what you think I want to hear from strangers that I literally don’t care about or know? Thoughts please.--- Support this podcast:
Listen in for a quickie rant as I discuss why I Refuse 2 List Myself As A “Public Figure” On IG 🤢🤢🤢--- Support this podcast:
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