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Author: Juan Navarro

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Artist/comedian working driving drunk slobs around the magic city while talking about life, art, and your mom. Support this podcast:
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Since we are constantly looking at the book of Revelations to see what chapter we are on, I take a step back and go local and talk about the Miami Latino hardheaded was that plagues the streets and how we can get people involved and understanding. --- Support this podcast:
This week has been something, huh? Well, we get into and talk about the protests, the riots, conspiracies, and what is ultimately the failure of humanity in the tragic murder that is George Floyd. All while drawing. Join me. --- Support this podcast:
Another week, another podcast, another revelation. We get into some BLACK LIVES MATTER ideas, racism and comedy, and ultimately having FAITH IN YOUR SELF versus listening to all the bullshit out there. It was a fun one. --- Support this podcast:
CREAM! So celebrating five years as a comic book shop owner of the Goblins Heist I had to put it down on audio. I will go through the history of the shop and how it formed, how it was put together who was involved who is not, the ups and downs and what it means to be in the Comics game as a creator as an owner and as a publisher for the last five years and what it does it mean for the future. --- Support this podcast:
Currently have a huge workload so now I’m just posting a little mini sewed the subside till we get back to the regular thing next week. Check soon for more and until then stay the fuck inside until otherwise? --- Support this podcast:
How are you losing? How are you winning? Questions to ask yourself now and at anytime. Learning to take stock of your present will always bring the future you want. Be careful of what goes into your head and what people are saying versus what they are doing. Also beware the murder hornets! BEWARE! --- Support this podcast:
Hey, folks just touching base with you this week and trying to present a couple of different arguments both the pro and con about not only society but also this whole quarantine kind of bullshit that we lived going through. I know there’s a lot of conspiracies out there and I try to break them down, the thinking and everything else all in this little podcast and I don’t think I did enough but maybe just maybe there might be an inkling for you and something you can get out of it. Plus I talk about art for like a second. OK that sounds good --- Support this podcast:
Aggravation can come from anywhere both inside and outside... of ... well you, or your house or society or whatever. It’s an ever encompassing system set to make your blood boil and how you deal with it is how you’ll find happiness... or whatever. --- Support this podcast:
This podcast is just me for me to hear my ideas my loves my grievances and so much more but mostly to break the monotony. And no bigger man or not monotony can be out there then what’s happening with the quarantine from the PlayStation network breakdown to the Internets to just being in the present it’s all about breaking that fog --- Support this podcast:
HOLY GEEZ HIS EPISODE WAS A PAIN IN THE A$$!?! Some technical difficulties but we got it down on the fourth take: we tackle some of the fundamentals that have come up from being in Quarantine ; the difference between being ALONE and being LONELY and what that means for a person we also try to put on our conspiracy theories hats and wax poetic about the possible end of the world if this is an apocalypse or is this an awakening oh well having a laugh LOL --- Support this podcast:
HEY! THIS WEEK: I’m getting down with some nitty gritty as another week of quarantine and world insanity continues and I’m here holding your hand so you can get a grip on the world and together we can get through this gracefully like a deer jumping through the woods or a knife between the ribs! Sssssshhhhhhhhhhhh hut up! We get into keeping your sanity at home and the creative steam engine inside you hot! What to do during this time! Also, DICK OLYMPICS , Tinder during the down fall of man, COMICS HUBD AND THE FUTURE OF COMICS AS A BUSINESS Aaaaand More! BE GOOD! --- Support this podcast:
Not trying for 1st world problems here but what is worse the negativity or the actual sickness? I delve into the mindset that this ain’t the end of the world but maybe a big fat reset button we might need as a species. Just blow into the cartridge! --- Support this podcast:
Been meaning to get back to podcasting and what better time than at the end of the world, right? No? Nothing? I don’t think so and maybe you won’t either after hearing my reasons! We also delve into the ideas of effort and sacrifice and why waiting for that pat in the head should not happen! FWACATA is back AND I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Just use the anchor app and leave a message or hit us up here a or @fwacata online! Let’s do this! --- Support this podcast:
Went for the Wednesday episode and nyeeeet! So here is my apologetic Thursday morning edition! --- Support this podcast:
Boom. 4 am interview with an aspiring comedian Yma and her rants because... why not? --- Support this podcast:
FWACATA (Trailer)

FWACATA (Trailer)


--- Support this podcast:
We get into a little bit of everything this episode; we talk about Comics, review some comics, talk about reviews of Comics, and a little bit of comedy and then we talk about appreciation, and what appreciation can do for you and what you can do to appreciate your own shit. Comic Books, comedy, fanboy motivational fun! --- Support this podcast:
SHORT AND SWEET BUT RHEN A NICE WHOPPING BONUS: Orlando Megacon 2014(?) Independent Comic panel, hosted by Terry Cronin (Students of the Unusual) with Jeff Kaufman (Jolly Jane, Publisher) Martin Pierro (Cosmic Times) Brian Pulido (Lady Death, Chaos! Comics) Austin Janowsky (indie comic artist) and Myself?!? We cover some good stuff about comics and comic publishing and this business. It was fun and stupid but in the end, informative! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
This episode will be exploring ide between alone and lonely and what you can do to differentiate those two things and how you can empower yourself and not be ruled by it but also pay attention and know what to do. Also some comic reviews on old lady Harley and Naomi from DC comics and also new events coming up in Miami --- Support this podcast:
Baboon • Having fun in the abyss • In The Back Room • sweet Caroline’s 1.23.2019 rough night.m4a • In The Back Room • A night in Carolines --- Support this podcast:
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