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Welcome to Bold & Bawdy, the podcast that serves up empowerment for the culture in biweekly episodes on Wednesdays. We represent the generations that embrace the multi of their identity- whether it’s culture, language, socio-economic status, interests- and their intersections.
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In this episode we will cover 2 of the main areas where as people of color we need to create the right plans to build wealth for ourselves and build up our communities.
In this episode we talk about HR 40 and discuss different points of view, including our own on the topic of reparations
This week we will discuss how racism and white supremacy are intertwined, examine how these beliefs manifest themselves in certain movies and shows, and how certain titles perpetuate images that reinforce the ongoing toxicities of white supremacy and racism.
S2E7 - What’s it Worth

S2E7 - What’s it Worth


Many of us have experienced toxic work environments and moments of unhappiness in certain things we have chosen to pursue- in this episode we unpack these types of situations and give our opinions
The 3 of us happen to be going through a hectic time at work, in this episode let’s talk about the craziness, how it is impacting our lives and some of the coping mechanisms we have been using to keep ourselves grounded
This episode is a story time episode with Westley as he describes is early college years with money and how they shaped his life.
Today we want to look at how many commonly held thoughts, actions and beliefs about men, particularly minority men, that are considered “gay” only feed into the toxic masculinity we’re looking to dismantle.
Who else has picked up on the lack of conversation and resources when it comes to sexual dysfunction that impact women? We have all heard about ED, pre-ejaculation, viagra, and can probably hold our own conversing on the topic. But when it comes to the issues that can impact women, even finding adequate information on Google becomes a challenge. Let’s do better together: let’s discuss sexual dysfunction openly; let’s listen without judgement, let’s demand more from our doctor’s, and let’s share resources amongst ourselves.
S2E2 - Cancel Culture

S2E2 - Cancel Culture


CANCELED! Who deserves to get canceled? Is there any coming back once you’ve been canceled? Why hasn’t X person been cancelled yet? Join Westley, Maddie, and Lina D this week and join the cancel culture convo.
The Bold & Bawdy crew is back! Curious about what Lina D, Maddie, and Westley have been up to since season one ended? Join us for the first episode to hear about dating drama, homeowner problems, travel stories, and more.
S1E10 - Season Finale

S1E10 - Season Finale


We can’t believe the end of season 1 of Bold & Bawdy is here! Check us out as we reminisce our favorite moments of the season. Want to know what we will be up to over break? Want some advice on dealing with the holidays and closing the year strong? We got that too!
In this episode we will give a brief summary of what has been happening with Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and the allegations of sexual assault. We will discuss our thoughts and reactions and highlight how when it comes to politics we are yet to see an advancement in women’s rights despite the Me Too movement.
Is dating in real life dead? In this episode we look into the the rise of online dating and discuss if dating in real life from start to finish is even a thing anymore. We welcome a special guest! Sophia joins us to give her perspective and strategies for dating from the perspective of someone that has been off the market for 10 years and is just getting back into the scene. For those of you that are over online dating, we provide tips for changing up your dating approach.
In this episode we talk about reproductive rights and how the Trump administration has made shady moves that threaten women’s health and reproductive liberty. Get informed and take action, the midterm elections are just around the corner.
The past few months have been a constant barrage of tweets, breaking news headlines, and articles about the “immigration crisis.” This administration has had no shortage of excuses when it comes to directing blame and skirting accountability for the separation of families at the border. So what statements are fact and which ones are fiction? Listen to this week’s episode to get a recap of the events and learn what sides of this issue still require our attention and call for us to stay involved to prevent further infringement of human rights.
S1E4 - Boycott For What

S1E4 - Boycott For What


In today’s social media dominated world we see outraged calls for boycotts when brands, companies, or celebrities take part in actions that reflect tone death opinions, appropriate cultures, or misrepresent reality. But how committed are we to these calls for boycotts? In this week’s episode we recount the role boycotts have played in history and discuss the evolving role that boycotts have in society today.
Are you thinking about taking the next step and moving in together? Listen to this episode to get all sides of the story. Cohabitation can be a scary step and it may not be for everyone. We talk about the pros and cons of cohabitation and look into the most recent trends.
In this episode we dissect the concept of work-life balance and provide our tips for achieving healthy balance and working smarter in corporate America. If you haven’t heard the term “Pura Vida” it is a way of thinking embraced in Costa Rica, and it refers to having a perspective to life that evokes a spirit that is laid back and optimistic. Take that concept and apply it to how you view your work life and we start moving in a direction that is healthier and more productive.
S1E1 - Woke In Review

S1E1 - Woke In Review


In the first episode of Bold & Bawdy we talk about the importance of staying woke, especially in today’s America. Trump’s coming into the presidency has awaken and embolden the spirit of racism in this country. We take a walk through the history of oppression that blacks have faced and highlight many of the events that are oddly similar to what is happening today in 2018.
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