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Author: Cheri Strange

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Stirring Faith with Cheri Strange is a conversation designed to help awaken and inspire a desire for God into your everyday life, making Him more evident and desirable to others.
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Do you ever feel as if God has changed his mind? Decided against you? Chosen someone else? Does he even still speak? Maybe He's moved on past you? Well, if so, you wouldn't be alone.  Tune in to this final episode in season 4 to find hope. Support the show (
How to Fight the Enemy

How to Fight the Enemy


You know the feeling. The deep depression.  The knowledge that you just did WHATEVER you didn't want to do, again. The sense of defeat can be overwhelming. How can you ever get on the winning side? Is there even a way? To these questions and more, Jesus gives us answers and a hope worth obtaining. In this episode, you will find five ways to fight the enemy Jesus utilized that you can begin using today.Don't forget to grab the free Resources that go along with this series, Truths Jesus Taught at Just click on the bar at the top of the page, "Get the FREE Reading Plan"Support the show (
How to Lead Well

How to Lead Well


This is not another seminar on the latest or greatest Just Trust Me gimmicks for how to get ahead in your business or organization. Instead, it's a look at what Jesus taught about how to lead and how he led that demonstrates for us how to lead well. Whether it be the local PTA, the neighborhood gardening club, a church ministry, or a corporation, there are elements to emulate from Jesus available to us in Scripture. Cheri offers five in this episode.Don't forget to pick up your free resources to go along with the series, Truths Jesus Taught, at the top bar at the show (
How Do I Pray?

How Do I Pray?


If someone were to ask you if you were a prayer person, you would likely say, "Yes." But if that same person were to ask you if those prayers were effective, or if you believed God even heard them, there would likely be a very different response. One major reason would be because we don't know if we even know what we are doing. This episode looks at what Jesus had to say about prayer -- what to do and what NOT to do. Take these ten suggestions and see how they work in your own prayer life today. Don't forget to become a subscriber at and get a free reading plan.Support the show (
What if I Doubt?

What if I Doubt?


Have you ever doubted your faith? If not, you are in the minority. The truth is, most of us question what we believe and why we believe it more than we would like to admit. So what do we do when we doubt? And how can we be certain after we have doubted? This is where the rubber meets the road and the Bible does not leave us alone to figure it out for ourselves. If you have found yourself doubting your faith, this is an episode you won't want to miss. Support the show (
Let's be honest. There are a lot of things Jesus offers to rally around. Unmerited Grace. Mercy. Forgiving everything we have ever done or ever will do, forgetting it, AND taking the punishment for it. But then there are some aspects of being a follower of Christ that feel like hugging a porcupine or are about as smart as enticing a skunk to your porch with a can of cat food. Yet, they are the essence of Christianity.  Today let's lean in to encounter what we may have been ignoring and consider embracing more of what Jesus has to offer in the Gospel. Support the show (
It sounds exclusive. Call it narrow. Anyone holding to a religion that accepts teaching that there can be only one way to God, is definitely small-minded, according to current cultural tides. The problem is, this belief is fundamental to basic Christianity.  Why? How can we know it's true?  And what could be said to express this belief gracefully in your everyday life? It's a worthy conversation today and needed for helping us interact with others. This episode is part of an eight-part series on Truths Jesus Taught. If you would like to go deeper than today's discussion, visit and download the free resources designed to accompany this series: a 30-day Bible reading plan, a Scripture writing guide, and a printable journal. Grab your copy from the bar at the top of the page that reads, Get the Reading Plan.Support the show (
Frank Burns from the t.v. show M.A.S.H. once said, "It's nice to be nice to the nice." I think those were the sentiments of the lawyer who questioned Jesus about who exactly was his neighbor. But the answer Jesus gave was not in line with Frank Burns. How do we love our neighbor, Jesus-style, in 2021? Here are at least 15 ways you can begin today.Support the show (
We have been talking about desiring more of God for the past several weeks. As the series comes to a close, we need to bring it all together to consider what it looks like in real, everyday life to live like you mean it. What characterizes a person who genuinely savors Jesus day by day in what they do? We've settled on five characteristics that stand out and that we can take steps toward incorporating into our own lives today. Support the show (
What about those times when I don't desire God? Where does that leave me? What do I do? And how do I move beyond it? It's a very real place for a lot of people, and we need to know what to do when we feel this way. In today's episode, we answer these questions and more that surface when we don't yearn for God. You can download more free resources to accompany this episode here.Become a subscriber and get the Show Notes delivered to your InBox here. Support the show (
Welcome to Season #4! Our theme for the month is Desiring God. The first question we should ask is whether or no this is even something a regular Christian should do? And how do you know if you are, or when you are not longing or yearning for more of Jesus in your life? These are the questions we are tackling in this episode. And be sure to check out the FREE resources to accompany this topic found at - Reading Plan, Writing Plan, and Journal, Oh My! Support the show (
Are you a worrier? 2020 has a lot of us biting our nails to see it through. What do you do with your anxiety? How do you find the way to trust God for all that has you in turmoil? Because the world is so cray cray, now is a good time to focus on what the Bible teaches, along with good sound advice for how to find our way to calm. Support the show (
I know. You are more than ready to say farewell to 2020. The next year promises to be more full of sunshine and hope-filled days. Rather than pulling up the covers and sleeping through the end of the year, let's make our time count and leave 2020 better than we found it. You can do experience a better ending to a not-so-good year by making a spiritual game plan for finishing 2020 strong and working that plan. You can find out more on today's broadcast. Support the show (
I know. You want 2020 to just go away. It's been too much. I get it. Before you pull the covers over your head and pray for January, let's do something that will make an eternal difference. Take a look at these five transformational must-reads Cheri has put together. Use this time when your schedule might allow for being home more with less to do for igniting more desire for God in the stuff of everyday life. Support the show (
What? Planks not your fav? The thought of running give you the blues? So maybe you are not going for Best Body 2020, especially with all the quarantine snacking, but have you ever considered maintaining a fit and healthy body as more than selfish ambition, but part of your worship of God? The Bible has a thing or two to say about that to move us away from focusing on ourselves and aim our eyes on what really matters. In this episode, Cheri discusses five guiding principles we can use today.Support the show (
The end of the summer ushers in a list of too many things to get done in a day or even a month. How do we get it all done or know what to focus upon or leave undone? What is the best thing to pursue? What can go? These are daily quandaries. That is why we have spent the last episode and this one focusing on the essentials. Today we finish five needed for consistently, prayerfully, and biblically prioritizing our time.Support the show (
Prioritizing Your Time

Prioritizing Your Time


How are you going to get it all done? It's that time again. The list-making. The rushing around. The feeling that you are never enough is slowing edging back in. Add a pandemic and it's the perfect making of stress overload. If you could just get control over The List. But how to know what to leave and what is a must? That is what we are talking about today. Five essentials for prioritizing your time. You won't want to miss it. Support the show (
5 Ways to Get Unstuck

5 Ways to Get Unstuck


Have you been there? You know. Stuck. In the same place. Going nowhere. Lost your MoJo place? When you find yourself in this familiar place it's hard to get UnStuck. In the episode we will discover five strategies for moving beyond this difficult place. Support the show (
Raising twin boys has brought challenges mixed with the gammat of emotional responses. Thankfully the Bible is rich with insights and help for how to navigate our prayers when it comes to aiming boys toward loving God with their lives. In this episode, we are offering five powerful prayers that utilize Scripture to give focus and intentionality as you pray over your child or grandchild. Support the show (
In the middle of uncertainty and the mundane, your daughter is going through a lot, just like you. How can you pray for her? What does she need most? Today, this PhD mother of six daughters brings to light five essential prayers for your daughter during these crucial times. Support the show (
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