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Fish in the Percolator - A Twin Peaks Podcast
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Fish in the Percolator - A Twin Peaks Podcast

Author: Scott Meaney

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Fish in the Percolator is the podcast where Scott Meaney and Matt Chorney are rewatching the entire Twin Peaks saga. Find out more on
49 Episodes
Two in one day! This is one where Andy meets the Giant! (Fireman? Giant Fireman?)
The one where Ed returns. (WARNING: WestWorld spoiler from 22:28 until about 23:30.) Also, hey! We're not dead! We just got crushed with "life stuff!"
This episode we learn that “jerky is a universal truth.” Also, we finally catch up on where Audrey’s been. Sort of. This show, man. This show.
This is the one where Becky unloads on a door, there’s a secret zombie girl… and a pie saves Dougie’s life. Oh and Matthew Lillard will “be right back."
Richard Horne is running wild around Twin Peaks. Poor Jerry remains high and terrified in the woods.
This week, Matt and Scott lay a wet one on ya. This time we're following Bob-Coop back from the dead and confirm a bunch of our theories.
Gotta light? Matt and Scott discuss episode 8 of Twin Peaks: The Return.
Let's talk about Diane and Bob-Coop! And some fine-ish Twin Peaks police-work by Andy! Join us for some DAMN fine coffee.
Twin Peaks time. This is the one where we FINALLY meet Diane! (Among a BUNCH of other stuff!)
Twin Peaks time. This is the one where Dougie goes to work!
Today we're talking about the fourth episode of Showtime's Twin Peaks revival. It's the one where Michael Cera shows up.
Matt and Scott are catching up! In this episode, we're talking about Showtime's third Twin Peaks episode. The SALTY LANGUAGE is toned down from last week. Somewhat.
It's finally here. We're covering the "pilot" of Showtime's Twin Peaks revival. That's episodes 1 & 2. Warning... we're over-excited this week and curse WAY too much. 
Scott and Matt are back! Showtime's Twin Peaks revival is nearly upon us. Join as we speculate about the (hopeful) wonders that are in store. Let's rock!
We are finally back! It’s time to tackle Fire Walk With Me, the Twin Peaks movie.
It's time to finish this fight. This week, Matt and Scott are talking about Beyond Life and Death, the final episode of Twin Peaks.
There's just one left to go! Join Scott and Matt as they discuss Miss Twin Peaks, the penultimate episode of Twin Peaks!
This week, Mel's back! We're all watching the 20th episode of season two: The Path to the Black Lodge.
We're doing something different today. We'll be back with your next "episode" episode next week, but for now, David Lynch just walked away from Twin Peaks. Matt and I discuss the potential doom of Season 3 and find some time to talk Coach, Full House and True Detective. It's a much looser format than usual, but we'll be back to our regularly scheduled broadcast next week. 
In this week's Twin Peaks commentary track, Scott, Matt and Mel are watching the 19th episode of season two: Variations on Relations.
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