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Author: Randy Newberg

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Hunt Talk Radio, Randy Newberg Unfiltered is a podcast covering hunting politics, public lands, and conservation topics; even a few things you didn’t need to know. The best hunters you’ve never heard of join Randy to answer questions from the Hunt Talk web forum, share ideas, reveal tactics, and give perspectives unique to public land hunting.
150 Episodes
In this Episode (134) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy invites Damon Bungard to talk more about blood tracking dogs.  Topics covered include an overview of blood trailing laws, what he learns from each trail, autopsies, notes on lost animals, bubbles in blood, hair color tells hit location, bleeding uphill or downhill, important information from the shot, don't bump the deer, exit wounds, entrance wounds shot angles, when to realize a non-lethal hit, importance of the first shot, let the dog lead, assess the details from the shot scene, improved game recovery, better hunting outcomes and a list of examples where a trainer learns from the dog.
In this Episode (133) Randy shares the mic with Gray Thornton & Keith Balfourd of the Wild Sheep Foundation to talk about how our conservation models will be impacted by the recent Corona Virus pandemic.  Topics covered include impacts on agencies, businesses, and organizations that are core elements of conservation, what we learn going forward, unforeseen risks, new funding models, baking a bigger pie, helping where we can, and other topics that expand the discussion of how hunting and conservation will be different.
In this episode (132) of Leupold Hunt Talk Radio, Randy shares the mic with Thor Tingey of Alpacka Raft.  Topics covered include the history of packrafts, adventure travel, ptarmigan passion, Dall sheep stories, solving problems with invention, seeking wild landscapes, floating and hunting, lands that shape us, owning a small business in COVID, local manufacturing, business support of conservation, R&D in the wild, Alaska the formative place, and a lot of stories about floating America's most wild places.
In this Episode (131) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio Randy invites John Barlow of Sitka Gear to do a remote podcast about new Sitka Gear, the technology and science behind their innovations, testing of new products, balancing costs, weight and performance, failure is not an option, proprietary fabrics and insulation, systems versus stand alone items, designs with purpose, nothing by accident, new lightweight down products, Sitka's new optics harness, modularity of accessories, attention to what people use, with a huge apology for a slow internet connection that compromised the sound quality of this podcast.
In this episode (130) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy shares a mic with two statewide primary election candidates in his home state of Montana.  We all have felt at some time that we voted for the lesser of two bad choices.  This podcast is focused on how you can engage in the Primary Election to hopefully improve the candidates you get to choose from.  Tim Fox and Jon Knokey are running on a strong public land and conservation platform.  Yet, if they lose the primary, their outdoor policies will not move forward.  Point being, in many states, the outcome is decided in the Primary Election.  If you vote for hunting, fishing, and public access issues, get those candidates through the primaries.
In this bonus episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy gives a quick non-resident overview of Nevada.  Topics covered include deadlines, draw dates, point system, costs, how the draw works for non-residents, strategies to increase your odds, species available, rules unique to Nevada, and other tidbits that will help you before the May 4, 2020 deadline.
In this Episode (129) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy shares the mic with Dean Krebs.  Dean and his fellow volunteers have started a program in his town of Alexandria, MN that has grown to be a huge one-day event to expose kids to the outdoors.  Youth Outdoor Activity Day has grown to over 2,000 attendees, supported by an entire community. Dean explains how it started, how it can be replicated, and offers his insight and perspective to how similar events can be pulled off, resulting in great opportunities to get kids interested in the outdoors.  Find Dean's even at
In this Episode (128) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio Randy shares the Pre-COVID mic with Tyler Sharp of Modern Huntsman. Topics covered include media platforms, new path for hunting print media, women leading hunting, being uncomfortable, worldwide perspectives in hunting, pushing boundaries, explaining hunting to non-hunters, learning by listening, common values make allies, food is the entry point, explaining why we hunt, reconciling the contrast, avoiding hypocrisy, leading is risky, valuing the experience, and many other topics related to hunting and media.
In this bonus episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy does a brief overview of applying for elk and deer tags in Colorado, the state with the largest elk population and the best mule deer hunting in the west.  Topics covered included deadlines, how the system works, preference points, strategy of how to use your points, season dates, planning for next year, over the counter options, youth opportunities, and all the other highlights that should get you started with your Colorado elk and deer applications.
In this bonus episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy spends a half hour to cover the basics of applying for elk and deer in Montana, one of the most complicated application processes of all western state.  Topics covered include deadlines, point systems, license types, season dates, non-resident limits, idea of how to find your general hunting areas, and other information that will get you started in applying in Montana.
In this episode (127) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy and Marcus share the mic with James Cruickshank.  James was their guide on the British Columbia Mountain Caribou and Moose adventure last year.  While at the Wild Sheep Show, the topic covered include hunting year round, hunting as your livelihood, unique clients, when hunting gets to be a drag, no complaining, you better love your job, challenges, making the best of bad situations, finding joy in success of others and many more topics about the life of a backcountry mountain hunting guide.
In this Bonus Episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy gives a very brief (20 minutes) overview of applying for big game tags in New Mexico.  With no point system, New Mexico is less complicated than other western states.  Topics covered include deadlines, using all three hunt code choices, season breakdowns, options for youth and mobility impaired, and a few other tidbits that apply to New Mexico.
In this Episode (126) returning guest, Jim Heffelfinger talks about the many deer species/subspecies in America.  Topics include evolution of deer, mule deer, whitetails, blacktails, Coues, isolation changes, true subspecies, adaptability, cross-breeding, competition among species, likelihood of expansion and contraction of native ranges, and many other topics that touch on the natural history of our most beloved ungulates.
In this Episode (125) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy confesses his ineptitude and failures as a wild game cook while sharing the mic with past guests Hank Shaw and Johnathan O'Dell.  Topics covered include cooking insecurities, simplify game cooking, closing the wild harvest loop, kitchen confidence, good hunters can be terrible cooks, methods and techniques more important than recipes, can I trust that recipe, and a lot of other topics intended to help hunters get over the intimidation of experimenting with their wild game dishes.
In this Bonus Episode, we cover all things related to applying for tags in Utah, mostly focused on non-resident applicants.  Topics covered include upfront costs, point systems, how the Utah system works, deadlines, bonus versus preference points, species available, order of the draw and how that affects your tag strategy, general buck deer compared to limited entry deer, allocating your application budget, returning tags, and other highlights to the drawing system.
In Episode 124 of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Sam and Josh Soholt talk about how conservation is one of their business cornerstones at Public Land Tees.  Topics covered include conservation as a business principle, Duck Stamps for all, creativity is a necessity, work as a passion, waterfowling, Public Land Van, being all in, why "it" matters, hunting for the future, donating to access, conservation business partners, advocacy is your business, and a host of other topics about business and conservation.
In this bonus episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio Randy gives a quick summary of Arizona draw systems, some strategy ideas, and the details of costs and deadlines.  Topics covered will include the two parts of the Arizona draw system, how it works best for low point holders and higher point holders.  Also the best strategy to get the most from your hunt code choices and leverage the investment you make in your non-resident hunting license.
In this Episode (123) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy shares a mic with recurring guest, Shane Mahoney.  Shane brings a wide perspective in his role as scientist and policy maker in global conservation.  Topics covered include recent studies on acceptance of hunting, species thinking and feelings, along with topics on genetics research, DNA sharing with animals, reconcile taking for food, evolving ideas on hunting, how wildlife is viewed worldwide, learning from animals, dangers of ignoring reality, why hunting will lead the future of wildlife conservation, and many more topics if huge importance to hunting and conservation.
In this Bonus Episode of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy give a short summary of the Wyoming elk application process and the big changes in store for 2020.  This is the first of many bonus episodes that will be posted to help listeners be reminded of deadlines and give quick strategies and idea for each state.  Thanks to onX and goHUNT INSIDER for making these possible.  Use Promo Code RANDY to save money with both of those valuable tools and maybe win a Wyoming Commissioners Tag.
In this Episode (122) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy and Marcus are on their way home from a tough late season Wyoming Elk hunt.  Topics covered include hunts that don't go well, weather challenges, closed public roads, risk of short hunts, difficult access, checkerboard areas, hunting small sections, know where you are, etiquette of shared hunting spots, "my spot," sharing public land, hunters helping others, and other issues that have been on our discussion list for a while.
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Clint Edwards


Dec 11th

Clint Edwards

Meat eater

Dec 11th

Riggin Marriott

Again, Randy, your mouth noises are deafening haha those of us with misophonia are squirming

Jun 7th

Riggin Marriott

damn Randy, back away from the mic. I can hear all your mouth noises haha

Jun 1st

Andy Blaes

very enjoyable, keep up the good work! Be safe

Feb 11th

Dana Caton

I love this podcast. They have great info not only on hunting but also conservation and wildlife in general. Plus you have fun just listening to the great stories.

Jan 5th

Rofikul Islam


Dec 28th

Nick Lawonn

Great Podcast, I think everyone should listen to this, even if you are not a hunter. Great insight of public lands and what could happen to them!

Aug 17th
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